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Opportunity Issue 96

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Opportunity, endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) is the mouthpiece for business in Southern Africa. The aim of the publication is to inform potential investors both nationally and internationally of the most relevant business news: trade, investment, financial, market-related information for each business sector, as well as to inform of the latest developments in business legislation from both the public and private sector.


LAUREATE LEADER seriously even when some of us dismiss them for what they are and understand the strength of our democracy and its institutions. What are the key challenges and opportunities for our mining sector, post-Covid? • We have a large migrant labour force that is vulnerable to Covid-19. • Broken-down municipalities in some areas where mines operate are a threat to stability. • Commodity prices could fluctuate due to global economic stability. • High unemployment could lead to increased illegal mining. • South Africa has good quality resources that the world needs. • Most mining companies, especially where I am involved, have been able to respond with systems in place to test and prevent the spread of the virus. Government’s response to the pandemic has been excellent and the leadership by Minister Mkhize and his colleagues has inspired more confidence. I hope there are lessons to be taken forward on how, as a country, we can respond to other challenges our country may face. Please give us some insight into the importance of community development when securing and maintaining a social licence to operate? Today’s mining companies have adopted policies that are recognising the importance of environmental and social issues. Sibanye was one of the pioneer companies to speak of stakeholders from the traditional concept of shareholder value. Mining should be about people and the environment. The resources we mine are not infinite but the people and the environment will always be there. That is why we see the social labour plans as a licensing requirement serving as a base to doing more in ensuring socio-economic development that will last beyond the life of mine. Sibanye has initiated an agricultural project in and around its gold operations to ensure sustainable community development and economic activities beyond mining. Most mines are collaborating with traditional leaders and government to develop housing and other social infrastructure in the area’s operations. Most of our investors demand full Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) reports. ______ __ __ _ _ _ The resources we mine are not infinite but the people and the environment will always be there ___ __ _____ What will ensure greater transparency and disclosure in mining practices? Most of today’s mining companies are fully transparent in their activities. Institutional investors, government and other stakeholders demand nothing less than transparency. Scarcity of minerals for emerging industries pose a threat to Africa’s mining sector: how should the industry develop talent and attract global demand and exploration investment? Government needs to work with the mining industry to build strong collaboration in exploration as it would benefit both the country

solutions for mining houses and large Innovative firms. contracting LAUREATE LEADER as well as emerging mining operators who do not have the capital for exploration. All stakeholder and players in mining must invest in determining the minerals of the future. The sad thing about South Africa is that even where we have the most reserves and production of minerals supplied globally, we do not determine the price and too often invest very little in researching and influencing market shifts and demands. We have to do things differently. Universities and mining companies need to work together in research for technologies that will make mining efficient and safe. The talent of the future mining operations will come from universities and thus the two need to work even closer together. I would like to see ESG taking a central place in the curriculum for mining students. Mining is about people and the environment. Are you smart or do you work hard? There is no success without hard work. I always take the posture that says: It can be done. Nothing is impossible. In one word, how do other people describe you? Humble. You are a published poet. Please tell us more. I started writing poems in Zulu when I was at secondary school. Some of my poems were selected and included in books, one of which was prescribed for students some years ago. I still have a passion for writing poems. Sometimes, I get inspiration and start writing a poem. I love poetry, it relaxes me and reminds me of the power of words. Maybe that is why I also love preaching. _____ __ __ _ _ _ Good governance will restore trust and confidence which are essential for investment, social cohesion and stability _ ____ __ _ _____ Please tell us about your family. I am married to Doreen. We have three sons, a daughter-in-law and a four-year-old granddaughter. Doreen has been a source of support and motivation in my life. She is involved in our medical supplies business (Kendon Medical Supplies). What is your wish for 2021? The Covid-19 vaccine. We cannot afford to continue losing life and living under the current restrictions. SAFE, ON-TARGET SERVICE DELIVERY We deliver safely, cost-effectively, and without harming the environment. SAFE, ON-TARGET SERVICE DELIVERY

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