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Opportunity Issue 91 - Sept-Oct-2019

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  • Climate
  • Forestry
  • Economic
  • Opportunities
  • Lion
  • Economy
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  • Cannabis
  • Lions


CONTENTS 4 COUNTERFEIT GOODS Trade Law Enforcement 8 TOUGH AT THE TOP Policy implementation urgently required 10 BUSINESS IN A CHANGING CLIMATE Impacts introduce new pressures and risks 12 ANGOLA OPENS UP Privatisation programme offers extensive opportunities 14 ARTISANS OF THE FUTURE Skills 2.0—the face of the South African artisan in the digital revolution 16 GROWING TALENT Women are breaking down barriers in forestry 20 IMPROVING LIVES THROUGH AGRICULTURE Women lead the way to well-being 24 HOLY SMOKE Assessing cannabis as an investment opportunity 26 TRANSPORT, COMPETITIVITY AND TOURISM New economic proposals highlight the role of services 28 SOLVING PROBLEMS TOGETHER South Africa is undergoing significant shifts, despite major risks 30 GUIDANCE FOR SA FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS Industry commits to finalising Furniture Industry Master Plan 32 STEEL ALBATROSS Can South Africa afford AMSA any longer? 34 THE BENEFITS OF MOBILITY Private-public partnership key to unlocking transport 36 THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY Alternative financing options for SMEs 38 PROTECTING THE KING The extinction of the lion could kill tourism too

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