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Opportunity Issue 103

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Opportunity magazine is a niche business-to-business publication that explores various investment opportunities within Southern Africa’s economic sectors. The publication is endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI).

News & snippets Industry

News & snippets Industry insights from the past quarter UAS is building the next generation Umzamo Analytical Services, a leading coal analysis and sampling company, is also a dedicated player in providing training and experiential learning to build up the next generation of analysts. Just over 40% of UAS employees are young people and future laboratory operators and analysts. UAS seeks to ensure that trainees complete their studies with the opportunity of employment at UAS to build up their experience and skill sets. With a permanent staff complement of 260, UAS offers training intended to expand the skills set of employees, believing that a skilled workforce is key to the company’s success. Staff are sent on outings to other destinations, for example Botswana, to learn new skills. The company aims to employ local people and offers jobs and in-service training to chemistry students and matriculants, giving them a chance to work in a world-class laboratory environment. In this way, UAS plays a role in uplifting communities in which it operates. Website: Studying hydrogen The Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority (CHIETA) has embarked on an 18-month research project: A comprehensive study of hydrogen power in SA, which will assist the authority’s efforts to support the Hydrogen Economy, identifying growth areas for skills and economic development. With projects such as a recently-completed hydrogen production proof of concept (PoC) initiative in Vredendal in the Western Cape, it’s safe to say that South Africa is well on its way to producing green hydrogen as part of its renewable energy posture, says CHIETA CEO Yershen Pillay. CHIETA is also working on a Green Hydrogen Skills Plan for the petrochemicals sub-sector. This is to identify the top-10 skills in the green hydrogen economy and close the hydrogen skills gap. The Innovation Hub is supporting indigenous knowledge Research shows that about eight in 10 South Africans rely on the country’s estimated 400 000 traditional healers for their primary healthcare. Trade in traditional medicines generates more than R2.9-billion annually and provides a source of income for more than 133 000 people. According to Dr Phuti Chelopo-Mgobozi, Innovation Specialist at The Innovation Hub in Gauteng, traditional health practitioners have sustained the health of millions of South Africans over centuries. Given the vital importance of indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) in healthcare, The Innovation Hub prioritises the development of IKS researchers and entrepreneurs. Through the Bioeconomy unit, programmes such as the CoachLab IKS Entrepreneurship Programme are offered, targeting SMMEs, indigenous-knowledge holders and scientists. Research organisations such as the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and some tertiary institutions offer product development support and testing while the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) and the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) are providing financial support to IKS-based innovations. OCT/SEP/DEC 2022 • ISSUE 103

GLOBAL AFRICA NETWORK IS A TRUSTED PARTNER OF BUSINESS CHAMBERS AND OTHER REPRESENTATIVES OF ORGANISED BUSINESS IN EACH PROVINCE. SMME VIRTUAL ROADSHOW Global Africa Network Media (GAN) is an established authority on business development in South Africa’s nine provinces. GAN’s online products include its well-established B2B portals and, and its e-newsletters with a reach of over 23 000 subscribers. Its stable of provincially-focused B2B print annuals was launched in 2005 and each of the nine titles has been utilised by all levels of government, parastatals, corporates, and national and provincial businesses. This uniquely provincial and local focus has established GAN as a specialist in small and developing business, and the company is a trusted partner of business chambers and other representatives of organised business in each province. The SMME Virtual Roadshow 2023 will take the form of an online event targeted at specific needs of the participants, which will vary across levels of development and support requirements. Presentations by thought leaders will be pre-recorded to ensure quality. Supporting collateral will also be available for download. EVENT FORMAT Seven Focus Hubs will structure the Roadshow: • Access to funding for start-ups • Access to funding for established small businesses • Doing business with government • Skills and development training • Banking for small business • Compliance – practical solutions • Internet and telecoms solutions for small business • PLUS: SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS STORIES Registration for delegates is free. Delegates will be filtered according to their objectives. • Ongoing discussion forums monitored by Global Africa Network SMME online team. • Attendance by delegates is monitored and measured. • All interaction and attendee databases will be monitored and packaged for Hub sponsors. • Selected questions and answers will be posted (sponsor branded) for general access. PARTICIPATION Attendance will be free of charge, and companies that register will be required to provide relevant information about their business, their objectives, and their requirements. MARKETING The event will be marketed through relevant business bodies, and GAN’s monthly email newsletter, TradeInvest Africa, will promote the event to its custom database of 23 000 recipients. DRIVING ECONOMIC GROWTH AND JOB CREATION. REGISTER ONLINE:

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