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Mpumalanga Business 2021-22


MPlJM/ /\ PLACE OF THE lIN GA SUN iJ @mega_mpumalanga rJ @MEGAMpumalanga IJ Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency Tel: +27 (0) 13 755 6328 Tel: +27 (0) 13 755 6328 Fax: 013 755 1756 E-mail: eMail: MPUMALANGA BUSINESS 2018/19

MPUMALANGA OPEN FOR BUSINESS The Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency (MEGA), is the official Economic Development Agency for the Mpumalanga The provincial Provincial economy Government. is highly MEGA diverse strives with to foster signicant the sustainable activity growth in mining, and development of Mpumalanga’s agriculture, stainless-steel economy through production, the operational petrochemicals, activities of pulp Trade and and paper, Investment Promotion, Development manufacturing Funding, and Equity tourism. Investments Mpumalanga's and Property position and Infrastructure and resources Development. make it a The valuable Mpumalanga transport provincial and logistics economy is hub. highly diverse, with significant activity in mining, agriculture, stainless-steel production, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, manufacturing and tourism. Mpumalanga’s position and resources make it a valuable transport and logistics hub. The Maputo Development Corridor In addition to good infrastructure, abundant natural resources and fertile soils, the (MDC) is South Africa’s leading Spatial Development Initiative (SDI) linking Mpumalanga Province, Gauteng province also boasts great scenic beauty, making it a desirable place in which to live Province and the Nkomazi Special Economic Zone with the deep-water Port of Maputo in Mozambique. In addition and to work. good The infrastructure, Mpumalanga abundant Economic natural Growth resources Agency and fertile (MEGA) soils, the facilitates province investment also boasts great scenic in beauty, the province making it and a desirable is always place keen in to which talk to to live potential and work. investors. The Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency (MEGA) facilitates investment in the province and is always keen to talk to potential investors. Maputo Development Corridor Special Economic Zone Investment Opportunities The recently designated Nkomazi Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is the first SEZ to be established in Mpumalanga The Maputo Province. Development Strategically Corridor positioned (MDC) is in a the border The town Nkomazi of Komatipoort Special Economic the SEZ Zone offers (SEZ) a is multisector Spatial base of Development operations along Initiative the linking Maputo Gauteng, Development positioned Corridor on which the Maputo provides Development exporters with good access Mpumalanga, through Maputo the Nkomazi Port to the SEZ export and the markets Port of South Corridor East Africa, in the the border Indian town Ocean of Komatipoort Rim and Far East Asia. The of Maputo Nkomazi in SEZ Mozambique. will target The investment MDC incorporates as road, well rail, as a the strong SEZ, focus border on posts, logistics port and trade Mozambique). services. from the agriculture, (which straddles agro-processing, Mpumalanga nutraceuticals, Province and fertilizer production The and Mpumalanga terminal facilities International along one Fresh of the Produce most Market (MIFPM), a modern fresh produce market and agroprocessing industrialised site, is currently strips in being Southern establishmed Africa. by MEGA. The The MIFPM’s SEZ covers location numerous will attract opportunities international for as well those with export-oriented businesses - as the large domestic food retailers as a key processing and distribution point for Mpumalanga, Swaziland and The longest part of the corridor runs through bonded warehouse, distribution centre, Mozambique and secures Mpumalanga’s position in the regional export market for fresh produce. Mpumalanga Province. Infrastructure along the container yard, truck stop and petrol depot. Mpumalanga Province is one of South Africa’s most productive and important agricultural regions and corridor has been upgraded and it provides plays a key role in the export profile of South African. The MIFPM therefore offers excellent investment investors and exporters with good access to Other identified opportunities in the SEZ opportunities for international companies in the food industry. the markets of East Africa, the Indian Ocean rim include mining services, mineral beneficiation, and East Asia. The MDC forms part of a greater agro-processing (which could leverage the MEGA services transport axis that seeks to link the Atlantic provincial citrus and sugar industries) and We welcome and Indian potential oceans investors via Southern in our Africa province and a and go out activities of our relating way to to make import, the distribution process of and starting a business network easy. of MEGA corridors offers exists services in the in: region. local manufacture of automobiles. SEZs are a • Foreign trade promotion | Investment promotion | key Funding initiative | Property of the South management African government and infrastructure development. | MEGA is focussed on customer and the needs Department and provides of Trade innovative and Industry solutions with a high level of service. We look (the dti) forward is making to meeting a package you. of tax incentives available to qualifying companies located in approved SEZs. 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