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Blue Chip Issue 78 - Jan 2021

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TAKE YOUR WEALTH FURTHER We believe that you are more than just your money. True wealth means different things to different people, and how you define it is unique to you. This means having a tailored financial plan that speaks to your needs, dreams and desires. Our wealth management solution doesn’t just consider the assets you have, but also having a holistic picture of your wealth today, and for the future. Look to us to help grow, protect, leverage and ultimately transfer your wealth from one generation to the next. A WORLD-CLASS INVESTMENT DESTINATION Our specialist wealth management solutions help you to bring out the best of your investment. They are geared towards creating a unique experience for you, all while delivering on all your service needs in a professional and dedicated manner. OLD MUTUAL WEALTH INTERNATIONAL Locally based offshore specialists providing you with access to a wide range of international assets and investment funds from some of the biggest and most reputable portfolio managers in the world. Contact details: +27 21 509 2187 OLD MUTUAL WEALTH PRIVATE CLIENT SECURITIES Specialising in crafting tailored investment portfolios, your highly skilled Private Client Portfolio Manager will work with you to select the best and most suitable investments (locally and offshore) based on your strategy, our extensive research and collective insights. This level of individual attention and interaction is a defining standard in the personal service we provide to each of our clients. Contact details: +27 21 524 4678 OLD MUTUAL WEALTH TAILORED FUND PORTFOLIOS Providing financial planners with a range of investment solutions that targets inflation, diversifies offshore and offers a sustainable income for life after retirement, while offering a consistent, reliable thread through the asset allocation process, managers and investment philosophy. Contact details:: +27 21 524 4564 OLD MUTUAL WEALTH FIDUCIARY SERVICES Making sure your wealth is secure for the next generation, by providing advice and implementation on estate planning, wills, estate administration, professional trusteeship and trust administration. We help you to simplify complexities and technical elements relating to legislative, regulatory and compliance requirements, and commit to help you build a lasting legacy. Contact details: +27 21 524 4911 OLD MUTUAL WEALTH TREASURY AND ADVISORY SERVICES Our experienced team finds the most appropriate cash and guaranteed rate instruments and expertly negotiates preferential interest rates with various financial institutions on your behalf. Contact details: +27 11 245 3758 OLD MUTUAL MULTI-MANAGERS A specialist investment boutique within Old Mutual Wealth that offers you real return portfolios to meet your specific investment objectives, using skilled investment professionals and leveraging off vast experience and insights to bring together a team of local and global asset managers. Contact details: 0860 999 199

strategy and product suite. It is currently in the spotlight given the low-return environment we have seen in SA and the volatility highlighted above. Therefore, we have used the opportunity to remind investors of the importance of geographic diversification. At Old Mutual Wealth, we offer offshore investment solutions through our Private Client Securities business, Old Mutual Multi-Managers and Old Mutual Unit Trusts, demonstrating our commitment to providing relevant and market-leading investment solutions to enable our clients to take their wealth further. INTRODUCTION The levels of investment market volatility and uncertainty reached in 2020 were significantly higher than ever before. This was driven by economies shutting down due to Covid-19, the resulting economic recession, uncertainty regarding whether governments were going to support their economically inactive populations through stimulus support and a contentious US presidential election. Volatility can present significant investment risk. However, when working with a qualified investment professional who can correctly harness it, volatility can be used to generate investment growth and build wealth. This can be done through diversification - by investing in different assets or markets that would react differently when exposed to the same event. Empirical evidence suggests that diversification is the most important aspect to reach longterm investment returns and build wealth, with minimum risk. In the case of South Africa (SA), diversification is important and is further underscored by the fact that most local investors have an estimated 65% to 80% of their total wealth invested directly in the SA economy – an economy that represents only 0.5% of the global market. Offshore exposure has always been part of the Old Mutual Wealth To complement the above, we have recently increased access to offshore investing with the new range of Old Mutual International Global Funds. This range is focused on a unique offering that has a competitive fee structure, reduced minimum premiums and increased accessibility thought the OMI Life Wrapper, which brings its own set of taxefficiency and estate planning benefits. Navigating an interesting but often complex environment of offshore investing can be challenging. In this publication, our subject experts answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding offshore investing: • Why should I invest offshore? • What must I consider when investing offshore? • What are my offshore investment options? • What is the difference between emerging and developed markets? • Should I be considering financial immigration? • Where do I start? As with any major financial decision, it is always advisable to seek professional, expert advice to ensure that your actions and objectives remain aligned and that your investment plan is optimally structured. We hope you enjoy the read! Farhad Sader Managing Director: Old Mutual Wealth

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