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Opportunity Issue 100

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Opportunity magazine is a niche business-to-business publication that explores various investment opportunities within Southern Africa’s economic sectors and looks to provide its readers with first-hand knowledge about South African business. Opportunity also looks to present South African business to international markets that may have interests in investing in South Africa. The publication is endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI).

We Show The Future, So

We Show The Future, So You Can Solve It At Micromine, we believe deeper integration of digital technology is the key to delivering the next generation of mining sector efficiencies. Our vision is to create an ecosystem that connects experts across the exploration and mining value chain using technology to deliver better outcomes for clients, their projects and most importantly, for users. Discover how our technology can help you to mine what matters. South Africa Office Contact P +27 10 597 1959 E A single, secure, and streamlined data storage solution Make your mining project more accessible, manageable, and collaborative with Micromine Nexus’ enhanced workflow designs, advanced file administration, flexible task management and automated team notifications. Modernised geological data collection and management Assess and increase confidence when using data to gain insights and make key business decisions with a workflow focused field-logging and geoscientific information management system. All designed to fit your existing procedures and workflows from exploration through to production. Next generation technology for mining

Industry-leading exploration and 3D modelling software Intelligent and intuitive open-pit mine scheduling Integrated, updated and connected mine control Integrate, validate and interpret critical exploration data with comprehensive, state-of-the-art tools. Equip your experts with extensive, flexible and powerful tools to target and assess prospective regions more accurately. Model complex open-pit mines with ease. The Micromine Alastri suite of products is used by some of the largest mines in the world to create mine extraction plans, dumping sequences, and shipping schedules quickly and accurately. Take a proactive approach to your operations health with connected mine control that brings your equipment, personnel, locations and material data together. Stay in control and on-course with interoperable technology that helps empower everyday decisions. Flexible mine optimisation, planning and scheduling tools Optimise, design and schedule your mine with confidence using flexible, adaptable and comprehensive tools, suitable for open-pit and underground operations. Fast dig scheduling, dump scheduling and mine haulage Spend time dealing with results instead of waiting for them with schedule and haulage simulations that run in seconds. Simulate the behaviour and interaction of dozens of mining processes, hundreds of pieces of equipment and millions of records without sacrificing precision or accuracy. Expert and diverse consulting services We're not just experts in our own software. Micromine Precision Consulting offers a diverse range of services including mine planning, resource estimation, mine feasibility, equipment selection, cost estimation and due diligence consulting services.

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