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Northern Cape Business 2020/21 edition

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The 2020/21 edition of Northern Cape Business is the 10th issue of this highly successful publication that has, since its launch in 2009, established itself as the premier business and investment guide for the Northern Cape Province. Officially supported and used by the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Northern Cape Business is unique as a business and investment guide that focuses exclusively on the province. In addition to comprehensive overviews of sectors of the economy, this publication has a particular focus on specific, packaged, investment opportunities. These include plans for the establishment of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) within the province, which have specific incentives designed to make investment into the Northern Cape even more attractive. The hi-tech exploits of astronomers and engineers in search of a landspeed record are the focus of an article on engineering sector while the rapidly expanding solar energy sector which continues to attract significant capital is discussed in some detail.

FOCUS Company Work

FOCUS Company Work description Stage 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 PRDW Marine infrastructure design* FEL2 NAKO ILISO Landside infrastructure design* FEL2 PRDW Project technical coordination Interim phase Marine infrastructure design Marine infrastructure FEL3 +FEL4a FEL4b Disbursements allowance 1.0% NAKO ILISO Project technical coordination Interim phase Landside infrastructure design Landside infrastructure design FEL3 +FEL4a FEL4b Disbursements allowance 1.0% PRDW SURVEY STUDIES Physical model FEL3 Site monitoring (marine) Quarry investigation Offshore geotechnical FEL3 FEL3 FEL3 NAKO ILIOS SURVEY STUDIES Landside geotechnical FEL3 Landside topographical survey EIA Sundry surveys FEL3 FEL3 FEL3 FASKEN Legal services FEL3 TM/NELUTHA PMO, ICT, Transaction Advisory, ICT and Financial Model To date the following FEL2 deliverables have been completed: • Marine Infrastructure Design • Landside Infrastructure Design • Setting up of Project Management Office • Legal Services, ICT and Financial Modelling FEL3 * (invoiced to date) Project status Business case and feasibility studies reports have been completed and submitted as part of TA1 National Treasury’s approval process. The table above outlines the project’s deliverables both completed and outstanding, as well as their respective budgets. ■ Project contacts Person Tel Mobile Email Dept of Transport, Safety and Liaison Mr MP Dichaba + 27 53 839 1743 082 675 1933 Dept of Transport, Safety and Liaison Mr P Mguza, Project Promoter +27 53 807 4812 079 694 3254 National Dept of Transport Mr Clement Manyungwana +27 12 309 3408 083 679 9662 Transnet Nat Ports Auth Mr H Nxumalo +27 31 361 8821 083 299 7966 TM/Nelutha Consulting Mr P Maniza +27 53 833 1010 082 889 3685 TM/Nelutha Consulting Mr T Mqina +27 53 833 1010 065 907 8401 NORTHERN CAPE BUSINESS 2020/21 22

PROFILE Northern Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry Your ultimate business connection. Our heritage in brief NOCCI was established on 22 February 2000 when the Chamber of Business and the Kimberley Afrikaanse Sakekamer amalgamated. At the time, these two organisations had served the business community of Kimberley for 120 years. From left: Cornel Nel (Personal Assistant), Sharon Steyn (CEO of NOCCI) and Beverley Deke (Members Manager) Membership advantages A Chamber assesses and evaluates the needs of the local business community, in particular the need for services to small business at a reasonable cost: • Monitors developments at the local level • Mobilises business opinion on local issues • Exerts a positive influence on the environment in which business operates and helps prospective members grow their business • Promotes and encourages the pursuit of a high standard of business ethics • Disseminates information that is useful to the business fraternity • Creates opportunities for improving business skills • Extends business contacts locally, regionally and nationally, and allows individual businesspeople to share in the provincial and national business decision-making processes • Upholds the market economy and private enterprise system • Has committees which are ideal places for members of diverse interests to consolidate and unify their thinking as they work together – committees accurately sense the environment, process information and provide valuable guidance to the member • Holds functions and special events, allowing members to network and learn about interesting topics Can you afford not to belong? The increasingly complex business and social environment requires a comprehensive support structure to ensure the most favourable climate for the continued viable existence of individual businesses in a system of free enterprise. At the same time, the Chamber movement facilitates adjustment by business to those realities that cannot be altered. Involvement in the Chamber movement bears abundant fruit for the well-being of each business. If you are a businessperson with vision, you cannot afford not to join the Chamber movement. Executive Committee of NOCCI Chairperson: Hendrik Wessels (Bookkeepers Online) 1st Vice-Chairperson: Tasneem Motlekar (Engelsman Magabane Inc) 2nd Vice-Chairperson: Pieta Serfontein (Hancor Dairy) Treasurer: Anton Nicolaisen (Standard Bank) Executive members: Hannes van Niekerk (Super Armature Winding), Harry Hurndel (Roburn Construction), Innes Joubert (GWK), Jaime Goncalves (KEW), Johan Du Plessis (DFA), Lian Laing (Ekapa Mining), Louw Van Rheenen (Beefmaster), Nicola Smith (ACSA). ■ Contact info CEO NOCCI, Kimberley: Sharon Steyn Tel: +27 53 831 1081 | Fax: +27 53 831 1082 Cell: 083 457 8148 | Email: Website: 23 NORTHERN CAPE BUSINESS 2020/21

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