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Opportunity Issue 104

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Opportunity magazine is a niche business-to-business publication that explores various investment opportunities within Southern Africa’s economic sectors. The publication is endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI).

MINING Climate change

MINING Climate change and mining sector financial sustainability Riaan Koppeschaar, Financial Director at Exxaro Resources, describes how the biggest supplier of coal to Eskom is weighing up the risks, responsibilities and opportunities on the road to a carbon-neutral future. Exxaro Resources has been investing in wind power for more than two decades. Credit: Exxaro Building a sustainable future as a mining company requires an understanding of the financial risks and opportunities that climate change poses for the industry. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has long identified increased concentration of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in the atmosphere as the most significant contributor to global warming, caused predominantly by the burning of fossil fuels. The rise in the earth’s temperature not only leads to the disruption of ecosystems and an increased likelihood of natural disasters, but also threatens political, economic and social stability. Exxaro recognises this and has a strategy in place that will allow us to both mitigate risk and maximise our ability to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the transition to low-carbon economy. We will be a carbon-neutral company by 2050 and we will build a portfolio that is resilient in a low-carbon future. Of course, strategic objectives guided by scientific research are important but to really power those objectives, companies in the mining sector need to be committed to more than just good returns and reduced risks: we need to be committed to having a positive impact on society and the environment. If we are not guided by this purpose, we will not be able to fulfil our responsibilities to the communities and societies in which we operate. A just transition to a greener future While the global use of coal is expected to decline in the longer term, it is likely to remain the predominant source of affordable energy in South Africa for many years. As the largest supplier of coal to Eskom, we have a responsibility to continue coal production in an environmentally and socially-responsible manner. If we abruptly stopped producing coal, this would have a devastating impact on our economy and our people. As we shift to more sustainable energy solutions, informed by the Just Transition framework, Exxaro will provide a range of social interventions and an expanded renewable energy programme that will secure jobs and livelihoods as we envision a low-carbon future that leaves no-one behind. 22 |

SolarTurtle is transforming the renewable energy market PROFILE Empowering entrepreneurs will boost local economies and add value to communities. At SolarTurtle we have always taken pride in the quality of our work, the experience and professionalism we bring and the robustness of our values and behaviours. We are united by a common purpose to “Inspire Renewable Energy Development across Africa while empowering women and youth”. We use a containerised model for exploration or construction off-site offices, business hubs or shops, clinics and media centres. We tailor the solution to your needs, through our solar PV technology. Because our solar panels are fitted into the container they lock from the inside, making them safe and secure. The keys to our success are transparency, fairness, professionalism, convenience, safety and security, underpinned by our core value of integrity. We promote women and youth, thus helping people help themselves. We promote the green economy. Through our entrepreneur initiative, we help create sustainable jobs, skills transfer and provide business training through our management and POS portal software app. “Swap-out a powerbank-battery and carry on with your smart day!” The Solar Turtle offers unique safety, flexibility and innovation. In the morning the solar panels unfold from their secure location to feed on the rays of the sun. In the evening the panels fold away into a tamper-proof hard shell. Solar baby Turtle© is ideal for: • Persons-On-The-Move • Festivals • Sports events • Open markets (Hawkerville) • Taxi commuter stations • Bus and train commuter stations Services include: • Wi-Fi hotspot • Airtime services • Snacks and cooking • Printing and copying There is a gap in the market for a small solar kiosk that can provide battery-charging and WiFi options to meet the ever-growing reliance on smartphones and other ICT devices. People are on the go and need to have their devices charged all the time. What if you can just swap-out a powerbank battery and carry one with your smart day? This service will offer convenience to city dwellers and rural communities alike. The demand for accessible electricity in pay-as-you-go increments has been proven across Africa. We at SolarTurtle just want to take it a step further. The Solar Turtles will enable us to utilise the lessons we have learnt over the years, of working with off-grid communities to produce costeffective energy-kiosks ready for rapid scale-up across Africa. Three new micro-solar-energy-kiosk designs, each with an integrated SME e-learning and ICT management system. A small version that can be transported on a taxi, a medium version that can be pulled or peddled to trading locations, and a larger version, like a trailer, that can be used for events and offer a wider range of products and services. The solar panels unfold and it can start recharging batteries, phones and other small rechargeable appliances for an income. The SolarTurtle will be able to recharge solar-power-banks that customers can take with them to power their devices for the day. Solar Turtle is currently in production of mobile solar cold-storage units and freezers. SolarTurtle SA is an award-winning social business that has a proven track record of promoting enterprise development in less-privileged communities through tailored renewable energy technologies. Please refer to the SolarTurtle material in the energy section of this magazine. Contact: Lungelwa Tyali CEO: 0723219070 | Joeanne 0435550860 or 0795081326 | Email to: | Website:

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