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Opportunity Issue 91 - Sept-Oct-2019

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LEADERS IN AGRICULTURE Sandra Innes exactly that,” she says of her job, which she has been in for almost two years. The best part of her job is seeing the fruits of her labour and “seeing how real of an effect climate and seasonality, the soil and the location have on the same specific crop”, and the constant learning that goes with each season. “It’s also quite something to know that your job is not only about the bottom line and contributing to the long-term profitability of your company, but also about improving people’s lives,” she says. While the face of agriculture has always been male, Mahanjana feels this is changing. “I’ve met female CEOs of successful seed companies (Tanzania); female MDs of small aggregator companies (Uganda) and women who’ve through hard work and dedication, have won agriculture competitions hosted by the company (Uganda). Yes, for now we’re sticking out like sore thumbs, but I believe it won’t be that way for much longer.” Leading the charge While it’s said that change is as good as a holiday, some people find it stressful, but not Sandra Innes. The agro processing manager has worked for SAB for 14 years and is proud to say she’s worked almost right across the value chain. She is currently based in Johannesburg but manages the R & D facility in Caledon, Western Cape region. “I started working for the company in Quality, moved to Brewing and am now in Agriculture.” She was a New Product Development Brewer for 13 years working on new products, developing products such as Flying Fish and Castle Milk Stout Chocolate to name only a few - and has spent the past 10 months in research and development agriculture as Crop Varietal Specialist and Agro processing Manager. Sandra is responsible for setting up and developing AB InBev’s first Agri Research and Development (R&D) Facility in Africa. “R&D is very rewarding; one is constantly learning from the results that you get from your trials. We are currently pioneering the research and development of alternative crops for AB InBev, and the support of smallholder farmers in Africa.” She wears two hats in the R&D team, which allows her the opportunity to nurture her passions across the supply chain. “As the Alternate Crop Manager together with my team we elevate the status of cassava and sorghum through a variety of trials to determine suitability for brewing, and crop management trials to deliver yield for the farmers.” The knowledge gained is used within AB InBev to ensure varieties selected drive efficiency and trouble-free brewing. The crop knowledge is collated in grower guides per country per crop assisting the farmer to reach the crops full potential. “I am also heading up the Agro processing and quality analysis leg in the new R&D facility. This is where all the ‘fun’ will happen, during brewing and malting. The raw materials are either malted and/or brewed to determine whether the variety selected meets all the criteria.” The best part of Sandra’s job is travelling to other countries in Africa and interacting with the smallholder farmers and the agronomists on the ground, as well as doing trials on alternative crops. SAB 22 |

Climate smart SENTER360 is central to irrigation planning At SENTER360 we are proud to not only supply products, but build long term relations with our clients by delivering a package of high quality and excellent service. The SENTER360 centre pivot, manufactured since 1994, is known for its excellent quality and strength above industry standards. . Structural stability SENTER360 tower trusses are manufactured from pipe and not angle iron as is commonly used is other brands. The advantage of the lighter material enables us to use two more sets of trusses per tower than is possible with angle iron trusses, ensuring an exceptionally strong structure. An added advantage of the pipe truss structure is its aerodynamic superi.ority above angle iron as a structural material. That is the reason for a SENTER360 machine withstanding a windstorm of 158km hour (actual field data), confirming the reason why no SENTER360 was blown over in a recent storm. Standard long base beams, sturdy tower sup.ports, stabilizing rods, diagonals and a low centre of gravity contribute to exceptional stability. Innovative control panels The same modular principals used throughout the entire SENTER360 design is also visible in our control panel design. Our ‘basic” control panel is similar in function.ality to the top panels of most other brands. Standard functions include on/ off, feedback when the machine stops, direct mm adjust.ment, showing position of the machine, low pressure and pressure start, part circle and sector adjustment with variable mm application per sector, auto reverse with var.iable mm application on return, scheduling options and many more. All new and old** SENTER360 panels can be controlled by your cell phone*, Tablet*, com.puter or base station by adding a simple plug in “Communicator” unit of your choice (GPRS/ cell network, Wi Fi or radio unit). Full pump control, VSD control and feed.back is also available on the same system. New panels have full function internet controls, record keeping, graphs, etc. One of the common problems with centre pivot irrigators is the regular blockage of the last nozzle. We have solved this problem in a simple innovative way, constantly keeping the last nozzle clean throughout the irrigation cycle. The standard drive train of a SENTER360 centre pivot is made up of heavy duty wheel gearboxes with an optional five year extended warranty*, driven by a 0,56kW Contact us at 018 469 1331 or 082 564 5955 PROFILE Your SENTER 360 is online...are you? YOU ALREADY TRUST US FOR... • Having the strongest structure in the industry • Best reliability • The best sprinkler packages For best service contact us at +27 (0)18 469 1331 or +27 (0)82 564 5955 or Our standard control system has comprehensive cell/internet communication abilities Terms and conditions apply

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