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Northern Cape Business 2017-18 edition

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Northern Cape Business 2017/18 is the seventh edition of this highly successful publication that has, since its launch in 2009, established itself as the premier business and investment guide to the Northern Cape Province. Officially supported and utilised by the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Northern Cape Business is unique as a business and investment guide that focuses exclusively on the Northern Cape.


OLD MUTUAL ENABLING POSITIVE FUTURES IN THE NORTHERN CAPE Old Mutual is committed to enabling positive futures for all our stakeholders. We offer a range of financial services that span investment, life assurance, asset management, banking, healthcare and general insurance. Provincial Management Boards (PMBs) in each province serve as links between our business and our provincial stakeholders, and they are your primary point of contact with us. MEET JANNIE JACOBS Chairperson, Northern Cape Provincial Management Board “ I am proud to represent the Northern Cape. I believe that collaboration is the way forward to produce sustainable business and support the communities we work and operate in. ” For more information, contact Jannie Jacobs at ombds 4.17.10479.02 INVESTMENTS I SAVINGS I PROTECTION Old Mutual is a Licensed Financial Services Provider

OUR BEST ADVICE TO YOU IS: ADVICE MATTERS As custodians of the savings and investments of millions of South Africans, we offer our customers Advice That Matters. How to choose the right financial adviser: 1. Ask to see the adviser’s training credentials and FAIS accreditation. 2. Select an adviser who represents a respected financial institution. 3. Make sure the adviser has access to a range of specialist support services. NEED HELP WITH RETIREMENT AND RISK COVER OPTIONS FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES? Old Mutual Corporate provides industry-leading retirement fund solutions, pre and post retirement investments, group death, disability, critical illness and funeral cover as well as financial education and consulting services to public and private businesses and institutions, from small businesses to large corporates. Their Old Mutual SuperFund provides a comprehensive and flexible employee benefit solution. NEED A ONE-STOP-SHOP INTEGRATED FINANCIAL SERVICE? The Old Mutual Mass Foundation Cluster (MFC) has an integrated approach to financial services. Its offerings include the transactional Old Mutual Money Account, savings products, life and disability cover, as well as funeral cover, debt management solutions and short-term insurance. NEED DIRECT CAR & HOME INSURANCE? Old Mutual iWYZE offers affordable and reliable insurance cover to protect everything you’ve worked for. The wide range includes car insurance, home insurance as well as value-added products such as iWYZE Scratch & Dent and iWYZE Tyre & Rim Cover. NEED FUNERAL COVER? With Old Mutual’s range of Funeral Plans (Care, Standard and Comprehensive+) customers can cover themselves, their spouse/ partner, children, parents, parentsin-law and extended family members for up to R70 000. We also have a plan for single parents. NEED HELP WITH SAVING FOR BOTH LONG AND SHORT-TERM? To make it easy for customers to save from as little as R170 a month, Old Mutual offers innovative 2-IN-ONE SAVINGS PLANS. These products allow customers to save for long-term goals like their children’s tertiary education, while also having access to an emergency fund. NEED HELP WITH HOLISTIC FINANCIAL PLANNING AND SAVING? Old Mutual Personal Finance specialises in providing holistic financial planning and offers a wide range of wealth creation and protection products, including: Old Mutual Invest Tax-Free Savings Plan, which offers you tax free growth on up to R33 000 per year without any access restrictions. It’s flexible so you can invest with lump sum payments or a minimum monthly investment of R350.

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