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Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality Investment Prospectus

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The 2023 Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality Investment Prospectus.


20 NATIONAL INCENTIVE SCHEMES The national Development of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic), in collaboration with other public and private sector entities, has developed a number incentives schemes to assist with the growth of certain sectors. These national incentives schemes are listed below. PROGRAMME • Technology and Human Resources for Industry Programme (THRIP) • Support Programme for Industrial Innovation (SPII) • Global Business Services (GBS) Incentive • Film and TV Production • Export Marketing Investment Assistance (EMIA) • Sector Specific Assistance Scheme (SSAS) • Capital Projects Feasibility Programme (CPFP) INNOVATION CLUSTER INCENTIVES • A 50% to 90% cost-sharing grant to maximum R8-million per annum for three years for approved project engaged in applied research and development in science, engineering and technology. • Matching scheme that provides financial assistance in the form of a non-taxable grant for qualifying costs incurred in development activity associated with a specific project to a maximum of R5-million. SERVICES INVESTMENT CLUSTER EXPORT CLUSTER • Reimbursable cost-sharing grant of 30% to 50%, maximum of R20-million for qualifying costs. Score based on economic benefit criteria. • For productions with various QSAPE amounts, various percentage and calendar days requirements may be waived and such discretion will take into account the budgetary implications of the decision made. • Return airfares, subsistence allowances, the cost of sample transportation and various other costs may be covered in respect of costs related to marketing, missions and trade fairs. • Project Funding. A reimbursable 80:20 cost-sharing grant scheme. • Emerging Exporters. 100% of the cost to a maximum of R1.9-million per project. • Reimbursable contribution up to a maximum of R8-million. PROGRAMME • Black Industrialists Scheme (BIS) • Aquaculture Development and Enhancement Programme (ADEP) • Strategic Partnerships Programme (SPP) • Agro-Processing Support Scheme (APSS) • Automotive Investment Scheme (AIS) MANUFACTURING INVESTMENT CLUSTER • Special Economic Zone Fund (SEZ) • Critical Infrastructure Programme (CIP) INCENTIVES • A 30% to 50% cost-sharing grant of up to R50-million. Offers support on a cost-sharing basis towards capital investment costs, feasibility studies, post-investment support and business development services (to the maximum of R2-million). • Reimbursable cost-sharing grant of 30% to 50%, maximum of R20-million. • A maximum of R15-million per financial year on a 50:50 basis. • Reimbursable cost-sharing grant of 20% to 30% to a maximum of R20-million. Non-taxable cash grant of • 20% of the value for light motor vehicle manufactures and • 25% of the value of qualifying investment in component manufactures and tooling companies. INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT CLUSTER • Preferential taxes (including 12i Tax Allowance) • Bulk infrastructure (electrical sub-stations, water storage, sewerage treatment and pumping, etc) • Top structures • Business development (pre-feasibility studies and feasibility studies, technology testing and training, EIA and general research linked to planned investment and clusters) Registered private entities and local governments (municipalities, excluding metropolitan municipalities).Types of supported projects, capped at R50-million: • strategic infrastructure feasibility studies • generic investment • South African film and TV studios and cinemas • state-owned testing facilities • state-owned industrial parks • distressed municipalities or investors in such municipalities

The small Karoo town of Carnarvon is a long way from everywhere else, which is one of the reasons that it’s an ideal location for one of the world’s great science projects, the Square Kilometre Array. The largest-ever radio telescope will relay news about the universe and expand our knowledge to an unprecedented extent. Credit: Mike Peel/Wiki Commons

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