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Opportunity Issue 100

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Opportunity magazine is a niche business-to-business publication that explores various investment opportunities within Southern Africa’s economic sectors and looks to provide its readers with first-hand knowledge about South African business. Opportunity also looks to present South African business to international markets that may have interests in investing in South Africa. The publication is endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI).


COMPANY PROFILE Mineral Processing Guru Mineral processing specialist is intent on maximising value for customers. Mineral Processing Guru (Pty) Ltd, better known as MPG, is a Level 1, 100% black-owned mineral processing company specialising in, but not limited to, coal-mining business solutions. Founded in January 2017, MPG was established during the grim days of the mining industry regression with a vision to deliver low-cost services and efficient mineral processing and mining support solutions. Also with a vision to provide low-cost efficient, optimal and superior coal-processing solutions. MPG strives to be the leader in the coal processing and mineral processing business in South Africa and beyond. MPG offers a range of value adding services that are tailormade for our clients to support them in meeting their short and long-term objectives. At MPG we believe in being innovative and practise and promote continual business improvement. This process increases efficiency and improves quality. Our team provides solutions required in maximising the inherent value of your coal products. The MPG facility is accredited and it uses the same standard of quality-control procedures that exist throughout the world. We have capacity, expertise, equipment, and skill to deliver high-quality services, with good turnaround times. Service are operational twenty-four hours, seven days a week Mission • To be committed to providing uncompromisable professional, and quality results in the best turn-around time. • To employ best practices benefiting both our clients and employees. • To employ practices that are environment friendly. • To adhere to international testing standards, quality checks and measurements. • To create value for our clients through cutting-edge technology and a highly skilled and motivated workforce. Vision • To become an internationally recognised and an acclaimed mining value chain support company. • To be one of the leading companies to offer the best operation and maintenance services in mineral processing plants, mining and plant hire. Provide low-cost, efficient, optimal and superior mining solutions. Company values • Excellence in customer service • Pioneering technology • High integrity levels • Social responsibility • Team-work • Integrity • Accountability • Customer relation management • Quality service Social development strategy In pursuing our mission, we have put forward the following strategy regarding social development within the community: • We will present opportunities to FET colleges to do practical in-service training with us where students will gain experience in plant maintenance and operations. • We will consider the community in which we operate with regards to employment and contribute responsibly to the community in which we operate. • Through affirmative procurement policies, our local community will be considered first. Shane McLendon on Unsplash Contact details Mineral Processing Guru (MPG) Address: Unit 3, 44 Totius Street, Middleburg 1055 Contact person: Rendani Nthangeni Tel: 071 683 6224 Email address: and Website:

MINERAL PROCESSING MPG offers a wide range of services From asset management to crushing and screening, Mineral Processing Guru is ready to improve efficiencies and delivery quality services. Specialists in • Crushing and screening • Mineral processing operations and mining • Coal handling • Mineral residue facility management • Coal sampling and analysis • Engineering supply • Housekeeping and conveyor cleaning • Removal of scrap metal • Plant maintenance • Plant hire • Bias testing • Due diligence • Plant optimisation projects and business improvement • Coal trading • Mineral processing supplies Rendani Nthangeni Pop & Zebra on Unsplash Services Real-time analysis and quality management We can design, commission, install, operate, calibrate and support on-line analysis systems. Real-time control of quality, using sorting and blending systems and services to develop capital justifications for these systems. Third party services include monitoring, sampling and testing. Inventory services MPF offers stockpile management services, density determination, tonnage calculation, customised quality-assurance programmes, audits and the training of in-house methods and best practice habits. There is also the auditing of processes and laboratory facilities to determine suitability, new laboratory setup costings, operating and full management of on-site and near-site general daily trained labour as well as risk labour. Technical services We specialise in outsourced plant operations (metallurgy) and maintenance in order to reduce our clients' costs. Our team has the expertise in crushing and screening circuits, dense-medium separation, flotation concentrators, commination circuits and leach circuits. General plant maintenance Platework and steel structures. Platework lining. Conveyor belts. Pump, motors and pulleys. Steel and HDPE pipes. Screens and magnetic separators. Crusher rebuilding and maintenance. Density control optimisation. Laboratory activities. Sub-contractor management. Health, safety and environmental management. Commissioning services Plant audit or efficiency tests and plant sampling Sampling services Asset management Safety, health and environment At MPG we are committed to health, safety and environment and quality service. HSEQ is integral to the way we do business. We recognise employees, business partners, suppliers and customers as stakeholders. We are committed to continual improvement in our performance. We commit to zero harm to people, the environment and property, efficient and total customer satisfaction and improved value for our shareholders. Our management system is consistent with international and organisational standards, legislation, and other relevant requirements. We undertake to ensure that our management system is developed, documented, implemented and maintained in a manner that is both understood and effective at all levels in our business, to enable us to: • Identify, assess, and manage risks to our employees, client’s employees and the environment. • Commit to achieving industry-leading practice and recognition. • Meet and, where appropriate, exceed applicable legislation. • Lead and develop our people and provide resources to achieve our targets. • Support the fundamental human rights of employees and safeguard them from exposure to unacceptable risk. We will seek opportunities to share our success by developing partnerships that focus on creating sustainable value for all stakeholders. We will regularly review our progress and communicate results to all stakeholders to enable a relationship based on honesty, openness, and mutual trust. We will be successful when we achieve our targets toward our goal of zero harm and are valued by the clients with whom we work.

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