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Mpumalanga Business 2021-22


REALISING DREAMS THROUGH QUALITY EDUCATION Standard Bank is helping teachers and care-givers learn new skills. In Mpumalanga we express our commitment to the people of the province through our corporate social investment work. The power of education to drive change in South Africa remains undeniable. Unfortunately, many in our country, because of their personal circumstances, still struggle to access a quality education. Standard Bank takes an active role in helping these young people realise their dreams through financial support and training initiatives. We believe that all South Africans deserve a quality education and as such Standard Bank invests in improved educational outcomes and skills development in multiple ways. We prioritise education in our corporate social investment (CSI) programmes and invest in work readiness programmes, through our internal learnership and graduate programmes. In 2019, following an in-depth review of our impact and effectiveness over a five-year period, we developed a refreshed CSI strategy, which focuses specifically on Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Foundation Phase education. This is based on extensive empirical research which demonstrates that developmental stimulation during the early years of childhood, well before a child enters the formal schooling system, are critical to future intellectual, emotional and physical wellbeing. We have seen the positive impacts of such interventions first-hand, through Standard Bank-sponsored ECD and Foundation Phase programmes. The aim of our ECD strategy is to contribute to social and economic transformation in South Africa, through supporting the development of future-fit children who are ready for a new world of work. We do this through the upskilling of ECD practitioners and Foundation Phase teachers, empowering primary care-givers to play an active role in early learning, and by supporting programmes to incorporate future skills in ECD and Foundation Phase curricula. In this way, we hope to help mitigate the risk of the fourth industrial revolution further exacerbating the extreme inequality that characterises South African society. MPUMALANGA BUSINESS 2021/22 18

FOCUS In 2020 in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic we supported our existing ECD partners, helping them to adapt to the lockdown ECD eco-system through the supplying of educational materials and child nutritional support and we worked closely with NGO partners identified by the National Department of Basic Education to support moves to a blended platform of learning. Training educators and revamping libraries In the last five years we have donated R11.6-million to Ntataise Lowveld to train 300 ECD students and practitioners from rural communities across the province. The practitioners undergo an 18-month training programme. The programme is accredited by the Sector and Education Training Authority (SETA) and carries a National Qualifications Framework level four. By supporting this programme, we are helping to make more people in the province employable and laying the foundation for better and more fulfilling lives for children by stimulating them from an early age. In 2016 we were responsible for the revamp of libraries at Lamile Primary School and Bongumkhwanazi Primary School. In 2018 we revamped the libraries at Davel Combined Primary School, Matsamo Primary School and Khangela Primary School. In 2019 the list of libraries which were refurbished included Magashule Primary School and Warburton Primary School. In 2020 we revamped libraries at Hendrina Primary School and Schulzendal Primary School. As part of the library programme Standard Bank employees volunteer their time to refurbish libraries at various primary schools around the province. This includes repairing walls, ceilings and roofs as well as painting walls, installing carpets, and repairing damaged shelves. ■

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