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Opportunity Issue 102

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Opportunity magazine is a niche business-to-business publication that explores various investment opportunities within Southern Africa’s economic sectors. The publication is endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI).


FOREWORD Women in business detoi Photography The fragile diamonds in our crown. organisation is populated by a team which is majority women. Our board is also well represented by women. It is visibly so that SACCI is a flagship in the transformation arena of organised business. It would nevertheless seem as if our society remains stuck in paternalistic structures where the head of the family is a man. And this psychologically suggests that our society requires subservience to the head of the family. Violence and the imposing of the physical will of men cannot any longer be acceptable as we need to treat our women with respect. These are the mothers who gave birth to us all. There is a reason why we refer to our planet as “mother earth”. On the theme of women in business, we have a growing number of astute business people who are women. Some of our largest corporates and state-owned enterprises are in the competent hands of women CEOs. Things are changing and Covid has perhaps fast-tracked many of the things that were moving slowly pre-2020. We meet daily with business colleagues who run this or that operation, whether in the banking industry, industrial Alan Mukoki, SACCI CEO _________________ Women have played a key role in the transformation struggle to open the dawn of democracy. ________________ Turning the page to August, we are in Women's Month and a little-known fact deserves better recognition, that 60% of our population comprises women. Something we need to celebrate. But in saying so, we carry a burden of abuse, murders and rapes daily in our press. A sad indictment of our society. Nevertheless, we need to look at where we are. SACCI as an development zones, corporate South Africa or percolating down to the SMME sector. We see the impact of our women in business, the unsung heroes of our country and our economy. Women have played a key role in the transformation struggle to open the dawn of democracy. Women were often in the front line of the community defiance against the apartheid system. 4 |

I think I like the Magreng Chrome mine best, shiny silver, but up to you. Any mining pic as backdrop for the lady in black. ABOUT SACCI The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its almost 50 constituent chambers is a lifeline for business people. The Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, Barbara Creecy, is a national leader in conservation – and tree-planting. Quarterly journal for business and industry in South Africa The voice of business SACCI's vision is to be the voice and preeminent business chamber organisation by offering superior value to its stakeholders. SACCI lobbies for and represents the collective interests, domestic and foreign, of South African businesses. Our mission is to effectively protect and promote the interests of business. • Anti-corruption unpacked • The new way of work: 2021 remuneration trends • Going smart: smart rewards for the City of Tshwane • How trade rules affect access to Covid-19 vaccines Building wealth from the ground up Katlego Kenoshi, CEO of Regoapele Capital APR/MAY/JUNE 2021 • ISSUE 97 Called to action Dr Leila Fourie, JSE Group CEO OCT/NOV/DEC 2021 • ISSUE 99 Enterprise Supplier Development unpacked Special Economic Zones How South Africa's SEZs are shaping their own value propositions Planning for the next catastrophe Disaster Recovery during Covid-19 and beyond Gas can help South Africa reach net zero Petroleum Agency South Africa CEO Dr Phindile Masangane outlines a transition strategy to a clean energy future THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION AND ECONOMIC REVIVAL 4IR and South Africa’s readiness Lobbying and advocacy We represent business interests by influencing policy and legislative development and regulation. We engage government and legislatures or regulators in respect of certain of the regulations or pieces of legislation that we think would not be conducive for our business members or the economy in general or job creation. We are consulted in a lot of the policy that government looks at. Covers of this magazine have featured the CEO of Regoapele Capital, Katlego Kenoshi (left), and Dr Phindile Masangane, CEO of Petroleum Agency South Africa. Is the field level? Turning to our current day, did the hierarchy of females who have made it in business compete on a fair playing field? Are they earning similar salaries to their male counterparts? These are societal questions we need to grapple with. Increasingly we hear calls for "the best person for the job". This must be the case if we are serious about lifting our economy up to a more positive flightpath and to do this, we must ensure that this is done without fear or favour. Skills that are required are not gender based and we need to acknowledge that women need to be given equal opportunities. Otherwise, we are simply entrenching another form of apartheid – gender apartheid. South Africa is at least recognising in its public debate that gender equity needs to become a societal norm. Although we are not there yet, South Africa is far ahead of many countries where even education is not a universal right for women. This is the sad truth in the 21st century. The future potential for women is thus fragile unless we as a society continue the journey to make things right for all of our people. Membership SACCI remains the most broadly based representative national business body, not only in South Africa, but in Southern Africa, focusing primarily on national and international issues. As the “Voice of Business” SACCI assists its members by preparing and submitting policy positions on business-related issues to government: International Trade, Taxation, Economic Affairs, Labour and Company Wellness, Education and Training, Information Technology, SADC, NEPAD, Small Business, Transport and Regulatory Affairs. SACCI also interacts with many other agencies on business issues. During the year, SACCI holds various informative seminars and presentations using top government and noteworthy speakers. SACCI’s seven pillars • Inclusive Economic Growth and Employment Creation • Constructive Public and Private Stakeholder Engagement • Entrepreneurship • Infrastructure: “The 4 lines to Heaven” • Continental Development in Africa and the AfCFTA • Revenue Generation • Membership Rewards and Benefits Contact SACCI Adress: 33 Fricker Road, Illovo, Sandton Tel: 011 446 3800 | Email: | Website: Twitter: | Facebook:

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