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Opportunity Issue 100

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Opportunity magazine is a niche business-to-business publication that explores various investment opportunities within Southern Africa’s economic sectors and looks to provide its readers with first-hand knowledge about South African business. Opportunity also looks to present South African business to international markets that may have interests in investing in South Africa. The publication is endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI).


FOREWORD _________________ We believe we can make a difference to fast-track our small businesses out of the devastation caused by the pandemic. ________________ Overall, the organisation has taken the time to go into the townships and engage with the communities to gauge first-hand what are the crucial issues. What's more important is that we listened to our people and are putting plans in place to make things happen for them. Using the muscle of the mother body and the networks we have, we believe we can make a difference to fast-track our small businesses out of the devastation caused by the pandemic, the rioting and looting last year in key areas and the drop-off in demand experienced over nearly two years. SACCI remains committed to these initiatives. As we have not had such an experience before, so we adapt our programmes based on our learning experiences as we go along and build on such experience. In so doing, we grow the programmes outwards to areas we currently have no presence in. This way, we strengthen our role in a positive way for our business community. SACCI stands for everything good in our business communities. Mboshini Engineering Steel is a small business based in Lillydale in Mpumalanga which has expanded its range beyond burglar bars and doors to steel window frames and trailers, bull bars and palisades. Credit: SEDA Restaurants were hard hit by Covid-19 lockdowns and many small business owners had to close their doors. However, there are a number of indicators which suggest that a recovery is underway in 2022, and SACCI will be working hard to support small businesses. Credit: SAB Foundation Tholoana Enterprise Programme 8 |

Solution-driven engineering & technology Reassuringly innovative. FLANDERS, A REGION FUELLED BY RESEARCH AND DEDICATION. Flanders (Belgium) is one of Europe’s most creative and innovative hotspots. We pioneer and focus on high tech and technology. Our cutting edge electronics, mechanics, robotics and software expertise offer your business powerful innovation drivers. Simera Sense, CompRSA, GAP Resolve and G Studio are South African companies that recently established a new business in Flanders taking advantage of the Euro, local expertise and a common market of 460 million customers. Flanders Investment & Trade JHB T +27 11 783 47 32

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