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Northern Cape Investment Prospectus 2021

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FOREWORD PAVING THE WAY TO INDUSTRIALISATION Dr Zamani Saul, Honourable Premier of the Northern Cape THE NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN: VISION FOR 2030 (NDP) argues that the formulation of foreign policy should be informed by principles that both reflect and support national interests. This requires that global partnerships be developed that will secure markets, capital and technology. The three main concerns emerging from the NDP are that South Africa needs to grow its economy, reduce poverty, and improve the quality of life for South Africans – the “better life for all” principles embodied in the preamble to the constitution. Chapter Seven of the NDP deals with South Africa’s “place in the world”. It says the country must honestly re-evaluate its regional and global positioning to ensure that foreign policy objectives help it achieve its constitutional vision of a better life for all. The Northern Cape subscribe to all of the above-mentioned and reflects this in the Provincial Growth and Development Plan and vision to be a modern, growing and successful province. The catalyst for sustainable development in the Northern Cape is economic growth and development. This entails the breaking of the resource curse of the economy whereby the Northern Cape merely serves as the extraction point and the global periphery has the industrial benefits. With the abundance of resources, energy and other critical investment infrastructure that is being created, the Northern Cape is showing clear clusters of value-addition and manufacturing. This is the precursor to industrialisation and becoming a modern and growing province. The nucleus of this investment is the resource base of the Northern Cape that is globally in demand not just in its raw format, but in consumer products as well. This is not a road to be travelled alone though. The province require partners and investors to realise access to markets, capital and technology. Investment partners that own global market share that demand best products and services can be assured of this in terms of the Northern Cape’s near organic standard of agri-produce, minerals and knowledge generation via the Square Kilometre array. In addition, all of these sectors and industries must be supported and this forms the next level of demand and supply to pave the industrialisation pathway. This will ensure that we are a modern, growing and successful province. I therefore urge global market leaders to secure the best for your consumers and to expand your markets by creating a manufacturing and supplier base in the Northern Cape that serves the global market and has direct access to SADC. Invest in the Northern Cape and collectively we will become global market leaders! 02

INTRODUCTORY REMARKS INVESTING IN THE NORTHERN CAPE Mr Abraham Vosloo, Member of the Executive Council for Finance, Economic Development and Tourism THE NORTHERN CAPE IS A PROVINCE that has tremendous investment opportunities. This prospectus presents a prime investment destination and I request you to consider the Northern Cape Province as your preferred investment partner. Geographically the Northern Cape constitutes the largest province of the Republic of South Africa, which in contrast, has the smallest population. Roughly 1.1-million people reside in a land mass covering a fraction more than 30% of South Africa’s land surface. It borders on four other provinces, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the countries of Namibia and Botswana to the north, making it an ideal gateway to West African and other international markets. The province offers profitable investment opportunities in mineral and metal processing, agricultural production and - processing, fishing, mariculture, energy, tourism, renewable energy and the knowledge economy. Access to raw materials, affordable energy, and upgraded infrastructure are further compelling factors to attract investment. The province has untold mineral riches, impressive landscapes and vistas which are attracting increasing numbers of tourists who want to experience the rugged outdoors or adventurous trips. Two great rivers and a sophisticated irrigation scheme supports high-value agriculture in crop production and livestock. The highest solar radiation levels in South Africa and incredibly clear skies suitable for astronomy combine to create a unique destination which is already attracting investment. Billions of rands have recently been invested in the solar power and radio astronomy fields and we invite other potential investors to investigate what we have to offer. South Africa’s biggest current mining investment is under way at the Gamsberg Zinc project and iron ore and manganese continue to be exported in huge quantities. Between January 2011 and March 2016, the province received 486 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects. Various infrastructure projects are underway to further boost investment prospects. The rail network is receiving upgrades, South Africa’s newest university has opened in Kimberley and a lot of work is going in to creating competitive Special Economic Zones. The Northern Cape invites investors to join us on the journey to economic growth and prosperity. 03

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