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Opportunity Issue 102

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Opportunity magazine is a niche business-to-business publication that explores various investment opportunities within Southern Africa’s economic sectors. The publication is endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI).

News & snippets Industry

News & snippets Industry insights from the past quarter HERBAL TONIC IS PRIDE AND JOY Trillion Cart Investments has several divisions which cover many parts of the economy. The group’s Imvelo Pharmaceutical subsidiary produces a novel herbal tonic, AGRICO Umhlonyana. This product has taken up a position as one of the best respiratory tonics and has proven to be a go-to herbal tonic for the company’s client base both locally and internationally. AGRICO Umhlonyane is the pride and joy of the Trillion Cart Investments company. The product is unique in that it combines a traditional medicinal herb with science. AGRICO is a brand name for health and wellness products that are produced by Imvelo Pharmaceutical company. Among the other companies in that sector which fall under Trillion Cart Investments is Imvelo Hygiene, a company that offers fumigation services to various industries, and Rock Detergents, which makes a range of cleaning products. Solar sector shines on Sebongi Construction Solar power has come to the Northern Cape in a big way and now its benefits are being felt by smaller contractors and engineering firms. Sanna Sebone started her construction firm in 2018, doing work in conventional sectors such as housing, roads and earthworks. Sebongi Construction has subsequently expanded, like the renewable energy sector itself, and is involved in the mining sector and has entered into a partnership on a solar tower project. Mastering more than one task at a time is something Sanna specialises in: while she was studying for a Master’s degree in Business Administration, her business was in the start-up phase. Not content with those two tasks, she enrolled in a nine-month training programme with Zimele, Anglo American’s small business incubator, to upgrade her financial management skills. With a huge increase in turnover and a staff complement now over 150, Sebongi Construction is clearly powering forward. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Singo Consulting – consulting and conserving Singo Consulting not only does Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), but it is also a company that walks the walk when it comes to conservation. When Wetlands Day and National Water Week came around in 2022, Singo Consulting staff were to be seen working on cleaning up a wetlands area in Tasbet Park, eMalahleni. The company also provided food for the other volunteers who turned up to assist with the clearing and cleaning project. There was a chance to do some teaching about the importance of the conservation of natural areas during the day, which was also supported by the eMalahleni Local Municipality and the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Land and Environmental Affairs. Singo Consulting works in the field of environmental consulting and is frequently hired to undertake EIAs, which can include the compiling of an Environmental Management Programme report and the management of the Public Participation Process. JUL/AUG/SEPT 2022 • ISSUE 102

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