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Opportunity Issue 97

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Opportunity, endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI), is the mouthpiece for business in Southern Africa. The aim of the publication is to inform potential investors both nationally and internationally of the most relevant business news: trade, investment, financial, market-related information for each business sector, as well as to inform of the latest developments in business legislation from both the public and private sector. In this issue, SACCI’s call is for everyone to work towards the common purpose of getting our economy on a sound footing again.


WE ARE MOLEFE DLEPU INC. independent, dynamic PROFILE and black-owned Molefe Dlepu Inc. is a trailblazing firm dedicated to outstanding legal practice in South Africa Kathleen Hlaleleni Dlepu and Daisy Sekao Molefe founded the firm in 1995 and their legacy endures today among our determined and highly skilled team of mostly women lawyers. Under the leadership of directors, Kathleen Dlepu and Solomon Stanley Isaka Boikanyo, who joined the firm as a director in 2014 after Daisy Molefe’s departure to the judiciary, we are a force of excellence, empowerment and progress. We stand with you Our vast and growing base of valued clients keeps us committed to a high standard of professional legal services. We rely on years of experience and well-recognised legal expertise to defend the interests of individuals, private and public companies, government departments and everyone in between. As a client of Molefe Dlepu, you can expect informed, innovative and practical legal advice rooted in ethics and hard-earned skill. We stand apart At Molefe Dlepu, we challenge ourselves to redefine the concept of a successful law firm through our devotion to good practice, better people and a stronger society. This starts with raising a generation of brilliant lawyers from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, a majority of whom are women. We also give back to communities through social programmes for the less fortunate and keep a healthy portfolio of pro bono cases. Beneath all our work lies a united belief in access to justice for all. Our success and reputation on an international scale is strengthened by our collaboration with diverse talented lawyers that are recognised by associations such as the National Bar Association and the Black Lawyers Association (SA). Our connection to associate firms across the globe lends us the boundless wisdom necessary to handle cases of national and international concern. Molefe Dlepu has the experience, talent and legal arsenal to provide first-rate professional legal services in every case. We fight for you As attorneys and litigators, we defend your interests in legal matters ranging from family law to corporate, commercial and financial services. Our team of litigators is trained to be relentless and always well-informed when defending our clients. We have you covered We offer you an ever-expanding catalogue of legal services. Labour law, tender legislation and rules, SABS compliance, regulatory work and policy formulation are all legal spheres that Molefe Dlepu comfortably excels in. We grow with you As conveyancers, we handle the full width of property law, including the transfer of property, drafting of leases as well as the registration and cancellation of mortgage bonds – among many other services. We see greatness We want the name Molefe Dlepu to mean merit. We aim to be South Africa’s foremost independent black-owned law firm by establishing ourselves as a reliable source of superior legal services. We nurture a network of relationships with local and international law firms that grow our resources and sharpen our skill set. We remember for you As notaries, we carry out and oversee a range of legal formalities, such as the preparation of contracts, witnessing of signatures and certification of documents. Our highly qualified notaries are a prized resource for consistently legally sound arrangements. We are trusted by the best.

21st Century warriors of the Law, at your service. We are MOLEFE DLEPU INC. a trailblazing black owned firm dedicated to defending you, helping you grow and remembering for you. Get to know our team of attorneys, conveyancers and notaries at

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