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Limpopo Business 2020/21 edition

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The 2020/21 edition of Limpopo Business is the 12th issue of this essential publication that, since its launch in 2007, has established itself as the premier business and investment guide for the Limpopo Province. Limpopo has been attracting significant investments in the mining sector in recent years and the green light for the creation of the Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone in the province’s far north has attracted several billion dollars. A metallurgical and energy cluster will inaugurate the SEZ, after which investments in agri-processing, logistics and manufacturing are expected to follow. In addition to the regular articles providing insight into each of the key economic sectors of the province, there are special features on transport and logistics, and specific plans that are in place to promote manufacturing in Limpopo. News related to mining, agriculture, tourism, construction and property, water, education and development finance is carried in overviews of the main economic sectors.


ADVERTORIAL see money differently SEEING THE BIGGER PICTURE THROUGH THE COVID-19 ENVIRONMENT We are all aware of the individuals and businesses that have been adversely affected as a result of the chaos caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Interest rates are at historical lows and Nedbank’s economic forecast for the next 12 to 18 months predicts a sharp downward trend. In this challenging economic environment, it is more important than ever to manage and invest funds optimally in relation to cash flow needs. Cash flow is, without doubt, one of the most critical components of success for any business. In fact, according to a U.S. Bank study, 82% of business failures can be attributed to poor cash flow management. That being said, every growing business needs capital to invest in expansion – or to pivot to remain relevant in the extreme uncertainty we currently face. Every business has unique cash requirements, so how does a business owner ensure that surplus cash is managed in a manner that yields maximum returns in harmony with the company's liquidity requirements? Marcia Mathsa, Nedbank’s Corporate Saver and Investment Specialist for Limpopo, says that Nedbank Business Banking is ‘ Nedbank has made available a raft of relief measures to benefit clients across the bank. ’ committed to assisting its clients overcome their financial obstacles and provide sound financial advice in managing their funds. ‘The pandemic and struggles of business highlight the need for expert advice, and a needs-based conversation with a Nedbank business manager can result in optimal financial solutions that make all the difference,’ says Mathsa. The investment sector will continue to be impacted for some time to come, but Nedbank has made available a raft of relief measures to benefit clients across the bank. We will continue to partner with our clients to provide expert advice on investments during what is a most challenging period not just for our country – but the world. To find out more about how Nedbank can partner with your organisation to grow a greater South Africa, please email Marcia Mathsa at or visit

ADVERTORIAL see money differently NEDBANK BUSINESS BANKING AIMS TO SUPPORT ALL LIMPOPO BUSINESS SECTORS Innocent Mafahla, Provincial Manager for Business Banking in the Limpopo Province, says that a deep commitment to partnership is what underlies the team's personal and professional values. Our bigger-picture banking approach enables us not only to provide you with the banking solutions you need, but also to give you a holistic view of how our products are connected to create a framework that yields maximum impact across every facet of your business and beyond. We know that success in business is about partnerships, and that is why we put the building of deep, lasting, value-adding relationships at the centre of everything we do. This means your goals are our goals, your vision is our vision, and your success is our success – while you rely on our additional support that is most needed in times of change and uncertainty. The bank caters for all industries, but the Limpopo team has many clients in the franchising and agricultural sectors. 'The banking products and services tailored specifically for these sectors and designed to achieve overall business efficiency, profitability and sustainability make Nedbank one of the most franchise-friendly banks in South Africa and one of the market-leading banks in the agricultural space,' says Mafahla. Nedbank’s highly competitive pricing is structured to the needs and individual risk ‘… Nedbank has developed innovative funding solutions designed to support farmers with sustainable farming interventions … ’ profile and track record of each particular franchise business. Products include POS devices and Nedbank’s POSPlus management system, e-commerce solutions and cash acceptance devices, aswellasa broad spectrum of tailored financing options. Nedbank understands that if the various challenges faced by the agricultural sector are not addressed, it will threaten economic growth, food security, employment and investment. To this end Nedbank has developed innovative funding solutions designed to support farmers with sustainable farming interventions, ranging from water efficiency mechanisms and cutting-edge irrigation to renewableenergy financing. If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, please email Innocent Mafahla at or visit Nedbank Ltd Reg No 1951/000009/06. Authorised financial services and registered credit provider (NCRCP16). SPO6016

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