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Opportunity Issue 102

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Opportunity magazine is a niche business-to-business publication that explores various investment opportunities within Southern Africa’s economic sectors. The publication is endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI).


TRILLION CART INVESTMENTS Building and sharing wealth The distributor model applied by Trillion Cart Investments allowed businesses to thrive under the harshest lockdown, an achievement that founder and Group Chairman, Dr Radebe, is proud of. Trillion Cart Investments is a conglomerate in the making that houses several holding companies. How did your business journey begin? My involvement in business stems from my natural desire to contribute to the economy. Furthermore, I inherited the entrepreneurial spirit from my forefathers, who were also formidable businessmen. What was the first business which Trillion Cart Investments grew? Trillion Cart Investments Pty (Ltd) was founded in 2009, with its first company being the Siyangakhona Burial Scheme, which catered to previously-stigmatised individuals who did not meet the requirements of other burial schemes. I discovered a significant market gap while establishing Siyangakhona Burial. As a result, Trillion Cart has established subsidiary companies to bridge that market gap and meet the needs of consumers. What is the mission of Trillion Cart Investments? The mission of Trillion Cart is to continuously diversify its entities to become a leading multinational conglomerate, while offering quality services and products. We strongly believe in black excellence. How do you choose which businesses to invest in? Any businessperson must understand the markets and be completely convinced of why they want to invest in a specific business. I am a firm believer that business is about more than just making money; it is also about meeting the needs of customers. With that understanding, selecting a business to invest in becomes simple. Dr Radebe How is the company structured? The investments made by Trillion Cart Investments are designed to facilitate communication and workflow. We have a corporate, hierarchical structure, with divisions meticulously organised to ensure that productivity is of the highest quality and that our customers' needs are met. Our divisions are as follows: 22 |

Founder and Group Chairman Dr Radebe, the founder and Group Chairman of Trillion Cart Investments, has a degree in philosophy and community development, as well as a qualification in property development. Trillion Cart Investments was founded solely on the vision of Dr Radebe, whose commendable business acumen has resulted in the conglomerate's rapid growth. His leadership style has established him as a business force to be reckoned with. Dr Radebe has been able to shape Trillion Cart Investments into a company that seeks to build and share wealth with its stakeholders. • Sales and retail division • Moto motor dealership; Ubuhle Bencwadi; Dijong Internet Café • Manufacturing and wholesale • Ubuntu Luxury Goods which houses Ubuntu fragrances, Ubuntu Cosmetics and Ubuntu Clothing • Imvelo Pharmaceutical Products: AGRICO; Rock Detergents; Imvelo Hygiene • Warehouse • Packaging and distribution • Agriculture; Tandjiesberg farming and livestock; Game farming • Media and production: Abazi Production; Abazi Record Label; Isambulo sama-Africa Publications; Pigeon/Duiwe News • Corporate services • Isambulo Telecommunications (ICOM); Amahlubi Security; Siyangakhona burial scheme; Black Rhino Gym; ALX Burial Home • Golden Lofts Property Investment (Dubai Properties) Which sectors do you invest in? I am a staunch believer in performance and quality. If I recognise a gap in the market, I want to fill it. Consequently, my investment options are not limited. What are the standout features of Imvelo Pharmaceutical? Our pharmaceuticals are exceptional in every way. However, our Imvelo Pharmaceutical subsidiary, which houses our novel herbal tonic, Agrico Umhlonyana, which has positioned itself as one of the best respiratory tonics, has proven to be a go-to herbal tonic for our client base both locally and internationally. AGRICO Umhlonyane is the pride and joy of our Trillion Cart Investments company. Our product is unique in that it combines a traditional medicinal herb with science. Please give us examples of some other companies in which you have invested. • Samuel Lofts (Pigeon Breeding and Racing): Sports and recreation • TC Construction: Construction • Ubuhle bencwadi (book shop): Wholesale and retail industry • Sabia Thai Massage and Beauty Spa: Hospital and tourism sector • African Centre of Excellence (ACE) and Isambulo Business Forum. What are the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in South Africa? About 90% of registered businesses are small, medium and micro enterprises SMMEs, which account for nearly half of South Africa's GDP and roughly one-fifth of employment. However, a lack of financial support, limited access to professional support systems, economic insecurity and little to no government support forces entrepreneurs to rely primarily on themselves and make their own plans, making it difficult to effectively diversify SMMEs. How has the existence of Trillion Cart Investment contributed to society and the economy as a whole? Trillion Cart Investments has created, in my opinion, one of the best distributor models designed to ensure that our distributors profit handsomely from the products they sell. Profit margins differ depending on the product. The margins on some of our products are extremely close, with a nearly 50/50 split. Our distributors were able to put food on the table, pay their bills and reinvest back into their businesses during the level 5 lockdown. As a result, Trillion Cart's contribution has been extremely beneficial. We have contributed to the reduction of unemployment in South Africa and, by extension, Africa through our distributor model. Most importantly, my life values revolve around sharing and empowering others, thus Trillion Cart is founded on the motto of building and sharing wealth. This is reinforced by my life philosophy, which states that the pursuit of excellence at any cost is integrated into everything I do, resulting in my ability to identify a gap and a need. If this is not empowerment, then what is? Trillion Cart Investment was founded on the motto of "Building and Sharing wealth " and has proved yet again to have empowered communities, women, youth and aspiring business people. On 31st July 2022, Trillion Cart booked stalls at an external event for two of its top distributors, allowing them the privilege of selling their products to people who attended the event. As proof of the effectiveness of the distribution model, distributors achieved turnovers of up to R20 000 per day. Economic restoration and empowerment in action! Trillion Cart Investments is achieving its mission and vision of empowerment. | 23

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