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Blue Chip Issue 83

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Blue Chip Journal is the official publication of the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa NPC (FPI), effective from the January 2020 edition. Blue Chip is a quarterly journal for the financial planning industry. Blue Chip publishes contributions from FPI and other leading industry figures, covering all aspects of the financial planning industry. Visit Blue Chip Digital:


BLUE CHIP FINANCIAL LITERACY Giving young financial advisors the momentum they need to succeed South Africans have a notoriously bad savings culture. Around nine out of 10 South Africans who retire do not have enough money to do so comfortably and are forced to get a supplementary income to keep them going. Even leading up to retirement, South Africans are becoming more challenged by the rising cost of living and households are drowning in debt just to make ends meet. The point is, financial literacy in South Africa needs repair and as a new generation rises to meet the demands of a challenging economy, who will be there to guide them on their journey to success? The answer is simple. Financial advisors are the key to financial freedom. The problem is financial planning isn’t exactly a career that many consider but should be an option. Young people are increasingly growing a stronger, more holistic conscience and the ambition to solve wider social problems has never been more prevalent than in millennials and Gen Zs. This mindset is an incredibly good fit for the field of financial planning, where individuals are encouraged to help people to improve their financial wellbeing. Making financial planning fashionable According to Aubrey Faba from Momentum Financial Planning, “Fewer young people are pursuing jobs in financial services; thus, it is critical to identify strategies to recruit a new generation of financial advisors.” Momentum Financial Planning (MFP) is ready to turn the generational tides of financial advice. “Without new, younger 62

FINANCIAL LITERACY BLUE CHIP If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, if you are young and driven and if you are ready to grow a nation, then Momentum has a cutting-edge opportunity for you. advisors in our fold, we cannot grow our business or hope to reach the younger generation that we need to connect to.” Build a career where you are in control For Faba, financial planning is also a field that fully embraces the new approach to the way of work, where flexibility is increasingly becoming a priority. “Add to the mix the tough reality of a high youth unemployment rate, and we have a viable proposition, not only for our company and our industry, but for our country.” In an age where we saw a pandemic remind all that there was much room for flexibility in many careers, Faba says young aspirational financial advisors should be excited by the fact that this industry is one where you can create your own rules and structure your resources to aid you on your journey. “We believe that the current skills gap in the financial sector can offer real opportunities for many new recruits to create, not short-term jobs but employment for life.” Find the best partner By choosing Momentum as a home base, Faba attests that young financial advisors will get to partner with a brand that is well established and trusted by professionals and consumers alike; locally and globally. “We take care of the complicated business processes, and they can focus their time and energy on building sound client relationships. Sounds like a win-win, if ever there was one. At MFP, we strive to be the best, and we believe that recognising superior performance is a critical part in motivating, appreciating and rewarding our advisors as well as setting the benchmark of success.” Momentum is on a mission to fire up financial planning and make it known to all success seekers, go-getters and trendsetters to join the financial revolution and kickstart their careers. “We’re offering purpose in a land of opportunity. Our country needs young advisors to help grow our people in the right direction. There is so much more to financial planning.” He continues, “By becoming a financial advisor, young professionals have the opportunity to offer meaningful advice, cultivate an unlimited income potential, harness their entrepreneurial spirit and exercise their creativity in a practice structure.” Even for those who are currently feeling stuck in a financial profession, Faba says Momentum wants to get you out of your same old day-to-day routine and jump feet first into a careerfocused lifestyle that suits your needs and fits around your life. “You can define your own success with one of the most recognisable and esteemed brands at your back.” If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, if you are young and driven and if you are ready to grow a nation, then Momentum has a cutting-edge opportunity for you. This is an opportunity for young people who are inclined towards starting their own businesses. They can join us as a Momentum financial advisor, give advice under our licence, market our products and have access to support and coaching from a network of professionals who can assist with all their business requirements. In addition, they get to partner with a brand that is well-established and trusted by professionals and consumers alike; locally and globally. “Our interactive online tools are designed to support you when providing quality financial advice to clients. Your job satisfaction lies in knowing that your sound financial advice is helping your clients achieve their hopes and dreams.” If you’re interested in pursuing the life and success of a financial advisor, go ahead and scan the QR code here and unlock a new path on your journey to success. 63

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