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Mpumalanga Business 2017 edition

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Mpumalanga Business 2017 is the seventh edition of this highly successful publication that has since its launch in 2008 established itself as the premier business and investment guide to Mpumalanga Province. Supported and utilised by the Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency (MEGA), Mpumalanga Business is unique as a business journal that focuses exclusively on Mpumalanga.

PROFILE Rand Water Rand

PROFILE Rand Water Rand Water is an essential services utility accountable to the Minister of Water and Sanitation. Inyaka Dam and part of Inyaka Water Treatment Works in Bushbuckridge area. Rand Water took over the services of Bushbuckridge Water in Mpumalanga from April 2014. The water board’s primary function is the provision of bulk-water supply and sanitation services for the benefit of the people of Mpumalanga Province, specifically its existing clients ie Bushbuckridge and Mbombela Local Municipalities. The aim of the Utility is to excel in its current service provision before expanding to other municipalities in the province. The Utility’s strategic drive is to improve water accessibility for communities, while increasing water quality management. Drought and ageing infrastructure are some of the challenges but, for the two years of the Utility’s existence in the province, numerous stakeholders have registered their MPUMALANGA BUSINESS 2017 56

PROFILE Bushbuckridge; 4 in Mbombela and 1 in Nkomazi Local Municipalities benefit from the JoJo tank project completed in June 2016. These schools will now store water during this season of drought. Other projects implemented during 2016 by the Rand Water Foundation include the crèche built at Mgcobaneni in Mbombela and food gardening projects in Bushbuckridge. THE UTILITY’S STRATEGIC DRIVE IS TO IMPROVE WATER ACCESSIBILITY FOR COMMUNITIES WHILE INCREASING WATER QUALITY MANAGEMENT Rand Water has installed JoJo tanks at various schools in Mpumalanga. satisfaction in the water services supply. Rand Water knows that further improvements in capital development of infrastructure are required to increase efficiency and performance. Rand Water has improved its relationship with its stakeholders in Mpumalanga. A partnership with the Mpumalanga Legislature led to the support of Moseterata High School in Bushbuckridge Local Municipality for “The Speaker Legacy Project”. Rand Water rehabilitated the school borehole and installed a new JoJo tank to increase storage capacity and water accessibility for the school in May 2016. This served to benefit the entire village. A further partnership with Radio Ligwalagwala FM, as part of its social investment, saw 5 schools in As an essential services utility, Rand Water is committed to contributing to the socio-economic development of people in Mpumalanga Province through the provision of bulk sustainable services. Water is everybody’s business – let’s save water as every drop counts! CONTACT INFO Physical address: 8 Chief Mgiyeni Khumalo Drive, White River Postal address: Box 2048, White River, 1240 Customer Service Centre: 0860 10 10 60 Tel: + 27 13 750 0399 Website: 57 MPUMALANGA BUSINESS 2017

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