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Northern Cape Business 2023/24

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The 2023/24 edition of Northern Cape Business is the 13th issue of this highly successful publication that has, since its launch in 2009, established itself as the premier business and investment guide for the Northern Cape Province. Officially supported and used by the Northern Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Northern Cape Business is unique as a business and investment guide that focuses exclusively on the province. Specific investment opportunities are treated in detail in this journal, with a focus on geographic hotspots that are due to become the focus of sector-focused infrastructure development. Green hydrogen is the subject of a special feature in the early pages of the journal, but the subject comes up again in the Energy Overview.

OVERVIEW Engineering The

OVERVIEW Engineering The country’s first CSP power plant presents engineering challenges. SECTOR INSIGHT The Northern Cape Department of Roads and Public Works wants to build in-house capability. A complicated renewable energy construction contract near Postmasburg awarded to Grinkaker-LTA’s Civil Engineering division has given that company a foothold in the burgeoning new market. The Redstone Concentrated Solar Thermal (CSP) power plant project (pictured), the largest investment so far in terms of the South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), has Saudi Arabian and Chinese lead investors. It was ACWA Power and SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Limited which chose Grinaker-LTA for the work, which includes constructing several structures for the thermal power plant for steam generation and pumps for molten salt. Tanks for hot and cold salt, water treatment, effluent collection and fire protection are further elements to the scope of work. The concentrated solar thermal power plant is equipped with a molten-salt central receiver and the 100MW Redstone CSP plant is designed to have 12 hours of full-load energy storage. It will deliver electricity supply to more than 200 000 homes during peak demand periods. Commercial operation is set to Credit: Grinaker-LTA begin towards the end of 2023. Local artisans have built telescopes for a radio telescope array project in the Northern Cape. Drawn from the town of Carnarvon, the construction team grew to 20 at one point and has increased the skill levels of its members considerably. The 350-dish HERA project is led by the US National Science Foundation with the South Africa Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) acting as the local partner, responsible for systems engineering and construction, among other duties. The Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array (HERA) is gathering data from a time in history further away from the present time than has ever been explored. The project should be complete in 2022 but data continues to be collected while construction continues. The HERA is a separate project to the much bigger Square Kilometre Array (SKA), which is under construction nearby. The construction timeline of the technically demanding and scientifically advanced SKA project is eight years, giving ample opportunity for specialist engineers to deploy their skills. International teams, including NORTHERN CAPE BUSINESS 2023/24 44

FOCUS Maintenance, repair and overhauling MRO planned for Upington Airport. Prieska An investor has identified a need to develop an MRO in South Africa and the viable location for it is Upington due to its arid climate, long airport runaway (5km) and other factors. MRO stands for maintenance, repair and overhauling. The establishment of an Industrial Park in Upington is also a critical factor which could lead to the success of this project as it offers lucrative incentives and other enabling factors. The investor intends to develop an aviation park to accommodate maintenance, repairs and overhaul of aircraft and research and development. These activities will also include airline storage, dismantling, scrapping, painting and internal refurbishment. Targeted sector Aeronautics Nick Fewings on Unsplash Investment value The total value that is requiredd for the project is R800-million. Job creation A total of 400 jobs will be created by this project. Project financed by The project will be financed by the private sector with the government providing enabling infrastructure. Project status The business case and feasibility studies have been completed. Partnerships Northern Cape Economic Development, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (NCEDA) is the project leader. Partnerships are envisaged with the private sector, provincial government, local government and state-owned enterprises. Contacts Upington Industrial Park, NCEDA Contact person: Mr Hendrik Louw Tel: +27 87 086 0365 Mobile: +27 60 997 7222 Email: De Aar 45 NORTHERN CAPE BUSINESS 2023/24

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