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Gauteng Business 2016 edition

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The 2016 edition of the Gauteng Business and Investment Guide is the premier business and investment guide for the Gauteng province and the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA). In addition to detailed profiles of key provincial organisations, including the GGDA, the Automotive Industry Development Corporation Centre (AIDC), the Gauteng Investment Centre, the Gauteng IDZ, the Gauteng ICT Park SEZ and Constitution Hill, this edition includes well-researched economic and demographic data on the province, as well as insights into the province’s five development corridors and the new industries and development nodes in these corridors; a focus on Gauteng as a global city region; and key growth sectors for the province.

PROFILE Catalyst for

PROFILE Catalyst for change Fostering socio-economic development and competitiveness in Gauteng. GGDA Investment Project is the construction of the Enterprise Building 2 at The Innovation Hub. The project is to create about 80 construction job opportunities. Possible partners include National Treasury, the IDC, the DBSA, the Department of Science and Technology, the City of Johannesburg and the City of Tshwane. Africa’s first international standard science and technology park, The Innovation Hub (TIH), was established by the Gauteng Provincial Government in 2001 to drive the development of smart industries in Gauteng. In line with the focus of the Gauteng Growth and Development Strategy (GGDS), the TIH’s role in the provincial innovation eco-system is to be a catalyst for innovation and a key knowledge economy driver. Key focus areas are ICT, biotechnology, renewable energies and low carbon economy technologies (green economy). Current development projects The three biggest projects on the TIH’s current agenda are the Gauteng Growth Development Agency (GGDA), Investment Project, the GGDA Investment Biomass Gasification Project and the BioSciences Park (Bio-Park) Project. The aim of the The Biomass Gasification Project’s primary objective is to promote innovation by having locally owned Intellectual Property (IP) technology from Biomass Gasification, while boosting electricity service coverage within Gauteng contributing to clean energy generation, security and self-efficiency as outlined in the Gauteng Green Economy Strategy. The plant should ideally be co-located with a sawmill, or in an area that has a lot of alien vegetation, which would need to be cleared. The clearing of alien vegetation can create between 10 to 20 jobs in an area of 100 square kilometres. The operation of the plant will also result in the creation of another 14 jobs, bringing the total to over 34 jobs in an area that would otherwise not see any investment. The BioSciences Park (Bio-Park) project will aim to provide a nurturing environment for biotechnology start-ups to develop and thrive to become important commercial players, contributing to economic growth. About 80 construction jobs will be created. GAUTENG BUSINESS 2016 58

PROFILE Opportunities The TIH provides investment opportunities in an enabling environment for the stimulation and growth of technology-driven business and the development of R&D facilities, hi-tech incubators, corporate headquarters for hi-tech companies, and venture capitalists, boasting nine significant programmes: Maxum Business Incubator This incubator develops the business leaders of tomorrow by providing an enabling environment where start-ups from the knowledge intensive sectors are fast-tracked to compete in the global village. Incubation creates a synergistic environment where entrepreneurs can share learning, create working partnerships and open doors to markets and resources. Climate Innovation Centre The centre is The Innovation Hub’s first strategic green economy initiative to achieve sustainable growth and sustainable job creation aligned to the overall strategic goal of the Gauteng Green Economy Strategy. It is tailored for the South African context. CoachLab ® Skills & Leadership Development This youth skills development programme is committed to the development of a diverse skills base in the ICT, engineering, green and media sectors. The aim is to instill business principles and innovative and entrepreneurial thinking among the youth through mentorship. mLab Southern Africa This is an initiative of TIHMC, CSIR Meraka and Ungana-Frika. It is funded by the Finish Ministries of Foreign Affairs through infoDev, a programme of the Worldbank and the Department of Science and Technology of SA. mLab is a mobile applications laboratory, which incubates innovation and entrepreneurship in the mobile channel. BioPark@Gauteng This biosciences incubator offers opportunities for commercialisation to early stage biotech companies by providing business development support. Gap Innovation Competitions The competition has attracted more than 700 entries in the last four years running. Researchers and entrepreneurs have been awarded over R7 million in seed funding and incubation support. OpenIX OpenIX is an Open Innovation Exchange that delivers tangible solutions to real challenges posted by solution seekers in government and the private sector, and connects leading African researchers and entrepreneurs with new opportunities to commercialise their innovations.. eKasi Labs The purpose of establishing this programme was to take innovation to the people by establishing co-creation and innovation spaces in the townships where local communities are able to access the services and facilities that are offered at The Innovation Hub. Extending these services and facilities to the townships addresses problems of access and seeks to re-industrialise the community and unemployed youth. Fab.Lab Fab.Lab, an abbreviation for ‘fabrication laboratory’, is a platform for high school learners from disadvantaged backgrounds to create prototypes using world-class, cutting edge machinery. Learners are able to design, 3D print and manufacture using advanced manufacturing technology and use their prototypes to create a business. This platform is intended to promote a culture of participation in the innovation co-system and entrepreneurship through skills development and weekly training. CONTACT INFO Physical address: 124 Main Street, Marshalltown, Johannesburg Tel: +27 11 085 2321 Email: Website: 59 GAUTENG BUSINESS 2016

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