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Eastern Cape Business 2017 edition

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The 2017 edition of Eastern Cape Business is the 10th issue of this highly successful publication that, since its launch in 2006, has established itself as the premier business and investment guide to the Eastern Cape Province. The Eastern Cape enjoys an abundance of natural and human resources, as well as established industrial infrastructure that drives the economy of the province. This includes three ports and two industrial development zones which are home to a wide range of manufacturers and exporters. The 2017 edition includes an in-depth look at the province’s two Industrial Development Zones, a focus on skills development and investment climate information from the Nelson Mandela Business Chamber and the Border-Kei Chamber of Business.

PROFILE The Nelson

PROFILE The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber The heartbeat of business success in the region. The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber received a Diamond Arrow Award in 2016 for the fourth year in a row. The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber is a Not for Profit Company representative of a broad spectrum of businesses in Nelson Mandela Bay. It is one of the largest business associations in the Eastern Cape, with a membership of approximately 700 businesses in a diverse array of sectors. “The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber is a leading catalyst for economic development. It has been the heartbeat of business success in the region for over 150 years. The Business Chamber is driven by a team of dedicated staff and volunteers, lobbying on issues affecting the ease of doing business and companies’ sustainability. We offer networking opportunities and value-added services,” said Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber CEO Kevin Hustler. Vision To be a leading catalyst for economic development in Nelson Mandela Bay. Mission By influencing the factors and key stakeholders that create a competitive enabling business environment. Task Teams The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber has established a structure of six task teams to facilitate the ease of doing business. The task teams consist of business member volunteers who are passionate about the sustainability of business in the city of Nelson Mandela Bay. EASTERN CAPE BUSINESS 2017 18

PROFILE Known as the Action Arm of the Business Chamber, the task teams have traditionally been the enablers of creating an environment for business to grow in and addressing factors which might inhibit business. The six task teams of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber are: • Water Task Team • Roads and Storm Water Task Team • Electricity and Energy Task Team • Transport and Logistics Task Team • SME Task Team • Metro Collaboration Task Team Enterprise Development If small businesses are the “engines” of our local economy, then the Business Chamber’s Enterprise Development Programme is the fuel that accelerates the optimal performance of small businesses based in Nelson Mandela Bay. The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber Enterprise Development Programme was launched in 2014, to develop the skills that enhance and grow small businesses. The programme has been so successful that by 2017, over 100 SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) had benefited from taking part in the four different phases of the programme. Events Events at the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber keep business owners up to date and informed on a wide variety of topics affecting business in Nelson Mandela Bay. The Business Chamber hosts many high-profile speakers who are experts in their fields, ensuring that our events are relevant and valuable. Regular networking functions offer business owners the chance to make new professional contacts. Our flagship events – the Annual Business Chamber Golf Day, the Annual Ladies’ Breakfast and the Annual Business Chamber Banquet – are highlights on the Bay’s business and social calendar. Publications and marketing platforms As another value-added service to members, the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber provides members with a variety of publications across print and electronic platforms, including our quarterly printed member magazine, Infocom, and the printed annual Business Guide. Both of these publications are ABC-accredited, glossy publications. The electronic monthly newsletter The Good News provides links to good news on the local business front. The Business Chamber regularly updates its website, and can be found on popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Certificates of Origin and International Relations A Certificate of Origin is a document which states the origin of goods being exported and this “origin” is a key requirement for applying tariffs and other important criteria. As an accredited provider of this service, the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber signs Certificates of Origin for member and nonmember businesses requiring the services in Nelson Mandela Bay. The Business Chamber also builds in international relations to form a vital link between business owners and international markets. CONTACT INFO Nelson Mandela Business Chamber CEO Kevin Hustler. Address: KPMG House, Norvic Drive, Greenacres 6045 Tel: +27 (0)41 373 1122 Fax: +27 (0)41 373 1142 Email: Website: 19 EASTERN CAPE BUSINESS 2017

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