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Opportunity Issue 100

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Opportunity magazine is a niche business-to-business publication that explores various investment opportunities within Southern Africa’s economic sectors and looks to provide its readers with first-hand knowledge about South African business. Opportunity also looks to present South African business to international markets that may have interests in investing in South Africa. The publication is endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI).

Mozweli Nuclear

Mozweli Nuclear Engineering Lighting up Africa. The nominal power output of the Mozweli MHTR100 power plant is 100MWe and has an installed capacity of 144MWe. There is no release of impermissible quantities of fission products and no possibility of a meltdown. A proof of concept plant is operational. Mozweli VISION Light up Africa Mozweli Nuclear Engineering (MNE) is a power plant design company, established in 2010. The company is led by Chief Executive Officer, Dr Trevor Dudley (Pr Eng), and his team of power system experts. They are highly experienced in the following disciplines, essential to produce a nuclear power plant: Nuclear science, Mechanical, Electrical and Simulation Engineering. Building on a new surge of innovative nuclear pebble technology, Mozweli intends to generate clean, sustainable and efficient power for Southern Africa and Africa. Clean, low-cost electricity is attainable The Mozweli project has the potential to become the biggest project on Earth, by "Lighting up Africa". South Africa has the opportunity to become the nuclear gateway to Africa, with Mozweli providing power plants to Africa. Energy-related investment pledges for the Mozweli project from investors outside South Africa amount to billions. Mozweli (Pty) Ltd has engaged with 47 African countries and received Letters of Interest (LOI) and invitations from many countries for potential deployment. The project involves establishing a nuclear fuel production facility and building 25 nuclear power plants in South Africa. This is in line with the South African energy plan (Integrated Resource Plan - IRP2019), which recommends that 2 500MWe for Small Modular Reactor (SMR) plants provides the ideal platform for investment in a pebble fuel plant. These power plants will supply the population with clean, lowcost electricity. Additional benefits include job creation; reliable, affordable electricity; industrialisation; mining applications; climate change mitigation and availability of process steam for waste management and desalination purposes and export opportunities. Multiple benefits Tests done in Germany, Japan, China, South Africa and the USA have confirmed the safety of the pebble fuel type spheres. Progressive, inherently safe nuclear technology is used to produce the fuel spheres. There is also no release of impermissible quantities of fission products. The benefits of building and commissioning MHTR100 power plants include: • Low-cost operations. • Clean, reliable and low-cost electricity. • Job creation and skills development. • Economic stimulation. • Fuel security and independence. • Industrial and mining applications. • Climate change mitigation. • Insignificant nuclear waste, and • Long-term investment returns. Services • Cradle-to-grave services along the whole industrial chain. • Current focus on reactor design, reactor component manufacturing, construction on the site, site licensing, regulatory licensing and operation and maintenance of the power plant. • Successful record in decommissioning an enrichment plant. Mozweli has the experience to decommission a plant. • Three senior members of the Mozweli team have more than 100 years of nuclear technology experience between them. Contact details Mozweli (Pty) Ltd | Mozweli Nuclear Engineering (MNE) Address: Mozweli House, CENTURION, South Africa 0157 Email: Website: Cell: +27 82 702 6885 18 |

MOZWELI A dedicated and professional team Piet de Villiers is the Mozweli (Pty) Ltd Executive Engineering Manager. Mr de Villiers ensures that the nuclear power plant design is in accordance with the international (IAEA) regulatory requirements for licensing and registration. Mr de Villiers has exposure and experience in all technical and nuclear aspects of a nuclear power plant. Mr de Villiers and his team have completed the first pebble simulator design and implementation (hardware, software and simulation models) in the world, having more than 40 years of engineering experience. Included in that is 20 years of exposure to nuclear pebble technology. Sharon Candasamy is the Human Resources Executive and Deputy CEO of Mozweli (Pty) Ltd. She ensures that all programmes, projects and persons are correctly recruited, trained and developed through the life of the nuclear programme. Ms Candasamy has over 10 years of nuclear pebble technology human capacity training and development and 15 years’ experience in the engineering field, including recruitment, salary negotiations, employee relations, training and development, labour relations and HR administration. Gerrit Prinsloo is the Mozweli (Pty) Ltd Senior Lead – Chief of Projects. Project implementation will be initiated, executed and completed by Mr Prinsloo. His function is to take care of all Mozweli country programmes, project managers, consultants and engagements with governments and government officials on the nuclear programme. Mr Prinsloo reports directly to the Mozweli CEO. He has been directly involved in all aspects of nuclear business, including 22 years in nuclear, 20 years in power generation and 50 years in big projects. Manie Mountany is the Mozweli (Pty) Ltd Senior Lead – Corporate Affairs. His function is to take care of all Mozweli country business and consultants, engaging with governments and government officials. Mr Mountany reports directly to the Mozweli CEO. He is up to date on all matters with respect to all business development and stakeholder management and has been present in all meetings with the governments and consultants. Manie has been directly involved in all aspects of nuclear business for 45 years, inclusive of 17 years with pebble technology.

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