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Limpopo Business 2021-22

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The 2021/22 edition of Limpopo Business is the 13th issue of this highly successful publication that, since its launch in 2007, has established itself as the premier business and investment guide for the Limpopo Province. Limpopo has been attracting significant investments in the mining sector in recent years and with commodity prices of certain minerals rising in response to demand in the renewable energy and automotive sector, mining houses are well-positioned to expand production even further. This journal carries messages of welcome to investors from the province’s Premier and the MEC for Economic Development, Environment and Tourism. In addition to the regular articles providing insight into each of the key economic sectors of the province, there is special feature on plans to catalyse investment and growth in the province through measures such as industrial parks and the Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone in the province’s far north, which is attracting billions of dollars in investment. News related to mining, agriculture, tourism, construction and property, water, education and development finance is carried in overviews of the main economic sectors.


THE GUIDE TO BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT IN LIMPOPO PROVINCE want to start by thanking Global Africa Network for sustaining the publication of this important magazine, Limpopo Business. I also wish to join in celebrating this 12th edition of what I consider a premier business and investment guide for our beautiful Limpopo Province. Indeed, Limpopo Business is an important partner in the continued endeavour to market and position Limpopo as a leading and most attractive business and investment destination. This informative edition once again affords us an opportunity to take you through the plentiful business and investment offerings of our province, from Bela-Bela to Musina. Through this publication, you will also learn about great private-public partnership investments that are the pulse of our provincial economy. As you will come to learn, Limpopo is home to a thriving mining sector, tantalising tourism offerings and a limitless potential for the agricultural sector. The construction industry is one of the booming sectors of the Limpopo economy, the inherited legacy of an infrastructure backlog means that the sector has a longer future. Investment in this sector is an investment in the future. Limpopo Province has also moved to embrace the new digital economy through competitive support infrastructure. The Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone (MMSEZ) remains our flagship economic development project. Through this initiative, and through partnerships with the private sector, we hope to stimulate economic growth, create much-needed employment opportunities and reduce the ballooning gap of inequality. Business opportunities in this SEZ project are limitless. These opportunities range from manufacturing, agroprocessing, automotives, steel, pharmaceutical, logistics and many more. What is even more tantalising is the fact that this project enjoys the overwhelming support of our National Government. As the Limpopo Provincial Government, we have placed this Musina- Makhado SEZ Project at the apex of our priorities. We believe that the only available option for us is to make this project a resounding success. Limpopo is open for business! ■ MESSAGE 7 LIMPOPO BUSINESS 2020/21 LIMPOPO BUSINESS 2019/20 Limpopo Premier Chupu Stanley Mathabatha outlines his administration’s priorities in welcoming potential investors to the varied economy that is already receiving interest from China and elsewhere. e are fresh into the 6th Provincial Administration Premier Chupu after our most Stanley Mathabatha successful national and provincial general election. This was an election which was fought on the Chupu Stanley Mathabatha, Premier of Limpopo promise of growth and development of the economy for jobs and a decent quality of life. This is a promise which we intend to keep, working in partnership with all our social partners and stakeholders. Our collective focus is on the creation of jobs, the need to end poverty and the urgency of building a better life for all. This requires greater focus and determination, and our set targets and objectives can only be realised through working together as government, business, organised labour and other groups and organisations. As we prepare to implement the manifesto priorities of the ruling party, we move from a premise that over the past 25 years the lives of the people of South Africa have changed for the better. Millions of people have houses, electricity and access to clean drinking water. Children from poor communities have access to free education. In the past five years the number of HIV-positive people on antiretroviral treatment has doubled while the overall rate of new infections is decreasing. Over 17.5-million of our most vulnerable citizens receive social grants. We advanced the cause and rights of workers to organise, collectively bargain, refuse dangerous work, and to strike. Our work is guided by the conviction that without ignoring our collective achievements, so much more can and must still be done. One of the key drivers of employment creation in the province is the government’s deliberate investment in infrastructure projects. By the end of the 2018/19 financial year, provincial infrastructure expenditure stood at above R5.5-billion. We look forward to spending more of the province’s infrastructure grants on capital infrastructure projects which will help to stimulate the economy and create jobs for the people of Limpopo. CONTENTS Economic sectors Agriculture 28 A huge packhouse will expand production and create jobs. Mining 32 The world’s biggest opencast PGM mine is set to expand. Energy 40 Vivo is the site of international investment. Water 44 Funding for the next phase of the Olifants River project is needed. Construction and property 45 Thousands of title deeds are due to be handed over. ICT 46 The Limpopo Broadband Network project is expanding. Transport and logistics 50 Reducing the roads upgrade backlog is a priority. Banking and financial services 54 Banking services are more widely available than ever before. Development finance and SMME support 56 Support schemes aim to stimulate township economies. Education 60 De Beers Venetia Mine is building a new training centre. References Key sector contents 26 Overviews of the main economic sectors of Limpopo. Index 64 LIMPOPO BUSINESS JOIN US ONLINE 2021/22 EDITION MESSAGE The Musina-Makhado Special Infrastructure is a key Economic Zone is a flagship project driver in job creation and Limpopo Premier Chupu Stanley Mathabatha invites private investors to work with the public sector in development I building infrastructure and growing the economy. WWW.GLOBALAFRICANETWORK.COM | WWW.LIMPOPOBUSINESS.CO.ZA W ABOUT THE COVER: Top left, then clockwise: Soutpan Solar Power; Roads Agency Limpopo (RAL); Marula Mine, Des Jacobs/Implats; Medupi Power Station, Eskom; investment conference, Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism; a baobab tree, Flicker/SA Tourism. Infrastructure 7 LIMPOPO BUSINESS 2020/21 6

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