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Opportunity Issue 102

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Opportunity magazine is a niche business-to-business publication that explores various investment opportunities within Southern Africa’s economic sectors. The publication is endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI).

How to buy an existing

How to buy an existing business A guidebook has been published to help the prospective buyer. Credit: Antoni Shkraba/Pexels Buying a business can be challenging. Many aspects must be analysed and understood to gain a holistic picture of the business and its inner workings. While the process will likely be more accessible and quicker than starting your own business, you need to be aware of any pitfalls that might be occurring in the company. This comprehensive guidebook outlines what you need to look for, consider, analyse and question before purchasing a business. Then we highlight the best way to go about buying the business. Included in this guidebook are: • An introduction and description • Why buy an existing business? Detailing the pros and cons • Buying a business versus buying a franchise • Selecting the right business for you • What to evaluate when buying a business • How to be in a strong negotiating position when buying a business • Pitfalls to avoid when buying a business • Drafting the sales agreement • Avoiding the common mistakes when buying the business • How to get it right With this information, you will be able to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that are made when purchasing a business and will be able to put yourself in the best possible negotiating position to ensure you get the best deal possible. It may be tricky, but you will be sure to start on the right foot with this guidebook. Contact details: Address: Hillcrest Office Park, 2 Old Main Road, Hillcrest 3610, Dagmar Breiling Email:> Phone: +27 (0)31 761 8677 | Cell: 061 542 4037 | Fax: +27 (0)86 498 1614

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