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Gauteng Business 2016 edition

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The 2016 edition of the Gauteng Business and Investment Guide is the premier business and investment guide for the Gauteng province and the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA). In addition to detailed profiles of key provincial organisations, including the GGDA, the Automotive Industry Development Corporation Centre (AIDC), the Gauteng Investment Centre, the Gauteng IDZ, the Gauteng ICT Park SEZ and Constitution Hill, this edition includes well-researched economic and demographic data on the province, as well as insights into the province’s five development corridors and the new industries and development nodes in these corridors; a focus on Gauteng as a global city region; and key growth sectors for the province.

PROFILE Automotive

PROFILE Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC) The AIDC is a project-driven organisation which focuses on excellence in technical project implementation and service delivery, while forming partnerships with the private sector to increase the level of innovation and co-operations within the Automotive Industry. AIDC was initially established in 2000 by the Gauteng Provincial Government, and its purpose is to develop the automotive manufacturing sector to globally competitive standards of excellence through a world-class value proposition which enables effective and sustainable socio-economic growth. The dynamic AIDC is currently involved in a number of projects aimed at technical project conceptualisation, implementation and service delivery in the automotive sector. Government Incentive Schemes AIDC’s Government Incentive Schemes department administers government and automotive industry incentives designed to grow and develop the automotive sector. It was established in 2002 and it is one of the longest-serving departments within the organisation. Incubation Programmes Department AIDC Incubation Programmes Department was responsible for launching South Africa’s first Automotive Incubation Centre at Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa’s Silverton plant in 2011 and the Winterveld Enterprise Hub: Automotive in 2014. A second Automotive Incubation Centre has been created at Nissan South Africa’s plant in Rosslyn. Ford acquired the assistance of the AIDC in 2010 to develop and manage an incubation model that could prepare them for the production launch of the T6 Ranger. Following the success of AIDC’s Automotive Incubation Centre at Silverton, Nissan expressed interest in establishing a similar facility at their plant in Rosslyn. The BEE entrepreneurs are earmarked to supply components directly to the production line for the next generation 1-ton pickup which will start production in early 2017. While the facility at Nissan is intended to replicate AIDC’s Automotive Incubation Centre at FMCSA, it will include the lessons learnt from implementation of the first incubation project at Ford. Operations Division AIDC’s Operations Division is responsible for the planning, maintenance, ICT and Soft Services at its four sites, namely the Automotive Supplier Park (ASP) in Rosslyn, Winterveldt Enterprise Hub Automotive, Gauteng Automotive Learning Centre in Rosslyn, and Automotive Incubation Centre at Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa in Silverton. Business Development AIDC’s Business Development Department (BDD) provides strategic input and support to all Key Focus Departments and Infrastructure Programmes of the organisation, with the aim to enhance, expand, increase and deepen its services offerings to both Government and automotive industry clients. The BDD supports the AIDC with project acquisition and assists each department to source funding for future projects. Supplier and Enterprise Development AIDC’s Supplier and Enterprise Development GAUTENG BUSINESS 2016 60

PROFILE Special Programmes Department A key challenge facing the automotive supply chain is the cost of logistics. Extensive lead times coupled with the domestic reality of inefficiencies, fuel costs, and poor infrastructure presents a scenario that inhibits South Africa’s ability to compete globally. The AIDC’s Special Programmes Department, therefore, focuses on supply chain development and logistics to develop state-of-the-art solutions, tailored specifically to address the needs of the South African automotive industry. Department (SEDD) was established to develop component manufacturers in the supply chain to conform to the international standards prescribed by the automotive manufacturing industry. The department’s service offering ranges from a combination of efficiency improvement projects related to productivity, quality assurance in accordance with ISO standards, including environmental, lean and clean production (including all green projects as related to the Government and the Province’s low carbon economy projects), to manufacturing concepts, logistics, clustering and SMME development initiatives. Skills Development & Training Department Skills shortages are widely regarded as the main factor which slows economic growth globally. As a result, AIDC established its Skills Development and Training (SD&T) Department to identify sectors with skills deficiencies, and then develop programmes to nurture individuals to drive economic growth across South Africa. The main focus of AIDC is to become a catalyst for Government to explore solutions to overcome skills shortages in the automotive industry. Gauteng Automotive Learning Centre As part of Gauteng Provincial Government’s commitment to skills development, the AIDC and Nissan SA (NSA) launched the Gauteng Automotive Learning Centre in June 2014. The Learning Centre is part of the Nissan SA Investment Support Programme. Winterveld Enterprise Hub: Automotive This is the first of six Automotive Enterprise Hubs to be established by AIDC and Gauteng Provincial Government. It was officially opened in February 2014 by the Gauteng’s former Premier Nomvula Mokoyane, and it is one of the organisation’s flagship projects that addresses skills shortages and socio-economic challenges in the Province. Automotive Supplier Park The Automotive Supplier Park (ASP) is managed by the Facilities Department at AIDC. Based in Rosslyn, the ASP spans an area of 130 hectares, with a tenant pool comprising mainly of component manufacturers and suppliers to OEMs, who require a continuous supply of components to assembly plants. CONTACT INFO Physical Address: 30 Helium Road, Automotive Supplier Park, Rosslyn EXT 2, 0200 Postal Address: Private Bag X35, Rosslyn 0200 Tel: +27 12 564 5000 / 5300 Email: Website: 61 GAUTENG BUSINESS 2016

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