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FOCUS The Responsible

FOCUS The Responsible Mohair Standard has restored trust South African mohair is once again popular with global fashion brands. The mohair industry has embraced the Responsible Mohair Standard as we are all aware that the consumer of today is rightfully far more conscious, not only of the impact of their purchases on the environment, but also the impact their purchases have on the people producing the goods. The Responsible Mohair Standard is all-inclusive and is very specific as to its requirements in respect of the environment and welfare of the animals and all individuals employed in the production of mohair products. There is no doubt that having Samil’s manufacturing operations certified under the Responsible Mohair Standard has opened new opportunities for trade throughout the world. However, the dynamic team at Samil feels compelled to ensure that not just the Samil manufacturing operations but all mohair operations owned or run in partnership with Samil, must also be RMS certified. Samil therefore embarked on a concerted drive to have all the Angora goat farms which are either owned or run in partnership with Samil Farming were also certified as RMS. This was no mean task as there are more than 30 farming operations in the Samil Farming portfolio in and around the Karoo region. However, the Samil Farming Manager, Andries Coetsee, and his very able assistant, Nienke Scholtz, embraced the challenge and Samil is proud to announce that, as of the end of August 2021, all Samil mohair operations are proudly RMS certified. Products stored and handled include fish, poultry, meat, fruit, vegetables and dairy. Through the determined efforts of Mohair South Africa, in conjunction with The Textile Exchange, in ensuring the development of the Responsible Mohair Standard, the mohair industry has been able to regain the trust, not only of the big fashion brands, but also 6 Cold storage facilities in SA & Namibia of the world. This can clearly be seen in the record mohair prices currently being achieved as brands the world over are scrambling to reintroduce RMScertified mohair articles into their product ranges. The knock-on effect is that jobs that had previously been in jeopardy are now secured and, due to the new-found appetite for mohair, more jobs have been created. Over the last 50 years we’ve become Africa’s leading cold and Namibia. The benefits of RMS certification storage operation by being just as committed to your product We have multiple quality accreditations and are containerfriendly After the PETA exposé in 2018, the South African mohair industry as you are. became a pariah and many of the top fashion brands vowed to no with de - stuffing and palletisation offerings. We also Every second longer of the use day. mohair Every in their day products. of the year. This With put nearly perfect 30 000 people provide bonded warehousing and blast freezing at selected compliance, accountability at risk of being unable and efficiency. to earn a living And and a cool feed attitude, their families. facilities as well as local container door-to-door transport and of course. logistics solutions. Our two quayside and four inland operations offer over Put your goods in our care: visit, 98 000 metric tons of multi-temperature warehousing in SA call +27 87 350 7350 or email 42 56 | 68 SOUTH | AFRICAN BUSINESS 2022

Sharing Africa’s beauty with the world SAMIL produces and processes mohair, the noble fibre. South African Mohair Industries Limited (SAMIL) is the link between mohair producers, processors and consumers. Our vision is to be an innovative South African company specialising in the production and processing of natural fibres, as well as speciality spun yarns. Mohair, the fleece of the Angora goat, is: • the noble fibre, known as the diamond fibre • lustrous, resilient and offers exceptional colour reflection • one of the world’s most beautiful sustainable natural fibres • a symbol of luxury and exclusivity. African Expressions Our local brand African Expressions was born of the desire to share Africa’s natural beauty with the rest of the world. Through our unique range of yarns, we express the essence of that which makes Africa magical. Our network of local farmers, who farm in optimal Angora goat conditions, breed stock which bear excellent fibres. This ensures that our yarns are naturally soft to the touch, easy to knit and luxuriously versatile. SAMIL divisions Farming: SAMIL Farming was established with the primary objective of stabilising and possibly increasing mohair supply to the processors. Combing: SAMIL Natural Fibres Combing is in Berlin, outside East London in the Eastern Cape. As mohair processing has decreased in other parts of the world, SAMIL Combing has become one of the world’s leading processors. Unlike many processing plants SAMIL Combing focusses on and is committed to processing only mohair. Trading: Through a strong support base of affiliated companies, partners and agents, SAMIL has established strong connections throughout the world for the purchase and sale of raw materials and finished goods. South Africa processes in excess of 80% of the world’s mohair production. The advantage of having both top-making and spinning operations in South Africa, as well as access to raw material produced within the company, is that SAMIL is able to offer lots guaranteed from origin, a rare luxury in today’s business environment. Spinning and dyeing: SAMIL Spinning is a global manufacturer of outstanding quality mohair yarns, producing a wide and exclusive range of mohair and mohair blended fancy and fine-spun yarns in both fine-count and coarser varieties. We are internationally renowned for our superior product range and cater for the hand knitting, machine knitting, weaving, hosiery and decor markets. Although we specialise in pure mohair, we also blend mohair with a range of other natural and man-made fibres. Yarns can be custom dyed to any shade at SAMIL’s state-of-the-art dye house. Genetic research: The latest venture under the SAMIL umbrella is the research project called ANGELA which aims to enhance Angora goats and the mohair kidding rates to the improvement of the different hair qualities. The project will make available its results to all in the mohair community. Contact details Tel: +27 41 486 2430 | Email: | Website:

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