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KwaZulu-Natal Business 2022-23

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The 2022/23 edition of KwaZulu-Natal Business is the 14th issue of this highly successful publication that, since its launch in 2008, has established itself as the premier business and investment guide for the KwaZulu-Natal Province. In addition to the regular articles providing insight into each of the key economic sectors of the province, there is a special feature on national government’s campaign to encourage private investment in ports. The vital role of the ports of Durban and Richards Bay in the South African economy cannot be understated and putting them in a better position to deal with commodities and cargoes of every sort is clearly in the national interest. A special purpose vehicle is to be created within Transnet to make dealing with private companies less complicated. The increasing importance of the Oceans Economy to the future of the provincial and national economy is relevant to any examination of the economy of KwaZulu-Natal. This applies as much to trade and ship-repair as it does to the exciting gas discoveries which have been made off the coast of Mozambique and South Africa.

FOCUS Two unique

FOCUS Two unique offerings As part of its bid to empower the nation, MTN Business has developed two unique offerings that are available to qualifying state employees to enjoy: • Uncapped data with no Fair Usage Policy (FUP) • Uncapped Closed User Group (CUG) minutes • Uncapped Closed User Group (CUG) SMSs • Voice minutes to call other networks • Variety of smartphones • Enterprise Sharing is a customisable and scalable solution that lets state institutions size their shared voice, data, Closed User Group voice usage and SMS bundles at cost-effective rates. Key benefits of MTN Enterprise Sharing include: Standard billing: removes the need for complex review processes Improved scalability: additional users can be added at no extra cost Top-up: users can use their own money once their allocation is finished All-in-one: personal and business usage happens on the same SIM and device Separate limits: if you max out your limit in one area, it does not affect your other resources Simple invoicing: each department will receive a single invoice that covers all employees Enterprise Sharing also comes in three forms: Services-only, device-only and both services and device. Business All Day The second solution is called Business All Day, and lets users pay for the resources they use on a monthly basis. This package is based on flat rates that are set for voice, data, SMS and Closed User Group voice usage. Government entities can also configure spend limits for each user and can monitor and manage these at an institutional level. Users get access to a selection of services on demand and can monitor their own spending limits through alerts. Both of these offerings will involve MTN Business splitting the state employee’s SIM card into an enterprise wallet and a personal wallet, with the state institution allocating resources and managing the enterprise wallet. The personal wallet is then the responsibility of the user and is what they will use for their non-work mobile costs. These products are available through a standardised billing structure that is scalable and simple to manage. ■ MTN Enterprise Sharing can provide each department up to 47% more value for the same spend, saving state entities a lot on communication spend while still striving to enable service delivery to all citizens. KWAZULU-NATAL BUSINESS 2022/23 14

FOCUS Helping small business get connected MTN’s new Flagship store at Gatemax allows SMME owners to experience the latest in technology. Customers can get information and see demonstrations of a wide range of 5G services in-store: • Cloud solutions • Managed networks • Unified communications • Security as a service • Enterprise mobility • Software as a service • Mobile solutions • IOT Two dynamic new stores have been added to MTN’s KwaZulu-Natal range, offering state-ofthe-art innovation and services at the Pavilion Shopping Centre and Gatemax in Umhlanga. Umhlanga MTN opened the doors to its flagship Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) store in Gatemax on 1 April 2022. This MTN store is dedicated to SMMEs, where both new and existing clients come to experience a range of ICT solutions to meet their business and personal needs. The first of its kind in South Africa, this store boasts solution stations where our enterprise and consumer clientele can interact with our latest products and services. SMMEs can book and utilise any of the available meeting rooms or hot desk workstations should they require a venue for a meeting. This provides an attractive solution to alleviate some of the impact on business operations during load-shedding. Experiencing Centre Our aim is for this store to be an Experiencing Centre. It will showcase MTN’s latest products and services with live demo units for both Enterprise and Consumer clientele. If customers require a venue for a meeting, we encourage them to have their meetings at the store so our customers (or potential customers) can experience our products. You can contact the store to book a boardroom. This idea of experiencing the product will give added value in that our Enterprise customers will be able to experience our products before purchasing. It will also serve as a learning platform to new solutions that we have on offer, that could add value to their business. Consumer customers The store will still have all the type of service a consumer customer has come to expect. There will be dedicated counter spaces for consumers and they will receive the same service they would at any other MTN store. We have enhanced the consumer experience by adding a dedicated counter for our Fintech solution, MoMo, in the store. The sales and distribution team have done outstanding work on this store, and MTN is looking forward to them rolling out this experience to the rest of the regions. If you are ever in Umhlanga, stop by this masterpiece and enjoy the experience. ■ 15 KWAZULU-NATAL BUSINESS 2022/23

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