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African Business 2022 Q1

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A unique guide to business and investment in Africa. The third issue of African Business marks a departure for this respected guide to business and investment on the continent. The first two journals were published in 2020 and 2021 but as of 2022, African Business is a quarterly journal. Every edition will carry editorial copy that will cover the following general topics, with a wide range of subjects within the broader economic sector: energy; mining and exploration; trade; finance; technology and tourism. In addition to this, special features on topical matters will be published periodically, along with country profiles.

WINDHOEK - Namibia:

WINDHOEK - Namibia: WINDHOEK Namibia: WINDHOEK - Namibia: The Gateway to Endless Opportunities The Gateway to Endless Opportunities WINDHOEK The Gateway to The Gateway to - Namibia: Endless Opportunities The Gateway to Endless Opportunities Highways The city’s excellent road and rail networks offer a convenient and easy gateway to important transport corridors such as the Trans-Kalahari, Trans-Caprivi, Trans-Orange and Trans-Kunene which link Windhoek with the rest of the SADC region and all major world markets through the deep-sea harbour of Walvis Bay. These motorways support the two-way trade between SADC countries. With the upgrading of the Western Bypass freeway between the capital and the Hosea Kutako International Airport (HKIA), the city will enhance even more its road efficiency in terms of logistics. Rail The strategic location of Windhoek has made it possible for the railway network to connect the city to the rest of the country and beyond by rail. The city is well connected to Walvis Bay through Okahandja and Karibib. It is also connected to Cape Town and Johannesburg through Karasburg in Namibia. The railway handles mostly heavy and bulk cargo for the Namibian market. Windhoek is therefore the city with the best transport infrastructure in the country and provides easy access to the rest of the country and beyond. Should you decide to invest in Namibia, Windhoek is the home you never want to miss. Windhoek is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Namibia. The city is the social, economic, political and cultural centre of the country. Nearly every Namibian national enterprise, governmental body, educational and cultural institution is headquartered here. Windhoek is a very attractive, tight-knit city with a rich, diverse community of about 450 000 people. The city boasts modern architectural homes and buildings, a vibrant fusion of cultures supporting a large selection of restaurants and entertainment as well as the best shopping malls in the country. Among so many wonders, perhaps Windhoek is renowned for its world-class beer and beef as it hosts Meatco and Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL), the meat and beer producers that enjoy global reputations. Air Travel Windhoek aviation needs are fulfilled and catered for by two airports, the Hosea Kutako International Airport and a smaller inner-city airport called Eros Airport that mostly serves the domestic market. Hosea Kutako International Airport handles both regional and international passengers and cargo between Windhoek and the world. This airport has a 14 869ft runway that is able to handle both corporate and private travel with friendly and convenient customs and immigration services. Hosea Kutako International Airport is located only 30 minutes’ drive from the heart of Windhoek. Please contact should you need more information on how to invest in Windhoek. Please contact should you need more information on how to invest in Windhoek. Please contact Please contact should you need you need more more information information on how on how to invest to invest Windhoek. Windhoek. /CITYOFWINDHOEK /CITYOFWINDHOEK Please contact should you you need need more more information on on how how to invest to invest Windhoek. Windhoek.

CONTENTS 2 4 6 FOREWORD From the editor’s desk. NEWS FROM THE CONTINENT Recent investments, expansions and milestones. LEADING THE MARCH TO RE-IMAGINE MINERAL EXPLORATION The CEO of the Council for Geoscience, Mosa Mabuza, explains why the time is exactly right to align the amount of exploration South Africa does with the incredible potential of the country’s mineral wealth. 12 14 THE AFRICAN OIL AND GAS SECTOR NEEDS AN ENERGY BOOST Africa must approach energy consumption and investment intelligently, says Aggreko’s Kweku Frempong. AS AFRICA LOOKS TO A LOWER-CARBON FUTURE, SOUTH AFRICA INVESTS IN GAS EXPLORATION AS A STEPPING STONE Gas can drive economic growth and play a role in the transition to a clean energy future, argues Petroleum Agency South Africa CEO, Dr Phindile Masangane. 16 THE WORLD’S MOST VULNERABLE NATIONS ARE FACING THE BIGGEST CLIMATE CHANGE CHALLENGES African nations signed the Glasgow agreement at COP26, but the real threat are the emissions from industrialised nations. 18 20 21 GREEN HYDROGEN CAN HELP THE GLOBAL TRANSITION TO CLEANER ENERGY Africa has the minerals, the wind and the sunshine that the world needs. SURVEY FINDS AFCFTA IS DRIVING OPTIMISM AMONG AFRICAN CEOS Attitudes to sectoral and country growth are upbeat. AFRICA IS PERFECTLY PLACED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF NEW PAYMENT SOLUTIONS The CEO and founder of Ozow, Thomas Pays, explains how Africa is perfectly primed to leapfrog and quickly adapt to new technology. 22 WHAT 2022 MAY HOLD FOR TECHNOLOGY’S ROLE IN AFRICA Cathy Smith, Managing Director at SAP Africa, looks forward and discusses trends to watch out for. 24 CCBSA IS TAKING WATER SERIOUSLY On World Water Day 2022, Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa celebrated significant progress in meeting its sustainability goals. 28 IS THERE SCOPE FOR A PAN-AFRICAN AIRLINE? Eric Tchouamou Njoya analyses the risks and rewards faced by SA Airways and Kenya Airways, who have signed a strategic partnership framework. 30 32 COUNTRY PROFILES: NAMIBIA & LESOTHO INVEST IN LESOTHO A major exporter of diamonds with a thriving manufacturing sector, Lesotho is attracting interest in a wide range of sectors. Contents African Business First Quarter 2022 1

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