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Limpopo Business 2018-19 edition

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A unique guide to business and investment in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Launched in 2007, the 2018/19 edition of Limpopo Business is the 10th issue of this highly successful publication that has established itself as the premier business and investment guide for the Limpopo Province. Limpopo has many investment and business opportunities. In addition to the regular articles providing insight into each of the key economic sectors of the province, there are special features on developments in the transport and logistics sector and a focus on tourism. Interviews with industry leaders in development finance from the Industrial Development Corporation and the Small Enterprise Development Agency share their insights into the state of the provincial economy. Investment news related to mining, telecommunications and development finance is carried in overviews of all the main economic sectors. The publication also has a comprehensive register of all provincial government and municipal contact details. Updated information on Limpopo is also available through our monthly e-newsletter - which you can subscribe to at

INTERVIEW Kgampi Bapela,

INTERVIEW Kgampi Bapela, IDC IDC Limpopo Regional Manager BIOGRAPHY Kgampi Jack Jack Bapela has has extensive experience in in deal- dealmaking, investment banking and and development finance. With With qualifications in in agricultural management, food food science (MSc) (MSc) from from Ghent Ghent University and and an an MBA, MBA, Kgampi first first worked for for the the IDC IDC in in 2005. 2005. He He has has been been a a university lecturer, a a plant plant chemist (SAB (SAB Miller) Miller) a a credit credit evaluation manager (Standard Bank) Bank) and and chairman of of the the board board of of Sheraton Textile Textile Holdings. In In 2008 2008 he he became a a senior senior manager at at the the IDC IDC and and has has been been in in his his current position since since 2012. 2012. LIMPOPO LIMPOPO BUSINESS BUSINESS 2018/19 2018/19 An exciting period for Limpopo The IDC is helping new businesses begin and established The ones The IDC IDC expand. is helping is new businesses begin and established is helping new businesses begin and established ones expand. ones expand. The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is a national development finance institution which promotes economic The The growth Industrial is is a Industrial and industrial Development Development development. Corporation Corporation Delivery is a national is a national of the IDC’s development at finance developmendate man- finance provincial institution institution level occurs which which promotes through promotes its economic economic regional growth offices, growth located in by the and and all nine industrial industrial provinces. development. development. of the Owned Owned by by the the at at South South African African The Limpopo government, government, IDC office delivery delivery is led of of by the the Kgampi IDC’s products IDC’s products Bapela, who at provincial at provincial is very upbeat level level occurs about occurs the through through province’s regional regional economic offices. offices. prospects. “I believe Limpopo has the potential The Limpopo The Limpopo to be the IDC IDC business office is office is is led centre led led by by Kgampi by Kgampi of South Bapela, Bapela, Africa,” who who he is is told is is very very Limpopo upbeat upbeat about Business. about the the the He province’s province’s says that there economic economic are plenty prospects. prospects. of opportunities “I “I “I believe “I believe Limpopo in Limpopo the agricultural is is is going is going to and to be to be be mining the centre the the centre sectors of of of and South South a great Africa,” Africa,” deal he he can he told told be Limpopo achieved Limpopo Business. by Business. “unlocking He He says He says all that the that untapped there is is much there is much tourism that that prospects”. still still needs to to be be done in in the the agricultural and still needs to be done in the agricultural and mining mining The sectors regional sectors and and office a a great great acts deal deal as a can funder can be be be achieved achieved and advisor by by by “unlocking for “unlocking start-up all all busi- all the the the untapped nesses, untapped helps tourism tourism established possibilities”. possibilities”. businesses expand, and advances community projects. The The regional regional The IDC’s office office activities acts acts as are as as a not a funder funder only and centred and advisor advisor in urban for for for start-up areas, start-up but busi- busi- the nesses, corporation nesses, helps helps actively established established promotes businesses businesses investments expand, expand, in rural and and advances advances township areas. com- communitmunity Funding projects. projects. can be The The structured IDC IDC actively actively through promotes promotes a wide investments investments range of instruments rural rural and and township including township areas. debt, areas. equity Funding Funding and can can bridging be be be structured structured finance. through through Bapela makes a a wide wide the range range point of of of instruments that, instruments “In slow including including growth times debt, debt, banks equity equity tend and and bridging bridging to shy away finance. finance. from Bapela Bapela funding, makes makes the the IDC the the point on point the that, that, other “In “In “In hand slow slow plays growth growth a counter-cyclic times times banks banks role tend tend and to to to takes be be be shy shy shy on in in the in lend- lending extend so so so the the the funding IDC IDC tries tries during to to to assist assist such by by by periods taking taking more more and assist risk risk risk and and entrepreneurs.” assisting assisting more.” more.” Funders must must have have the the patience patience to to to to see see see see businesses through through down-cycles. down-cycles. through As As As cycle Bapela Bapela periods. notes, notes, As “Even “Even Bapela when when notes, commodity “Even when prices prices commodity are are are down down prices mining mining are activi- down, activi- mining ties ties are are activities still still happening. are still By By happening. By the the the time time the the By the the project time is is the is completed project is the the running the cycle cycle the might might cycle have have might turned.” have turned.” Although tourism tourism has has has also also also been been affected affected by tough by by by tough times, times, times, Bapela Bapela Bapela sees a sees sees different a a different kind kind of kind tourism of of of tourism emerging, emerging, where where people people might might visit visit visit one one one of the of of the the provincial provincial government’s government’s 53 53 reserves 53 53 reserves or a or or or private a private game game reserve reserve for a for for day a a day outing day outing instead instead of going of of of going on long on trips. long Limpopo’s trips. Limpopo’s location location gives Capricorn Capricorn FM FM is is one one of of the the IDC’s IDC’s funding funding success success stories. stories. 26 30 risk ing to ing 30

The IDC helped fund the new Park Inn by Radisson Polokwane and is supporting other tourism projects in in Magoebaskloof and Thohoyandou. The IDC helped fund the new Park Inn by Radisson Polokwane and is supporting other tourism projects in Magoebaskloof and it an Thohoyandou. edge when travellers head for neighbouring countries such as Botswana gives it or edge Zimbabwe. when travellers head for neighbouring countries such as Botswana or Zimbabwe. gives it an edge when travellers head for neighbouring countries such Key sectors in Limpopo Sectors as Botswana or Zimbabwe. Key sectors in Limpopo are mining, agriculture, agro-processing and tourism. Key Sectors sectors The in IDC Limpopo actively are encourages mining, agriculture, expansion agri-processing of existing operations and tourism. Key funds The IDC and sectors new actively in Limpopo businesses encourages are in mining, these expansion sectors. of existing operations and agriculture, agri-processing and tourism. The The vast funders provides IDC mineral for new actively resources businesses encourages of expansion the run Limpopo by local of existing Province people. operations include the and largest The provides coal vast funders reserve mineral for in resources new Africa. businesses Notes of the Bapela, Limpopo run by local “Currently Province people. Limpopo include has the around largest The coal 70 vast operating reserve mineral mines resources Africa. and Notes there of the Bapela, are Limpopo over “Currently 90 Province more that Limpopo include are in the has the pipeline. around largest 70 coal One operating mine reserve typically mines in Africa. creates and Notes there between Bapela, are over 300 “Currently 90 and that 1 000 are Limpopo jobs. in the Other pipeline. around One has economic 70 mine opportunities operating creates mines between generally and there 300 arise and are once over 1 000 the 90 jobs. mine that Once are is operational in the the pipe- mine and is line. operating establishments One mine it may creates result such between as in a shopping 300 centres and 1 000 and and jobs. all all other Once associated the mine services is operating that will it may be result rendered.” in a in shopping turn create centre further and job all opportunities.” the associated services The In agriculture IDC that is very will and be active rendered.” agri-processing, in agriculture the and IDC agro-processing. is very active. “There is is potential In agriculture to to add add value and value to agri-processing, agricultural to products the products IDC in is Limpopo,” in very active. says “There instead Bapela, is of “instead potential sending of to sending them add value to them central to agricultural to central buying buying areas products outside areas in Limpopo,” outside the province,” the says province.” Bapela, says Bapela. Fully “instead 66% Fully of of sending South 66% of Africa’s South them to Africa’s mangoes, central mangoes, buying 75% of areas the 75% nation’s of outside the nation’s tomatoes the province.” toma- and toes 42% Fully and of 66% its 42% of citrus South of its comes Africa’s citrus from comes mangoes, Limpopo. from 75% Limpopo. Two of the new nation’s Two blueberry new tomatoes blueberry farms and in farms the 42% Tzaneen of in the its citrus Tzaneen area comes have area the from have backing Limpopo. the backing of the Two IDC, of the new which IDC. blueberry This has thus has farms added in another Tzaneen fruit to area the have province’s the backing already of impressive the IDC, which basket has of of thus choice. added another An area fruit that to probably the province’s holds already the greatest impressive potential basket for for the the of province choice. greatest is returns tourism. An area tourism. Bapela that probably is Bapela alive to holds is the alive possibilities. the to greatest the possibilities. “Tourism potential is for “Tourism the the other greatest is big the opportunity. other returns big is opportunity. tourism. Most people Bapela Most don’t is people alive know to don’t the that know possibilities. 70% of that the 70% Kruger “Tourism of the National Kruger is the Park National other is big in Park Limpopo. opportunity. is in Limpopo. We Most need We people to need do more don’t to in know more marketing that marketing. 70% this of and the We Kruger build need more to National build accommodation up Park more is in accommodation Limpopo. options We need in our options to towns do more in our and in towns marketing. places and of interest. places We need of We interest. to build can start At up Mapungubwe more building accommodation tourism World activities Heritage options around Site in our Mapungubwe towns can start and places building World of Heritage tourism interest. activities Site.” At Mapungubwe around that. World Heritage Site we can start building tourism Other activities sectors funded around by that. the IDC include automotive and transport; transport, basic Other metals; metals, sectors basic funded and speciality by the IDC chemicals; chemicals, include automotive chemical and products transport, and and pharmaceuticals; pharmaceutical, basic metals, basic clothing and speciality and textiles, textiles; chemicals, heavy manufacturing; manufacturing, chemical products industrial and infrastructure; infrastructure, pharmaceutical, light clothing manufacturing; manufacturing, and textiles, machinery heavy manufacturing, and and capital equipment, industrial media media infrastructure, and audio motion light visuals. pictures. manufacturing, machinery and capital equipment, media A particular particular and motion focus focus pictures. for for the the IDC IDC nationally is support and for in youth Limpopo and is women- support owned for youth A particular businesses. and women-owned focus The for Gro-E the IDC businesses. Youth nationally Scheme A and national was in Limpopo launched IDC scheme is support about was three launched for youth years three and ago women-owned where years R4.5-billion ago through businesses. was which specifically A R4.5-billion national targeted IDC was scheme at funding targeted was youth-owned specifically launched at three youth-owned businesses. years ago This businesses. through is still core which This to performance is R4.5-billion still core to was targets. performance targeted Says Bapela, specifically “We at provide youth-owned pre-investment businesses. support This is still to those core to who performance are not INTERVIEW INTERVIEW targets. Says Bapela, “We provide pre-investment ready targets. and Says compulsory support Bapela, “We post- to proinvestment those who vide pre-investment support are not support for ready every and to youth-owned compulsory those who are business post-investment not ready that we and are support compulsory funding. for every youth-owned business post-investment support “We are that for every very we realistic. are funding. youth-owned We know “We business that are that applicants very realistic. we are funding. are not We necessarily know that “We are going applicants very to realistic. be are mine not We owners, necessarily know that but going applicants they to could be mine are be not supplying owners, they necessarily services could be going to to supplying services.” be these mine mines.” owners, The they Gro-E It is could Youth in that be Scheme context supply- affords that successful ing services.” qualifying applicants It is in that applicants get context access that successful to to concessionary applicants rates rates get – on – on access average, average, to concessionary prime prime less less 3%. three rates percent. – on One average, of the first prime youth less trans- three actions One of percent. that the was first youth approved transactions the One IDC that by of the came was approved first youth from trans- the by Limpopo the IDC came actions that province. from was approved This Limpopo. was by for This the two was IDC young for two came engineers young from Limpopo. who engineers was who the for entered field two of young providing the field entered This engi- of hot neers providing asphalt who hot entered used asphalt in road the used field con- of in struction. providing road construction. Other hot asphalt initiatives Other used from initiatives from in young road construction. entrepreneurs young entrepreneurs Other include initia- an tives include innovative from an young innovative mining entrepreneurs lab mining and the include lab creation and the an creation of innovative new processing of new mining processing marketing and the and creation marketing outlets of for new outlets their pro- products cessing for their and by products a marketing group by of a sweet outlets group and lab piquant for of sweet their chilli products piquant farmers. chilli by a farmers. group of sweet Bapela piquant remembers chilli the farmers. the chilli project Bapela fondly. remembers “These the youngsters saw fondly. an opportunity. “These young- and They sters gathered saw all an all the opportunity. the farmers farmers in their They and chilli project area gathered said and we bought will all take the all your farmers their crop crops and and said they we signed will take a a contract your crop with with and they another signed processor. a contract We We helped with another them build processor. their their case case We and and helped we we them funded build them their to for the case R12-million. tune and of we R12-million. funded During peak them During season for R12-million. peak they sea- employ they more peak employ than season 200 more people.” they than em- 200 ploy This people.” more sort than of 200 success people.” story son During is This what This sort sort keeps of of success Bapela success story going. story is is “Driving what what keeps keeps around Bapela Bapela seeing going. going. smoke “Driving “Driving coming around around out of seeing the seeing chimneys smoke smoke coming coming factories out out of and of the the seeing chimneys chimneys some in in beautiful factories factories hotel and and seeing and seeing knowing some some beautiful beautiful that I had hotel hotel a hand and and in knowing it knowing – that is that that the I motivator.” I had had a a hand hand in in it it – – that that is is the the motivator.” motivator.” 31 LIMPOPO BUSINESS 2018/19 27 LIMPOPO LIMPOPO BUSINESS BUSINESS 2018/19 31 2018/19

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