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Opportunity Issue 100

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Opportunity magazine is a niche business-to-business publication that explores various investment opportunities within Southern Africa’s economic sectors and looks to provide its readers with first-hand knowledge about South African business. Opportunity also looks to present South African business to international markets that may have interests in investing in South Africa. The publication is endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI).


SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE Fetakgomo-Tubatse F THE SEZ Special Economic Zone Prime location in minerals-rich area will boost green energy and bolster manufacturing. E SEZ/INDUSTRIAL HUB 6 The Fetakgomo-Tubatse Special Economic Zone (FTSEZ) is being developed in the mineral-rich Sekhukhune District of Limpopo Province. It offers an attractive investment proposition for companies in green technology, renewable energy, mineral beneficiation, manufacturing FETAKGOMO-TUBATSE SPECIAL related to green technologies and mineral value chains, and mining supplies and logistics. OMIC ZONE/INDUSTRIAL HUB Vision Fetakgomo-Tubatse SEZ to be a globally recognised Centre of Excellence for green energy technology and mineral beneficiation. se Special Economic Zone is hosted by the Fetakgomose Municipality in the Sekhukhune District and is located the Bushveld Igneous Complex (Eastern Limb), which Objective the well-known The main objective Marensky is to develop reef a in low-carbon the Limpopo green economy Province. which emand for will offer mining promising input opportunities supplies not created only to fight an climate opportunity change, but to enhance energy security and develop local industries. The strategic ge-scale industrialization for both the manufacturing of aim of the SEZ is to develop a supply of green primary energy to local g inputs manufacturers and the beneficiation of both upstream of mining and downstream outputs. activities The of aim the upport a platinum broader-based group metals industrialization (PGMs) and chrome value growth chains. path, ced regional industrial growth and development of more etitive and productive regional economies with strong upownstream links in strategic value chains, especially in . Location The proposed Fetakgomo-Tubatse SEZ (FTSEZ) is located in the south-east of the Limpopo Province of South Africa. It is hosted by the Fetakgomo-Tubatse Municipality in Sekhukhune District and is located within the Bushveld Igneous Complex (Eastern Limb), which hosts the well-known Merensky Reef in the Limpopo Province. The area boasts one of the highest concentrations of rich mineral resources in the world and is a global leader of platinum group metals and chrome resources, hosting over 40 mining operations which also ha of land has been identified for the development of this of-the-art Centre of Excellence on advanced energy ology includes vanadium, iron ore and selected battery minerals. The FTSEZ is projected to be a catalyst for economic growth, industrialisation and mineral beneficiation by localising the various links of the value chain, both upstream and downstream. The demand for the mining inputs supplies from the region’s mines has created an opportunity for large-scale industrialisation for both the manufacturing of mining inputs and the beneficiation of mining outputs. The aim is to support a broader-based industrialisation growth path, balanced regional industrial growth and development of more competitive and productive regional economies with strong upstream and downstream links in strategic value chains especially in PGMs. The proposed FTSEZ forms part of the South African Government’s SEZ Programme which is aiming to enhance the country’s manufacturing and export capabilities and to attract foreign direct investment. Anchored in the Limpopo Development Plan (LDP), the FTSEZ is positioned and designed to be a top investment destination for companies seeking to be at the forefront of pushing the green energy “Just Transition” frontier outward, towards communities, towards local and international firms and markets seeking to build low-carbon economies. The priority industries in the FTSEZ will enhance local manufacturing capacity and contribute to a low-carbon green economy which will offer socio-economic opportunities (for jobs and small businesses), not only to fight climate change, but to enhance energy security and develop local industries over the next five to 10 years. The FTSEZ is being developed in a quadripartite partnership between the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (dtic), the Limpopo Provincial Government, Sekhukhune District Municipality and Fetakgomo-Tubatse Municipality. SFA/Oxford: Bushveld resource 32 |

Sekhukhune regional industrial hub mapping SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE Centre of Excellence for green energy technology and mineral benefication Green energy technology Mining Inputs Supplier Park (MISP) and logistics • Logistics to support value chain a prerequisite for efficiency and cost. • Just-on-time delivery. Renewable energy PGMs Chrome Solar | Biodiesel Platinum refinery Ferrochrome Fuel cells | Batteries | Battery chain Hydrogen | Auto-catalysts Stainless steel | Ball bearings | Steel alloys Jewellery Limpopo’s Special Economic Zones to drive industrialisation MEC for Economic Development, Environment and Tourism Thabo Mokone invites investors to be part of an exciting journey to creating a green energy supply to bolster localised manufacturing. MEC Thabo Mokone The Provincial Government of Limpopo invites investors to partner with us in developing a low-carbon green economy while at the same time enhancing energy security and developing local industries. Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are the key tools within our Economic Reconstruction plans to ensure that we create sustainable job opportunities for all. This applies to both the Fetakgomo-Tubatse SEZ as well as the Musina Makhado SEZ. True development is about people When South Africa achieved democracy nearly three decades ago, who would have dreamed of a Special Economic Zone in the Steelpoort area. But today, a Special Economic Zone is our new reality. The proposed FTSEZ is gearing up to become a centre of excellence for green energy manufacturing, agro-processing and mineral beneficiation. The SEZ is positioned to be a game-changer in shaping and adding momentum to the industrialisation growth path as espoused in the socio-economic recovery plan of the Limpopo Province. It is strategically located in the industrial hub of Steelpoort between two huge mining establishments, the Samancor smelter and the Lion ferrochrome smelter, which are strategic landmarks for the establishment of the SEZ. The Fetakgomo-Tubatse SEZ will not only play the role of a consumer of hydrogen in the Special Economic Zone but will strive to become a producer of hydrogen and other clean energy technologies. In Limpopo we see the Hydrogen Economy as a potential game-changer to reindustrialise the provincial economy. For the Fetakgomo-Tubatse SEZ, the Hydrogen Valley platform has the potential to drive the demand for mining inputs supplies, thereby creating an opportunity for large-scale industrialisation for both the manufacturing of mining inputs and the beneficiation of mining outputs. The efforts which we have put into Fetakgomo-Tubatse SEZ have so far led to us acquiring: • 1 220ha of land. • An EIA process is currently underway. • The application for a Record of Decision (RoD) process has commenced. • The SEZ Master Plan (Development Framework) and layout is complete with full infrastructure designs and costs in readiness for infrastructure roll-out. • 16 companies have shown a keen interest in the SEZ by signing letters of intent (combined investment value of approximately R38-billion). • Four companies have shown a readiness to locate inside the SEZ by 2022. A due diligence process is underway. We envisage creating 8 000 jobs in the short term and 20 000 jobs in 10 years. The main objective of this SEZ is to develop a low-carbon green economy which will offer promising opportunities not only to fight climate change, but to enhance energy security and develop local industries. The strategic aim of the SEZ is to develop a green primary energy supply for localised manufacturing of both upstream and downstream activities of the platinum group metals and chrome value chains. Our passion in ensuring operational Special Economic Zones within local municipalities as well as working with various private partners is a clear indication that we are committed to “Building better communities together”.

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