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KwaZulu-Natal Business 2018-19 edition

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The 2018/19 edition of KwaZulu-Natal Business is the 10th issue of this highly successful publication that, since its launch in 2008, has established itself as the premier business and investment guide for the KwaZulu-Natal Province. In addition to the regular articles providing insight into each of the key economic sectors of the province, there are special features on the investment prospects of Durban (eThekwini) and on the specific attractions for investors of other regions throughout the province. We are pleased to include a survey of the province’s economy from Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal, the dedicated trade and inward investment promotion agency that promises to be “your knowledge partner in business”. To complement the extensive local, national and international distribution of the print edition, the full content can also be viewed online at Updated information on KwaZulu-Natal is also available through our monthly e-newsletter, which you can subscribe to online at, in addition to our complementary business-to-business titles that cover all nine provinces as well as our flagship South African Business title.

PROFILE Award-winning

PROFILE Award-winning terminal Richards Bay Coal Terminal wins Bulk Logistics Port/Terminal of the Year. Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT) is a worldclass coal export terminal situated in the Port of Richards Bay. The terminal was opened in 1976 with an original capacity of 12-million tons per annum (mt/a). The terminal provides South Africa’s Coal Exporting Parties (CEPs) with a world-class logistics service that facilitates the export of coal. Asia 81.6% Europe 10.1% Africa 7.8% South America 0.5% EXPORT DESTINATION PER CONTINENT RBCT is positioned at one of the world’s deepsea ports and handles large ships and large volumes of coal. The 276-hectare site currently boasts a quay that is 2.2km long with six berths and four ship loaders, with a stockyard capacity of 8.2-million tons. RBCT shares a strong cooperative relationship with South Africa’s national utility, Transnet, which provides the railway services linking the coal mines to the port, and the shipping coordination of more than 900 ships per annum. All RBCT’s operations and administrative functions are conducted in Richards Bay. Safety achievements On 23 December 2017, RBCT achieved a significant milestone in safety performance when two-million LTI-free man-hours were recorded. We are exceptionally proud of this significant safety achievement and attribute it to our continued pursuit of the goal of a safe workplace. This milestone was achieved at a time when RBCT commissioned two shiploaders, a massive machine project. Achieving this milestone is testament to a proactive safety culture that prevails in our work environment. This achievement is a combination of our collaborative safety efforts; it specifically points to the genuine care the employees and contractors have for each other. We have made impressive gains with the implementation of the leading indicators, such as the COBRA (Behaviour Based Safety) process, near missreporting, hazard identification, risk assessments and an overall interaction amongst the workforce on safety issues. As testament to our ongoing safety awareness, RBCT also won the 2017 Business Excellence Safety Award for the second year in a row. This award reaffirms RBCT’s diligence in upholding safety standards. Production records achieved The tonnage received in 2017 increased from 72.58Mt KWAZULU-NATAL BUSINESS 2018/19 38

PROFILE in 2016 to 75.60Mt (4% higher). The 2017 tonnage is the highest tonnage delivered by Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) within a calendar year. The Train Turnaround Time (TTT) was four hours three minutes in 2017 against the RBCT internal target of three hours 54 minutes. TTT is a value-chain contracted duration for offloading and handing back of trains to TFR. The value chain TTT is reflected in the signed Service Level Agreement between RBCT and TFR and the target is an average of four hours 18 minutes. The figure for trains that were tipped and bypassed directly to the vessels was 19% in 2017 compared to 17% in 2016. We continue to be aligned with our business partner, TFR, to ensure the supply chain performs well and contributes to increasing volumes. Achievements In 2017 RBCT was nominated by Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA), our strategic business partner, as the Bulk Logistics Port/Terminal of the Year and it is with great excitement that RBCT was declared the winner of this prestigious Award (Global Ports Forum International Award). Locally, RBCT was nominated for six Zululand Chamber of Commerce and Industry awards. RBCT won five awards and was a runner-up in the sixth category. The significance of these awards is that they were awarded in areas that matter the most to RBCT, people, safety, environment and logistics. Community development Our slogan, “Coal to the world, growth to the nation” depicts our sustainable commitment to community development over the years. Our aim is to participate in programmes that benefit the wider community and sustainable From left: Mr Jabu Mdaki, General Manager Operations, Mr Preston Khomo, Port Manager and Mr Alan Waller, CEO. projects that can build a better South Africa. In 2017 we recognised the need to focus on early childhood development, education and environment. Due to the water shortages we faced, we regarded this as an integral component in building a better future and life for all. In 2017, a total of R3.2-million was invested in Community Social Investment (CSI) projects. RBCT Executive Team CONTACT INFO Physical address: Richards Bay Coal Terminal (Pty) Ltd, South Dunes, Richards Bay Harbour Postal address: PO Box 56, Richards Bay 3900 Tel: +27 35 904 4911 Website: 39 KWAZULU-NATAL BUSINESS 2018/19

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