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Northern Cape Business 2023/24

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The 2023/24 edition of Northern Cape Business is the 13th issue of this highly successful publication that has, since its launch in 2009, established itself as the premier business and investment guide for the Northern Cape Province. Officially supported and used by the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Northern Cape Business is unique as a business and investment guide that focuses exclusively on the province. Specific investment opportunities are treated in detail in this journal, with a focus on geographic hotspots that are due to become the focus of sector-focused infrastructure development. Green hydrogen is the subject of a special feature in the early pages of the journal, but the subject comes up again in the Energy Overview.

OVERVIEW • zinc-coated

OVERVIEW • zinc-coated steel: availability of zinc concentrate provides opportunities for South African steel plants • battery storage: zinc is cheaper than lithium when deployed in battery technology. The New Industries unit of the IDC has developed a strategy for zinc-bromide redox flow batteries. • copper smelter plant: potential for copper smelter plant in the Namakwa Special Economic Zone (NAMSEZ), which would further stimulate exploration and mining. The National Department of Mineral Resources and Energy, in collaboration with the Northern Cape Provincial Government, hosted the Northern Cape Mining and Minerals Investment Conference in March 2022 in Kimberley. The department’s stated goal is that all South Africans should derive sustainable benefit from the country’s resources. The province’s considerable mineral wealth was outlined to potential investors and plans for infrastructure development (such as industrial parks and Special Economic Zones) were highlighted. The Kathu Industrial Park is particularly well placed to support the mining sector as it is close to the Postmasburg-Hotazel iron-ore/manganese belt (or Gamagara Mining Corridor) and is easily accessible from the N14 highway. The Namakwa SEZ in Aggeneys is being envisioned as an industrial cluster for mining and agriculture services, beneficiation and manufacturing. The biggest new mine in the country is a zinc mine at Aggeneys, the Gamsberg project of Vedanta Zinc International, which will deliver 600 000 tons of zinc when phase three is complete. The provincial government is using the mine’s location (and possible future smelter) as the basis for a new Namakwa Special Economic Zone. The SEZ forms part of a larger “multi-nodal” corridor envisaged for the province. Afrimat continues to expand its commodities portfolio with the purchase for R300-million of Coza Mining, an iron-ore mining company in the Northern Cape. The Afrimat transaction includes the share previously held by ArcelorMittal SA, which will receive iron ore from Coza in terms of a supply agreement. Coza’s three mines, Doornpan, Driehoek and Jenkins, are close to Afrimat’s exisiting Demineng Mine, which is south-west of Kuruman. Mining assets The Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism’s “Economic and Investment Profile” reports that the province is responsible for: • 95% of South Africa’s diamond output • 97.6% of alluvial diamond mining • 13.4% of world lead exports. Aggeneys, in the Namaqualand district, is responsible for approximately 93% of South Africa’s lead production • 80% of the world’s manganese resource • 25% of the manganese used in the world • 100% of South Africa’s tiger’s eye • Largest national production of sugilite (a semiprecious stone). Away from the underground kimberlite pipes and fissures, river and coastal deposits of diamonds are also present in the Northern Cape. Diamonds have been recovered along the Orange, Buffels, Spoeg, Horees, Groen, Doom and Swart rivers in the province, while coastal deposits have been found from the mouth of the Orange River to Lamberts Bay. ■ ONLINE RESOURCES Minerals Council South Africa: National Department of Mineral Resources and Energy: Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism: NORTHERN CAPE BUSINESS 2023/24 32

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