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Free State Investment Prospectus

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THE FREE STATE, with 2.8-million residents, accounted for 5% of South Africa’s population in 2017/18 and contributed proportionately to the GDP. In 2018 (the latest available data), the real economy (represented by agriculture, mining, manufacturing and construction) made up 27% of the Free State’s output. The largest real-economy sector was mining at 11% of the provincial economy, followed by manufacturing at 9%, agriculture at 4% and construction at 3%. The Free State contributed 10% of national agriculture and 7% of national mining, but just 4% of national manufacturing and 3.5% of national construction.


DISTRICT ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE LIMPOPO MPUMALANGA GAUTENG NORTH WEST ESWATINI THE FREE STATE IS OPEN FOR INVESTMENT FREE STATE KWAZULU NATAL NORTHERN CAPE LESOTHO The Premier of the Free State, the Honourable SH Ntombela EASTERN CAPE Population: 638 000 Share of Provincial GDP: 14.50% KEY SECTORS: • Mining 35% • Trade and Finance 24% • Agriculture 8% BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: • Agro-processing • Consulting Engineering Services • Manufacturing • Renewable Energy (Solar) • Tourism & Real Estate LEJWELEPUTSWA MANGAUNG WESTERN CAPE FEZILE DABI THABO MOFUTSANYANA Population: 529 000 Share of Provincial GDP: 26.09% KEY SECTORS: • Manufacturing (Oil / Gas) 34% • Community Services 14% • Mining 17% BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: • Plastics • Pharmaceuticals • Steel Fabrication • Consulting Engineering Services • Tourism & Real Estate THE FREE STATE EAGERLY WELCOMES President Ramaphosa’s call for increased long-term investment necessary for sustainable job creation, innovation, productivity enhancement, wealth creation and improvements in the living standards of our people. In this context, it is a well-known fact that trade and investment are drivers of economic growth and virtually all nations’ success stories of economic development owe a lot to trade and investment as they are a principal source of employment. Investment, in particular, makes quality goods and services available to consumers at affordable prices. Because individual investors’ access to accurate and pertinent information is critical, we have decided to produce this Free State Investment Prospectus to make it easier for investors to glean investor-ready opportunities that are currently available in the Free State. The Free State government welcomes all investors to talk to us about their goals, their ideas, their questions and their opinions. Population: 122 000 Share of Provincial GDP: 3.32% KEY SECTORS: • Community Services 33% • Agriculture 15% • Trade 14% BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: • Renewable Energy (Solar) • Generation Energy Plants • Agro Processing • Eco-Tourism XHARIEP Population: 864 000 Share of Provincial GDP: 38.31% KEY SECTORS: • Finance and Trade 36% • Community Services 33% BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: • Agro Processing • Real Estate, Tourism, Hospitality & • Industrial and Commercial Properties. • Consulting Engineering Services • Business Process Services Population: 752 000 Share of Provincial GDP: 17.78% KEY SECTORS: • Community Services 31% • Trade 18% • Finance 17% • Agriculture 10% BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: • Manufacturing/Trade (MAPSEZ) • Agro Processing • Transport / Logistics • Eco-Tourism (Drakensburg, Maluti Mountains & Golden Gate - Eco-Tourism Hub) This Prospectus will help the Free State to provide pertinent information necessary for effective public-private partnerships that are crucial in spearheading the national investment agenda. As indicated in the 2019/20 State of the Province Address, there are immense investment opportunities in sectors such as agriculture, agro-processing, manufacturing, ICT, infrastructure development, green energy, construction, tourism and trade. 01

FREE STATE INVESTMENT PROSPECTUS INVESTING IN THE FREE STATE PROVINCE MEC for Economic, Small Business Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs the Honourable MP Mohale HOD of the Free State Department of Economic, Small Business Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (DESTEA) Dr M Nokwequ IT IS WITH PLEASURE and gratitude that I introduce the 2019 Free State Investment Prospectus. The purpose of the publication is to provide pertinent information about large-scale investment opportunities currently available in various sectors in the province. The booklet represents the Free State’s response to President Ramaphosa’s clarion call for increased long-term investment necessary for inclusive growth and job creation. While investment is an essential ingredient to economic growth, it should be pointed out that at the centre of the Free State government’s economic development strategy is human capital formation and development through universities and colleges, and various institutions pursuing innovation and offering proofof-concept services, to name a few. Indeed, the Free State is poised to become a laboratory for excellence in educational outcomes, research and innovation, particularly in the fields of health, agriculture, agro-processing, manufacturing, water management, ICT, pharmaceuticals and rural development. THE FREE STATE is situated in the heart of South Africa and shares borders with Lesotho and six other provinces. It provides easy access to the main ports of Durban, East London and Port Elizabeth. The 2019 Free State Investment Prospectus presents the value proposition of the Free State as a business and investment destination. The dominant sectors in the province are agriculture, mining, manufacturing and tertiary sectors, making it ideal for transport logistics and agro-processing. Companies locating to the Free State not only enjoy the opportunity to source inputs at competitive prices, but also benefit from domestic, regional and international markets for their products and services. Because South Africa has been engaging with our economically large trading partners, access to international markets is facilitated through various trade preferences and freetrade agreements. As far as long-term investment is concerned, there are industrial parks and a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) that are supported by the Department of Trade and Industry. Industrial parks are situated in Maluti-a-Phofung, Botshabelo and Thaba Nchu, while the Maluti-A-Phofung SEZ is situated in Tshiame. Domestic and international investors are welcome to contact DESTEA Head of Department at 02 03

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