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Opportunity Issue 96

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Opportunity, endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) is the mouthpiece for business in Southern Africa. The aim of the publication is to inform potential investors both nationally and internationally of the most relevant business news: trade, investment, financial, market-related information for each business sector, as well as to inform of the latest developments in business legislation from both the public and private sector.


MINING SOFTWARE THAT’S A STEP AHEAD PROFILE MICROMINE is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for the mineral resources industry, servicing the entire mining process from geological exploration and data management, to resource estimation, mine design, planning and production control. Miners, geologists and engineers use MICROMINE software solutions to maximise their asset value, increase productivity and review data to make critical decisions with confidence. Our software is renowned for its powerful capabilities and ease of use. All products are available in numerous languages and supported by local experts. Founded 35 years ago, our solutions are used at more than 2,000 sites in over 90 countries. INTUITIVE, INNOVATIVE AND EVOLVING SOLUTIONS MICROMINE is focused on developing intuitive, innovative and affordable solutions for the mining industry. Our on-going commitment to research and development ensures we develop products that continue to set new standards of innovation and adapt to our clients continually evolving operations and business needs. With annual software releases and bi-annual upgrades, MICROMINE enables companies to purchase all of their software through one vendor, ensuring it is up-to-date as a project moves from exploration through to mining. Our best known solutions are Micromine and Pitram. Micromine is an in-depth, easy-to-use solution for mine design through software-based tools, including modelling, estimation, design, optimisation and scheduling, with workflows to cover all mining challenges. Pitram is a mine control and fleet management reporting solution that records, manages and processes mine site data in real-time. As a scalable solution, it is suitable for underground and surface mine construction, development and production. POWERFUL NEW FEATURES UNVEILED IN MICROMINE 2021 Micromine 2021 is the latest release of the Micromine software suite, equipping users to make confident decisions based on accurate models. Micromine 2021’s new implicit modelling package incorporates wireframing, stratigraphic modelling and resource modelling to create an accurate visual representation of any mineral deposit. Micromine 2021 is also ___ __ Pitram 5 gives a detailed picture of your operation, accessible in real-time, giving you the means to mine smarter.

___ __ New features in Micromine 2021 including mine modelling, scheduling and underground planning capabilities equipped with a comprehensive toolkit to plan and optimise underground developments of any size or configuration, including a stope optimiser, with combined sequencing, and advanced tools for mine, tunnel and ring designs. A powerful integrated mine scheduler combines top tier scheduling functionality with other tools so schedules can be built, optimised and visualised for efficient and effective communication and planning. The process is streamlined by configurable templates, scripting capabilities and scenarios that reflect real-world constraints, all tightly wrapped in a new ribbon interface. “Mining professionals around the world rely on us when it comes to making critical business decisions and they all use the application differently, so flexibility in the way tools are presented and the ability to customise their workspace is vitally important.” – Micromine Product Strategy Manager Adrian Young said. “Pitram 5 is a good fit for both owner and contractor mined operations.” – Pitram Product Strategy Manager Chris Higgins. The Pitram 5 Peer-to-Peer (P2P) solution, bridges the gap where communication back to the server is not available from the depths of the mine. The P2P software can be installed on light vehicles which move around the mine encountering heavy equipment and collecting data in areas of no network coverage, before moving back to a Wi-Fi area to sync the data back to the main server and control room. PROFILE PITRAM 5 IS THE CENTRE OF YOUR MINE’S ECOSYSTEM Maximise asset value, increase productivity, automate your processes – Pitram 5 is the centre of your mine’s ecosystem providing benefit to both owner and contractor mined operations. Geologists, Engineers and Surveyors all rely on access to accurate real-time data to make critical decisions. Pitram 5 delivers real-time data at the execution of a shift, enabling users to make informed decisions ahead of the next shift. Having accurate data visibility as the operation progresses, ensures compliance to the shift plan or enables dynamic updates to achieve desired outcomes. Finally, Pitram Vision, released in Pitram 5, is an AI solution that captures and displays loading status and Load-Haul-Dump (LHD) cycle-data via machine vision. This automated data capture process transfer results directly to Pitram servers for processing as well as showing real-time fleet visibility – keeping you in control. ___ __ Micromine Implicit Modelling software

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