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African Business 2020 edition

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A unique guide to business and investment in Africa. Global Africa Network is proud to launch this inaugural edition of African Business 2020 at a time of energetic planning for a prosperous future for the continent. The African Union’s Agenda 2063 is much more than a document about a hoped-for future, it contains concrete goals and deliverables. The Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) and the development finance institution, the African Development Bank (AfDB) are already rolling out valuable projects that are changing the reality on the ground in vital areas of the African economy. Perhaps the most significant event of recent times is the signing by African leaders of the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement (AfCFTA) which will bring together all 55 member states of the African Union and cover a market of more than 1.2-billion people. African Business 2020 has articles on all of these recent trends, plus overviews of the key economic sectors and regional and country profiles. In 2019 Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed received the Nobel Peace Prize for peace-making efforts in his region. The economic dividends of peace are beginning to be felt. In 2020 South African President Cyril Ramaphosa assumed the mantle of AU Chairperson. He brings to the role considerable experience in conflict management, constitution-writing and seeking consensus. Global Africa Network is a proudly African company which has been producing region-specific business and investment guides since 2004, including South African Business and Nigerian Business, in addition to its online investment promotion platform

PROFILE Africa Biomass

PROFILE Africa Biomass Company Offering wood-chipping solutions across the continent of Africa. Our mission To provide a worldwide service and infrastructure that is sustainable and above par, taking into account the unique requirements of each client, without deviating from our policy of innovative service and Company high ethical standards. Slogan Our values Human dignity; Integrity; Quality; Pro-trademark resolution; Innovation; Transparency; Individualism Since 2004, Africa Biomass Company has been at the forefront of the development of biomass processing such as wood chips, biofuels and more in Southern Africa. Under the mentorship of Johan du Preez, the co-owner of Môreson Grondverskuivers, known for service excellence in the agricultural industry since 1924, we established ourselves as market leaders of recycling agricultural wood waste over the past 10 years. Africa Biomass Company offers a viable, costeffective solution for our customers to recycle this unwanted woody biomass into usable forms. Towards the end of 2008, the need and demand for the chipping of orchards increased to such an extent that the strategy of hand-fed chippers was switched to that of horizontal grinders, fed by a mechanical loader. In collaboration with Môreson Grondverskuivers, we now offer a full range of services. Our vision Africa Biomass Company is your caring family, founded in faith, trading as world leaders in the recycling industry. Africa Biomass Company services and products Contracting • Orchard • Windbreak recycling • River rehabilitation • Recycling of waste wood • Tree (orchard) replanting (Eastern Cape) • Mulch spreading • Land clearing and land preparation (Môreson) • Woodchip mulch and biomass sales • Bandit agency (Southern Africa) • Dezzi equipment (Western Cape) • Workshop and field services • Part sales • Manufacturing • Accredited Operator Training Facility Orchard and windbreak recycling With the use of excavators with specialised attachments and three-wheel loggers, old orchards can be removed from root to top and fed into a horizontal grinder. Processing of waste wood into a viable product, that if applied correctly, could have a AFRICAN BUSINESS 2020 34

30% increase in water conservation as well as many other advantages. Land clearing services Africa Biomass Company is an expert at land clearing. We have an extensive range of highly specialised wood recycling machinery that will do the job quickly and efficiently. • Tree shears which cut and stack trees of up to 550mm in diameter • Loggers to handle the timber rapidly and effectively. • Well-trained teams of chainsaw operators. Mulch and biofuel sales Woodchip according to specification, collected in mass trailers or in bags and transported to end user, where it can be used as woochip mulch or biofuel. Massive water savings In 2017 Africa Biomass Company was involved in many projects such as the removal of invasive eucalyptus trees in the Breede River and Berg River systems. The removal and recycling of these alien trees, old or unwanted orchards, vineyards or windbreaks can be used as mulch which are spread in new and old orchards and vineyards. This has led to a massive water saving equal to the water usage of 50 000 households for one year. CONTACT INFO Physical address: 2 – 4 Joubert Street, Worcester 6850, Western Cape, South Africa Postal address: PO Box 1322, Worcester 6849 Tel: +27 23 342 1212 • Fax: 086 515 5777 Website: Willem van der Merwe, CEO: Workshop and field services With an intimate understanding of the operational challenges of wood recycling in South Africa, we established state-of-the-art facilities to service, repair and rebuild wood chipping equipment of any make and size. An equally remarkable team of field service technicians delivers repairs, maintenance and spares to your site to optimise uptime and efficiency. Parts We have been widely commended as the company in South Africa stocking the largest range of industryrelated spare parts. Optimal production and uptime require quality components when needed. Understanding the industry through experience sets us apart from other suppliers. Delivering quality components on time is essential for running a successful operation. Our more than 2 500 line items is made up of quality components sourced worldwide to meet requirements of our customers and our own fleet. Manufacturing Our legacy of innovation has been built on more than 80 000 hours of operational experience. This enabled us to develop and adapt machines for waste wood recycling in South Africa which truly adds value to the customer’s operation. A wide range of wood chipping, grinding and spreading equipment is manufactured locally to specification, as required for South African conditions. Calie Rabie, Western Cape Production: 072 602 4543 Fanie Fourie, Eastern Cape Production: 073 402 0655 Riaan Carstens, Bandit Agency: 079 874 8624 Quintis Wiid, Parts and Workshop: 066 475 7039 35 AFRICAN BUSINESS 2020

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