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Eastern Cape Business 2023-24

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The 2023/24 edition of Eastern Cape Business is the 16th edition of this successful publication that, since its launch in 2006, has established itself as the premier business and investment guide for the Eastern Cape. The Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC) is supporting this issue of the journal, both in providing up-to-date information for editorial use and in sharing information about its activities. It will also distribute the journal through its regular channels. The Eastern Cape’s multi-faceted approach to the challenges and opportunities of sustainability are explored in a special feature. From caring for agricultural land through partnerships between farmers, wool brokers and fashion houses, to solar panels and improved lighting and water systems, companies are finding ways to incorporate sensible and profitable solutions into their business models. The Nelson Mandela Bay Development Agency celebrates a significant milestone this year, it being 20 years since it began operations.


PROFILE PROFILE PROFILE The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Nelson The Nelson Mandela Chamber Mandela Bay Bay A catalyst Business for economic growth Chamber in the region. PROFILE The Nelson Mandela Bay Business The Nelson Chamber Mandela Bay A catalyst Business for economic growth Chamber in the region. A catalyst for economic growth in the region. The A catalyst heartbeat The for economic Nelson of business Mandela growth Bay success Business the in Chamber the region. region. is a not-for-profit An eighth task team, called Industry The Nelson organisation Mandela Bay representative Business Chamber of a broad spectrum is a not-for-profit of businesses An 4.0, eighth begins task its team, work in called 2019 to Industry prepare organisation The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber is a not-for-profit in Nelson representative Mandela of Bay. a broad It is spectrum one of the of largest businesses business 4.0, local begins Adopt-A-Substation businesses its work for in 2019 the digital to prepare The Nelson organisation Mandela Bay representative Business Chamber of a broad spectrum is a not-for-profit shift. in Nelson of businesses associations Mandela in Bay. the It Eastern is one Cape, of with the a largest membership business of more local The businesses Chamber for the has digital signed shift. a organisation in Nelson representative Mandela Bay. of a broad spectrum of businesses associations than 700 businesses the Eastern It is one employing Cape, of the largest over with 100 a business 000 membership people associations in a of diverse more in the Eastern array Memorandum of Understanding in Nelson Mandela Bay. than 700 businesses of sectors. Enterprise with the municipality Development which allows Cape, It is one with employing of a the membership largest over 100 business of more 000 people associations than 700 in businesses a diverse the Eastern array employing of sectors. The over Nelson 100 000 Mandela people Bay in a Business diverse array Chamber of sectors. is a leading catalyst Enterprise businesses to and Exporter Development safeguard substation Cape, with a membership of more than 700 businesses employing The for economic The Nelson development, Mandela through Bay Business its strategic Chamber Triple is a leading Helix model catalyst infrastructure within their area of over Nelson 100 000 Mandela people Bay in a Business diverse array Chamber of sectors. is a leading catalyst of collaboration for economic between development, industry, through academia its strategic and government, Triple Helix which and model Development operations, Exporter for economic thus ensuring minimal The serves Nelson development, of as collaboration the Mandela through foundation Bay between of Business its strategic creating industry, a Chamber Triple competitive is a academia and Nelson leading Helix model government, Mandela catalyst Bay. of collaboration which interruptions to power supply and for economic between The serves Business development, industry, as the Chamber through academia foundation has of been its creating the strategic and government, heartbeat Triple a competitive of business Helix which model Development Nelson success Mandela The Nelson Mandela Bay Business serves continuity of business operations. of as collaboration the foundation in the Bay. region The between of creating for Business over industry, a competitive 150 Chamber years. academia The has Business been and Nelson the Chamber government, Mandela Bay. heartbeat is driven of which business by a Chamber A total of Enterprise 19 substations Development have been The serves Business team as the success of Chamber dedicated foundation has in the staff region of been and creating for volunteers, the heartbeat over 150 a competitive years. lobbying of business on Nelson issues affecting success Mandela the The Programme Nelson Mandela was launched Bay in Business adopted by 12 companies. 2014, to in the Bay. region The ease for Business of doing over The Business 150 business Chamber years. Chamber and The has companies’ Business is been driven the sustainability. Chamber by a heartbeat team of is The dedicated driven of organisation business by staff a and Chamber develop Enterprise the skills that Development enhance and team success of dedicated also in builds volunteers, the staff region international and lobbying for volunteers, over relations 150 issues years. lobbying to form affecting a on vital issues the link ease between affecting of doing business the Programme grow small was Nomkhita businesses. launched Mona, In in Chief 2018 2014, the to Adopt-A-School ease of doing The owners Business business and and companies’ international Chamber and companies’ sustainability. is driven markets. sustainability. by The a team organisation of The dedicated organisation also builds staff and international lobbying relations relations to issues form to form affecting a vital a vital link the between link ease between of business doing business owners and grow ed small the fifth phase of the Enterprise develop Business the Chamber skills Executive that successfully enhance Officer. host- and As part of the plan to mitigate the also builds volunteers, international risks associated Nomkhita businesses. with Mona, In the Chief 2018 the water crisis owners and and companies’ international sustainability. markets. The organisation also builds interna-Businestional relations to Development enhance and Programme, grow small with Vision facing Chamber SMEs businesses. our Executive city, set to graduate In the successfully Officer. 2018 Adopt-A-School hosted the in the March Business 2019. With To be Vision a leading around form catalyst 700 a vital for economic member link between development businesses business and in Nelson over owners Mandela 155 years and Bay. Over initiative fifth phase Chamber 120 entrepreneurs has successfully member of the Enterprise have companies hosted international markets. benefited fixing To be of a rich leading heritage, catalyst the for Nelson economic Mandela development Bay Business Development throughout enhance the from faulty and Programme, fifth this phase plumbing grow programme. of the Enterprise systems small with at Vision Nelson Chamber Mandela remains Bay. one of the most trusted, respected SMEs schools. businesses. set Meanwhile, Development to graduate Member In 2018 the companies in the pilot Programme, March Business 2019. phase have of To be Vision a leading Mission catalyst and for authoritative economic development voices on matters in Nelson relating Mandela to Bay. local Over the adopted Chamber 120 from entrepreneurs Business which 76 successfully Chamber’s schools SMEs graduated and have hosted Exporter a benefited Development Assistance clinic. business To be a By influencing and leading Mission the economy. catalyst for economic development throughout the factors and key stakeholders that create a competitive the from March fifth this phase 2019. has programme. Programme also of the been Enterprise concluded to provided Nelson The Mandela enabling environment By influencing Bay. business we environment. the operate factors and in key is changing stakeholders at that a rapid create pace a competitive and Meanwhile, Development at 30 the schools Over end 120 the of and 2018, entrepreneurs pilot Programme, clinics with phase 10 for companies tanks have water of Mission requires ongoing enabling agility business to environment. ensure that we robustly respond to issues the from Business benefited finishing which to harvest Chamber’s from SMEs this programme this rain, graduated programme. Exporter while in its in six By influencing first year. Meanwhile, The programme the pilot is phase aimed of that Mission impact the upon factors the and sustainability key stakeholders of local businesses, that create a the competitive functionality Development schools March 2019. have Programme received boreholes. concluded at the Over end 120 of 2018, entrepreneurs with 10 com- have at Task Task Teams teams empowering the Business SMEs Chamber’s to position Exporter enabling of By the influencing business operating environment. the themselves as emerging exporters. The Nelson environment, factors and Mandela Bay leverage key stakeholders Business economic that Chamber growth create has established opportunities, a competitive a structure Development Programme for while enabling simultaneously The business Nelson Mandela environment. Bay Business Chamber has established a structure of three task providing teams divided value-adding into sub-groups, services to to facilitate our members. the ease panies of Adopt-A-Leak benefited finishing from 2018/2019 this had programme this programme. 10 participants. in its For of this seven task teams to facilitate the ease of doing business. doing reason, business. we have The adopted task teams a more are: activist, collaborative and first Just year. Meanwhile, That under The figure programme 1.7-million the pilot has grown litres is phase aimed for of water of the Task action-orientated Task Teams teams The task teams are: • Infrastructure approach Task in pursuing Team our vision of being the leading empowering 2019/2020 intake with 19 • Water Task Team Events per the Business day was SMEs Chamber’s saved to position through Exporter themselves as emerging exporters. The the catalyst The Nelson for Nelson Mandela - Roads Mandela Bay Business Stormwater Bay Chamber retain Sub-group and has attract established business. a structure Chamber’s Development participants targeted Programme registered. Adopt-A-Leak for The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber has established a structure of three • task Roads teams and Storm Water Task Team Events at the Nelson Mandela Bay - Water divided Sub-group into sub-groups, to facilitate the ease of intervention. 2018/2019 programme had is aimed 10 participants. of seven task teams at empowering SMEs • SME to - Electricity Task facilitate Team the ease of doing business. Sub-group Business Chamber to position keep themselves business Task doing teams business. The task teams are: That figure has grown for The task teams • • Electricity are: SMME and Energy Task Team owners as emerging up to date exporters. and informed The • Nelson Infrastructure Mandela Task • • Transport Bay Team Special Projects and Business Logistics Task Team Task Chamber Team has task teams in place to on Clusters 2019/2020 intake with 19 • Water Task Team Events a wide variety of topics affecting facilitate - Roads • the and Metro ease Stormwater of Collaboration doing business. Sub-group Task Team The task teams are: business Clusters participants Events in have registered. been established The • Roads and Storm Water Task Team Events at the Nelson Mandela Bay. • Water - Water • and Sub-group Enterprise Trade Electricity and Development Investment Task and TeamExporter Development Regular in: programme Deal Events networking Party, is aimed at the Nelson functions Perseverance, at empowering SMEs • SME Mandela offer Bay • Transport - Electricity Task Team The and Sub-group Business Nelson Logistics Mandela Bay Business Chamber Enterprise Development Security Struandale, Chamber to Business Chamber North position keep End, themselves business • keep Kariega business and • Electricity • Safety SMME and Task and EASTERN Team Energy Task Team owners CAPE Programme BUSINESS was 2019 launched in 2014, to develop 12 the skills that Neave/Korsten. as emerging up to date exporters. and informed • owners up to date There and is informed a strong • Transport Special Projects and Logistics Task Team Task Team on a wide variety of topics affecting focus on collaborating to resolve • Metro Collaboration Task Team business Loadshedding mitigation environmental Events in Nelson Mandela Bay. issues. • The Enterprise Trade and Chamber EASTERN Development Investment Task has facilitated CAPE BUSINESS the and Team successful Exporter 2020 implementation Development Regular 22of a more Events networking The at Renewable the Nelson functions Energy Mandela offer Cluster Bay has tenable The Nelson and planned Mandela 24-hour Bay Business voluntary Chamber Stage 5+ loadshedding Enterprise Development schedule ignited Business significant Chamber interest keep business from large EASTERN for qualifying CAPE Programme BUSINESS industry was members. 2019 launched There in are 2014, 35 companies to develop 12 in the the programme. skills that energy owners users up to who date have and joined informed forces EASTERN CAPE BUSINESS 2020 EASTERN CAPE BUSINESS 2023/24 22 22

to explore alternative energy solutions. This cluster represents 20% of the Metro’s current electricity usage and has the participation of 34 companies. The Property Cluster is focussed on facilitating more efficient planning regarding land and development processes between major stakeholders and the municipality. Climate change We successfully launched an Eastern Cape Climate Change Coalition to help drive the development and implementation of a climate change strategy for Nelson Mandela Bay. Help Desk The Help Desk reduces red tape and engages with the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality regarding obstacles that members experience when conducting business. In 2022, the Help Desk assisted in unlocking 78 issues. Business Intelligence Desk This desk helps with: • Access to business intelligence for longer-term decision-making • Access to immediate intelligence for day-to-day decisions • Dedicated research to develop and grow priority sectors • Project management Entrepreneurship Desk The Entrepreneurship Desk acts as a single contact for the growth and sustainability of SMMEs. The desk offers pro bono interventions that encompass digital advertising, business-to-business linkages, skills development and access to markets, opportunities and one-on-one advisory support. To date, 179 SMMEs have registered. These SMMEs employ 998 employees and have a combined turnover of R173-million. Through the collaboration with the Purem (YES programme) and Afrika Tikkun service, the Chamber has placed 51 interns with SMMEs. Enterprise Development Programme The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber Enterprise Development Programme was launched in 2015, to develop the skills that enhance and grow small businesses. Since its inception in 2015, the programme has benefitted 213 businesses, including 27 graduates in 2022. They have been empowered with skills to run financially-sustainable enterprises through structured multi-level training, mentoring and linkage support. The ECDC and the Chamber have further extended the rollout of the Enterprise Development Programme between 2023/24 and 2025/26 wherein past participants of the programme will be assisted. Trade and investment The Chamber has reimagined its approach to trade and investment. An Investors Forum is focused on attracting and retaining investment CONTACT DETAILS in the Metro. The Chamber partners with the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC), the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (dtic) and the Metro’s Department of Trade and Investment to facilitate for member companies to participate in trade missions. Exporters Development Programme The Eastern Cape Exporters Development Programme, which is a partnership between the Chamber and ECDC, has already attracted the participation of 58 emerging exporters. The programme has migrated smoothly from the initial pilot in 2022. Certificates of Origin As an accredited provider of this service, the Chamber signs Certificates of Origin and offers exporters the opportunity to certify electronically through the ECCO system. Events Regular networking functions offer business owners the chance to make new professional contracts. The Business Chamber’s flagship events are highlights on the Bay’s business and social calendar: the Annual Golf day, the Annual Ladies Breakfast and the Annual Banquet Publications and marketing As another value-added service to members, the Chamber provides members with a variety of digital publications such as the Business Guide, InfocomLIVE, Annual Review and Behind the Scenes. ■ Address: 200 Norvic Drive, Greenacres 6045 | Tel: +27 (0) 41 373 1122 | Fax: +27 (0) 41 373 1142 Email: | Website:

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