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North West Business 2020-21 Edition

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The guide to business and investment in the North West Province, South Africa. The 2020/21 edition of North West Business marks the 10th publication of this highly successful journal that, since its launch in 2009, has established itself as the premier business and investment guide for the North West Province. North West Business includes news and analysis of the most important sectors, with a regional overview covering the strategic thinking behind plans to attract investment into the province. Best known for its platinum mines, grain and livestock farming and tourism, the province is making a concerted effort to bolster its manufacturing capacity. Corridor development, agri-parks and the creation of a Special Economic Zone are among the economic stimulus plans covered in this edition.

FOCUS Delivering

FOCUS Delivering opportunities in local communities Implats spent R1.6-billion supporting local businesses in 2019. Implats’ enterprise and supplier development activities focus on supporting local and black businesses and are designed to contribute to socio-economic development in neighbouring communities, build a more robust and competitive supply chain for the Implats Group, and ensure compliance with regulatory expectations. Enhancing procurement opportunities is important to create sustainable communities, improve community relations and advance the economic development of these areas. Implats’ preferential procurement practices and enterprise and supplier development activities make a tangible difference to the lives and families of emerging black entrepreneurs and stimulate economic development in our host communities. In 2019, Implats’ South African operations made good progress on increasing levels of localised and preferential procurement. Local-to-site procurement increased to 23% of total spend, amounting to R1.6-billion. Implats strives, as far as possible, to source all goods and services within South Africa, with an emphasis on local businesses. Since 2013, Implats has provided support to 41 local black-owned businesses through two principal initiatives – Aurik and Raizcorp – and helped grow its monthly spend with 28 of these businesses by more than 60%. Supporting local and black-owned businesses through preferential procurement is an important part of promoting transformation and Implats undertakes the following activities to develop entrepreneurial skills: • Seeking, identifying, supporting and promoting appropriate historically disadvantaged suppliers through sustainable procurement practices. • Leveraging the existing supplier base to unlock local employment opportunities, mentorship and investment in the greater value chain. • Nurturing an environment for partnerships and joint ventures between the existing supplier base and local entrepreneurs. • Striving to improve year-on-year BEE spend relative to the requirements of the Mining Charter and reporting in parallel on B-BBEE performance as per the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition’s Codes of Good Practice. In 2020 Implats aims to increase the scale of working partnerships between the South African government and large and small suppliers. Further, our investment in the accommodation and living conditions of employees is one pillar of Implats’ contribution to the wellbeing of its host communities. Our social investment strategy complements this by providing schools, clinics and other amenities. Social programmes and investments are identified in collaboration with stakeholders in the areas in which we operate and seek to address identified community needs by focusing on infrastructure, health, education, community employment and empowerment initiatives. ■ NORTH WEST BUSINESS 2020/21 24

ENRICHING LIVES By Empowering our People. People are the foundation on which exceptional performance is built and Implats are committed to developing and empowering these people. Investment and development of clinics Promote access to affordable and effective healthcare FOCUS EMPOWERMENT THROUGH HEALTH AND WELLBEING HIV/Aids counselling, testing and wellness programme EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION R60 million spent on adult literacy programmes in the last 5 years Apprenticeships and learnership programmes & investment in the development of schools Recognised leaders in the mining industry in improving living conditions Joint ventures with local entrepreneurs EMPOWERING LOCAL COMMUNITIES THROUGH INFRASTRUCTURE & SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT R9.2 billion discretionary procurement spend in 2019 Local SMMEs and black-owned businesses supported by development and advisory programmes CREATING AN ENVIRONMENT FOR SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES We are committed to ensuring our people contribute to and benefit from our success Over R4 billion invested in improving housing since 2007 R465 million invested in skills development in 2019 R33 million spent in the last 3 years improving learning environments through school support programme EMPOWERMENT THROUGH DEVELOPING TALENT AND LEADERSHIP NORTH WEST BUSINESS 2020/21 Coole Adv 18362

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