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Opportunity Issue 97

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Opportunity, endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI), is the mouthpiece for business in Southern Africa. The aim of the publication is to inform potential investors both nationally and internationally of the most relevant business news: trade, investment, financial, market-related information for each business sector, as well as to inform of the latest developments in business legislation from both the public and private sector. In this issue, SACCI’s call is for everyone to work towards the common purpose of getting our economy on a sound footing again.


PERFECTING COMMERCE PROFILE ITeamPay is a leader in integration and connectivity services. The Powered by ITeamPay seal is a guarantee for the secure navigation of electronic payments to their destination, offering safe passage for e-commerce payments, limiting exposure to malicious activity and surpassing the highest levels of international security certification. The ITeamPay goal Helping retailers, merchant acquirers and payment service providers perform POS and e-commerce data analysis to guarantee the completion of every transaction. Client base Our key client base consists of payment service providers and issuers in the finance industry, such as banking and clearing houses, healthcare providers, insurance companies and large retailers. What we offer We continually strive to deliver on our motto of PERFECTING COMMERCE © through the deployment of innovative and fully integrated end-to-end electronic commerce solutions, incorporating issuing, payment and reconciliation services. ITeamPay’s proprietary e-commerce solutions enable integrated management of transaction payments, procurement, bill payments, delivery initiation and issuing. They provide routing for secure, authenticated commercial transactions in physical and virtual communities where businesses transact in real time with their customers, suppliers and partners. All our solutions are fully PCI PA compliant and meet international standards as set out by MasterCard, Visa and global industry associations. They support Point-to- Point Encryption (P2PE) based on a Hardware Security Module (HSM), which can significantly reduce the cost and effort required to achieve PCI DSS compliance in a retail environment. Our solutions allow our clients to acquire and issue multi-token closed-loop and open-loop financial products, such as debit cards, credit cards, wallet cards, mobile wallets, gift cards, loyalty cards and vouchers, whether virtual or physical. In addition, ITeamPay supports a variety of B2C, P2P and B2B e-commerce options, including integrated Point of Sale, self-service terminals, and mobile and web-based transaction services. ITeamPay’s solutions cross borders and span the globe. On an average day, transactions valued in the billions are powered by ITeam software for multiple organisations worldwide. ___ __ Our story Established in 2004 by Sabelo Mbatha, founder of SWM Net Printing CC. • One of the first SWM Net Printing partners • Core competence – sustainable connectivity • Geared up to deliver full-cycle solutions • Experience with over 400 integration projects • Delivering solutions globally with on-shore and mobile teams • Offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban • Large network of partners.

ITeamPay solutions are designed to help retailers, merchant acquirers and payment processors account for every card-present and card-not-present interaction in real time, and deliver more valuable payment services across POS and e-commerce environments. Our current solutions include the ITeamPay Universal Issuing Platform, ITeam Payment Service Provider, ITeam Billing Engine and ITeamPay Electronic Value. A plan to suit the client At ITeamPay, we strive to go beyond securing smart technical resources by aiming to become your strategic advisors, providing both thought leadership and best practice to ensure that you are confident in being able to deliver solid results in less time and increase your ROI (Return on Investment). That is why our specialised team is built with the right mix of highly skilled architects and consultants, supported by management with years of industry experience. With ITeamPay’s API Foundation, the selection and deployment of an initial production API capability is used to prioritise and showcase the baseline platform, while delivering a tangible benefit to the business through better alignment and communication of capabilities and requirements. Another key deliverable is a detailed report and executive presentation. It will then be codified into a blueprint and baseline deliverable. Implementation examples: • Interbank clearing and settlement for various payment streams, including cross-Mobile Network Operator (MNO) redemption of voucher settlement • Loyalty – Campaign management, awards and redemptions • Electronic Value Distribution (EVD) – Airtime, electricity, MoneyGram, prepaid fuel, prepaid salaries and wages, social grants with biometric capabilities, etc • Billing engines • Europay MasterCard, Visa (EMV) enablement. The team ITeamPay hosts a team of world-class payment specialists with deep knowledge and experience in protocol ____ ___ _ ITEAMPAY Tel: +27 11 326 4367 | Mobile: 076 932 98989 Email: | Website: decoding, machine learning and analytics visualisation. Whether it be implementation, configuration, advisory or training, our professional services team is equipped to help. Authorisation For authorisation switches, ITeamPay’s proprietary tools are used to provide real-time and historical transaction statistical data, predefined threshold alerts, and connectivity status. All authorisation networks use TCP/IP, resulting in quick response times. Debit card processing ITeamPay owns and operates the STAR® debit network which provides our merchants with a strategic advantage when it comes to processing STAR debit payments. Technology operations The call centres and data centres ITeamPay uses are geographically diverse and operational 24x7x365. Primary data centres are located in South Africa and other parts of Southern Africa. This multiple-site design delivers fail-safe capabilities, as there is no single point of failure. Systems capacity is provisioned so that any single data centre can experience a complete site outage, and the remaining sites have more than adequate capacity to accommodate 100% of the traffic during the busiest hour of the year. Compliance and data security All production systems are maintained in secure data centres that are monitored 24x7x365 by security guards as well as technical staff. Physical security measures include cameras and motion detectors. Physical access to the system is restricted to technical support and security personnel using a magnetic lock system. Access to systems is controlled by a dedicated Data Security department. ___ __ Maintenance and support • Full software and application support • Defect monitoring and rectification • Proactive bug fixes • Packaged software maintenance • Custom application maintenance • System troubleshooting. Re-engineering and enhancements • Existing system assessment and analysis • Planning and design • Re-engineering and migration process • Comparing and testing • UAT, User Acceptance Testing. ___ __ Values • Professionalism • Quality • Trust PROFILE

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