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Gauteng Business 2016 edition

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The 2016 edition of the Gauteng Business and Investment Guide is the premier business and investment guide for the Gauteng province and the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA). In addition to detailed profiles of key provincial organisations, including the GGDA, the Automotive Industry Development Corporation Centre (AIDC), the Gauteng Investment Centre, the Gauteng IDZ, the Gauteng ICT Park SEZ and Constitution Hill, this edition includes well-researched economic and demographic data on the province, as well as insights into the province’s five development corridors and the new industries and development nodes in these corridors; a focus on Gauteng as a global city region; and key growth sectors for the province.

PROFILE Zig Enterprise

PROFILE Zig Enterprise Caiphus Mokotedi is the founder of Zig Enterprise, a 100% black-owned automotive company operating in Silverton. Caiphus Mokotedi owns and manages Zig Enterprise and is one of the great success stories from the Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC), as he is the first Incubatee to graduate from the Centre. The AIDC centre is a business Incubation programme developed to support black-owned businesses during the critical start-up phase that would then perform value-added sub-assembly work for Tier 1 suppliers on the Ford Ranger assembly at the Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA). The training and development plan, jointly conceived by FMCSA and the AIDC, led to a five-year plan to enhance the overall skills and knowledge base of automotive workers in the Silverton Assembly Plant in Pretoria. This is to ensure that globally competitive businesses are able to enter the automotive supply chain and to be able to operate in line with its high standard of requirements and demands. Mokotedi was also one of the first BEE entrepreneurs who joined the Incubation programme in 2011. How would you describe the AIDC programme and the role it has played in your life? The AIDC is a programme that helped me a great deal as it supported me in building and living my dream of becoming one of the few black-owned business owners in our country. The programme has been an incredible journey and milestone in my personal as well as professional life. It played a huge role during our start-up phase with the many highs, lows and challenges that we needed to overcome over the past four years however with motivation and perseverance, we prospered. Caiphus Mokotedi is a qualified Mechanical Engineer from Technikon Witwatersrand with 18 years in the automotive industry. He previously worked as a Trainee Engineer at the BMW SA Assembly plant in Rosslyn, and as Process Engineer for “Widney Transport Components”. What does Zig Enterprise do, and what success have you had in the past year? We provide logistics services and offer a valueadding service to The Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa through our Vehicle Personalisation Centre (VPC). This services includes the fitment of the following parts: wheel lock nuts, spare wheel locks, bullbars, heavy duty seat covers, window etching and metal e-marking. We also recently ventured into providing a carwash service for fleet cars at Ford. What is the growth of competition in the auto service businesses? The scale and importance of the automotive industry has created many opportunities for people to get involved, especially as the com- GAUTENG BUSINESS 2016 104

PROFILE The Zig Enterprise team. petitive pressure is growing in the auto service market. Alongside OEMs’ owned repair shops, providers and the number of new market players offering various car-related services is increasing. Independent players operating under franchise, insurance companies, leasing firms and alternative mobility companies are all crowding onto the market. Irrespective of this highly and increasing competitive market, Zig has strategically placed itself through the operationally competitive aspects it has acquired from the past. What partnerships have proved to be an important part of your growth? We partnered with Schnellecke Logistics Solutions (SA) and partnered with the FMCSA’s plant during the initiative start-up. Through our partnership with Schnellecke SA we provide sequencing and logistics of interior trim panels directly to the Ford T6 Ranger production line. We have also provided sequencing and logistics services to various Tier 1 component suppliers at the FMCSA plant. The company has quality management against the international set of requirements. This enables a high-quality service offering to its client in order to ensure they receive ultimate satisfaction. The success we have generated through working within FMCSA’s plant over the years enables us to continue to flourish as a supplier to FMCSA and, hopefully, to meet and exceed the high expectations of our customers for years to come. We are committed to supporting the Ford Motor initiative as our service centre has identified opportunities and created 16 additional jobs in the process as we want to become a one-stop-shop so that we are able to support manufacturing businesses with various service offerings. CONTACT INFO Physical Address: Office 117, Domus Building, 57 Kasteel Street, Lynnwood Glen 0081 Tel: 012 348 3953, 082 708 6275 Email: or Website: 105 GAUTENG BUSINESS 2016

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