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Opportunity Issue 101

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LOGISTICS The logistics

LOGISTICS The logistics industry is looking at liquefied natural gas as a cleaner alternative Renergen is promoting LNG as an attractive, clean and economic alternative to diesel for the cold storage transportation industry. Tetra4 is the country’s first holder of an onshore petroleum licence, issued by Petroleum Agency South Africa. Credit: Renergen Tetra4, a subsidiary of emerging domestic natural gas and helium producer Renergen, holds the first, and currently only, onshore petroleum production licence issued by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy through Petroleum Agency South Africa. The Virginia Project in the Free State is ramping up rapidly, with resources proving to be even greater and of better quality than initially anticipated. The customer base for the LNG will predominantly be logistics companies operating trucks along the main routes across the country, with a significant portion of the initial production already allocated to customers. The LNG displaces diesel usage, reducing operating costs and helping customers meet their sustainability targets due to the significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas over diesel. One of the first agreements to be signed was with Bulk Hauliers International Transport (BHIT). The LNG will be used to fuel about 50 of BHIT’s trucks, meaning that operator costs and the vehicle lifecycle maintenance costs will be significantly reduced. Renergen CEO Stefano Marani says Tetra4 “is proud to be associated with BHIT as they embark on their new venture to disrupt the local logistics market using cutting-edge technology and international best practice”. BHIT director James Cohen adds that BHIT is committed to providing “sustainable transport solutions” and that running its trucks on locally produced LNG “fits in perfectly” with this goal. BHIT operates a fleet of truck-tractor combinations, with a focus on the transportation of general freight and dangerous goods throughout Southern Africa. According to the Renergen website, advantages for cold storage transportation using LNG trucks include: • Cooling is free compared to R130k per annum using conventional fuel • No carbon emissions, versus 37 000 tons • For 100 trucks, a saving of R24.7-million would be made and carbon reduced by 9 600 tons Vaccines Renergen has also announced that it has developed a ground-breaking device, named Renergen Cryo-Vacc, which will simplify logistics of moving vaccines at temperatures of between -70 and -150 degrees Celsius for periods of up to 30 days, without the need for any power supply. The company has filed for the patent rights to its design and is calling on collaborators to use the design in the large-scale manufacture of these devices, to assist in the deployment of ultra-low temperature vaccines, such as the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. The Renergen Cryo-Vacc has been initially designed to transport a minimum of 100 doses, while keeping the vaccine at the required cooling rate of -70 degrees Celsius. Importantly, by utilising the Renergen Cryo-Vacc, vaccines and biologics can be transported for up to 30 days, regardless of ambient conditions. This simplifies the logistics significantly 34 |

LOGISTICS and means the vaccines are able to be transported using traditional logistics chains. The Renergen Cryo-Vacc device will be constructed of aluminium, providing durability and a long lifespan for end users. A reservoir has been built into the device, which is filled with liquid helium, the coldest liquid available globally. This is then boiled and released over a 30-day period to maintain the temperature at a constant level. Liquid helium is also 20% of the density of liquid nitrogen, making the device light enough to carry, with an overall weight of less than 20kg. Commenting on the development of the Renergen Cryo- Vacc, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Stefano Marani said, “At first, we attempted to find a solution using liquid nitrogen given it is significantly cheaper, but you only had four days to get the payload to its destination for the same weight. It became very clear that for delivery into remote areas and developing economies, helium was the only solution for the Renergen Cryo-Vacc. Fortunately, given helium’s specific heat characteristics, it simplified the design substantially and will make the manufacture of the devices not only quicker but more cost-effective. “As an emerging helium producer, we are proud to have developed this innovative concept, at a time when the world is seeking solutions on how to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. Defeating it will take collaboration. For that Supplying LNG to the long-haul truck sector could be a game-changer. Credit: Renergen reason, we are inviting partners with the resources to roll out large-scale manufacture of the Renergen Cryo-Vacc and global logistics companies who are able to transport medical supplies. Importantly, with the devices in circulation, transportation can be completed in a cost-effective manner, given the relatively small size and weight of the devices.” The device works to transport vaccines with liquid nitrogen too, but the vaccines must reach their intended destination within four days, unless the user is willing to increase the weight by an additional 15kg, which could stretch the timeline to around 20 days, but at significantly higher air-freight costs. DSC Logistics delivers long-distance Break-bulk commodities specialist has grown services to include cross-border logistics. bring some new blood and ideas into the industry as it is such a vital industry to ensure economic growth.” Attention to detail can be seen in the meticulous upkeep of DSC Logistics vehicles, which ensures the best possible turnaround time and safety of the clients’ cargo. Vison DSC Logistics strives to be the first name in the minds of people when they think of connecting Africa. DSC Logistics (Pty) Ltd is a road freight transportation company built on client satisfaction and service excellence, specialising in break-bulk commodities. DSC Logistics has been making large strides in the industry since 2018. Sumehn Sewraj (LLB), founder and CEO of the company, believes in hard work, compliance at every level and in ensuring client satisfaction. He says of his foray into the sector, “I hoped to Services Long-distance transportation across South Africa, cross-border logistics from South Africa, markets include Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. The company aims to transport to all SADC countries in 2022. “Africa needs to be viewed as a whole,” says Sumehn. “Connecting countries through service delivery can only benefit each and every citizen and the economy.” Contact details | Email: | Tel: 083 777 6941

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