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Blue Chip Issue 82

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Welcome to our Investing Offshore Special Edition of Blue Chip. a quarterly journal for the financial planning industry and the official publication of the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa NPC (FPI). Blue Chip publishes contributions from FPI and other leading industry figures, covering all aspects of the financial planning industry.


INVESTMENT MEET THE TEAM THAT GAINS MOMENTUM Momentum Investments constitutes a specialist investment team that partners with business on investment management needs, and with individuals on investment management solutions and products. 28

INVESTMENT Momentum Investments is a values-based organisation and its culture sets the foundation of its decisionmaking process. Our values of integrity, diversity, accountability, innovation, excellence and, most fundamentally, teamwork, serves as our guiding principles in everything we do. We recognise that the investment journey for clients is a personal one and therefore requires a multitude of different investment skills to create outcomes that are relevant and competitive for different client needs. Momentum Investments, therefore, is a multi-faceted and multi-philosophy investment business spanning different investment licences and tribes that requires significant levels of integration and coordination across multiple investment capabilities. The complexity of the investment management capability requires a chief investment officer (CIO) that can operate across multiple investment domains and function at a more strategic and holistic level. The CIO has the role of unifying the different investing skills and philosophies, giving strategic direction for how the capabilities should be managed and acts as a custodian for the investment IP, process and belief system. The CIO plays a strong coordination role, and manages the daily investment decision-making, investment strategy and research focus as well as the strategic internal and external clients and stakeholder relationships. At Momentum Investments we offer a hybrid of various traditional investment management skills and approaches in the market. We believe we have superior skill in specific capabilities where we opted to specialise given the nature of our business and balance sheet. Where clients prefer multi-management, we have a full suite of products to offer and where they would prefer accessing more of our asset management skillsets (fixed interest, smart beta, passive, listed and direct property management, etc), we have portfolios, building blocks and mandates available. We also offer nontraditional asset classes (credit, private equity, hedge funds and impact portfolios) under our alternative investment division. And we offer world-class global expertise operating from our London office. RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT TEAM Environmental, social and governance or ESG goals are about more than just ticking boxes. They are woven into the very fabric of how we work, how we invest and how we want our investment professionals to think, because what is good for the world is good for our business and our clients. With so many pressing issues surrounding ESG having a direct effect not only on our planet and our resources, but also on each one of us, we must understand how our actions today and our vision for the future can affect our tomorrow. That is what investing is all about – building a better tomorrow. Our dedicated responsible investment team works closely with our investment team to support the integration of ESG, promote active ownership and facilitate research and learning. The team has over 30 years of combined responsible investing experience. They refine, own and champion our responsible investing philosophy and facilitate the integration of responsible investments into our portfolios. Our responsible investment specialist, Jana van Rooijen, focuses on the overall responsible investment approach, structure frameworks and policies as well as research. Our two ESG analysts are a direct support function for the investment team and its committees, focusing on proxy-voting activities and supporting the strategic Jana van Rooijen engagements with investee companies. Sonja Saunderson is the Chief Investment Officer of Momentum Investments, responsible for ensuring the outcome-based investing philosophy and overall group investment processes and functions work well. Sonja has 21 years’ of experience in the industry and joined the group in 1999. She has extensive experience in constructing goal-based outcomes for clients as well as portfolio construction, risk management and portfolio management in general. Mike Adsetts is the Deputy Chief Investment Officer. His role is multi-faceted and covers general investment oversight, fulfilling the role of an ambassador for the investing philosophy incorporating aspects of alignment and integration across the investment capabilities (governance and decisionmaking, strategy support, general management and sustainability/ESG) as well as specific focus areas in alternative investments (including direct property) and direct asset management. 29

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