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Service Issue 79

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Service magazine addresses key issues related to government leadership and service delivery in South Africa.

S SMME Nemesis

S SMME Nemesis Accounting and SME Warrior do a lot of mentoring and strategic business advisory in addition to the normal accounting and taxation services. NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING Neuro = brains + Linguistic = the words we use Neuro-linguistic programming combines theories, models and techniques from a range of scientific fields to create accessible, understandable “tools” that can be used by individuals, teams and organisations and applied in a variety of contexts to improve outcomes, support wellbeing and create change. These techniques and strategies have evolved from modelling excellence, in order to help us better understand how our thought processes and behaviour, including how the language we use, influence the way we think and the results we get. Modelling excellence in any field enables us to bring about a positive change in ourselves and others. In March 2019, SME Warrior hosted an interactive business workshop in association with Y-Connect: Ignite your Sales and What’s your Money Game? A new and different approach to sales, finance and money management was showcased using NLP methods. August 2020 marked the second Women’s Day event: Covid-19 – New Businesswomen of the Future. Covid’s impact on business was workshopped, specifically addressing: what lies ahead; the new trajectory; adopting a new way of thinking; developing new habits and the intrinsic values that will be required in the future. Come September 2020, Shani was a panelist at the Skills Development Summit which was a virtual event. Here, in-depth discussions were held about the SME sector: solutions, ongoing problems and more specifically government’s involvement or lack thereof in the SME space – while also considering how the economy was impacting businesses. SME SECTOR NEEDS FIRING UP Working with SMEs requires a very special type of interaction and deep understanding. With the qualifications that Shani has, especially NLP, she is placed in a very favourable position when it comes to problem solving. She has a tremendous amount of insight into a client from a neurological perspective. Not many accountants have NLP as part of their service offering or even use it in a business framework. The results are remarkable in that true transformation happens in front of the client. Nemesis Accounting and SME Warrior do a lot of mentoring and strategic business advisory in addition to the normal accounting and taxation services. Each SME is unique with its own set of problems and there will never be a one-size-fits-all solution. Only tailor-made solutions that work is what Nemesis Accounting is about. The company includes a lot of pro bono work in its offerings as money is always a concern for SMEs and small business owners who require their services. Being faced with uncertainty and the economic strife that the country is facing, South Africans have come to see and accept that nothing must be

SMME S taken for granted. Foundational business skills and knowledge is of paramount importance, now more than ever before. Learning, unlearning and relearning are the core elements of successful navigation and business continuance. The real key to success is the correct use of knowledge, defined skill sets, training, agility and understanding of what you’re in and what you’re doing. SME Warrior brings a fresh, new approach to doing business and operating a business. Neuroscience methodology and application of brain integration techniques means that SME Warrior is now able to achieve better and faster results and with greater retention. THE SECRET INGREDIENT Statistics provided by the University of the Western Cape (2020) state that South Africa has one of the highest failure rates of SMMEs in the world, with at least 70-80% of them failing within the first five years, and that only 1% of businesses from previously disadvantaged communities progress to employing more than 10 employees. “These stats are shocking and only prove just how desperately the SME sector needs direction and new learning abilities coupled with agile thinking and problem-solving strategies,” says Shani. With the techniques applied through the NLP Master Practitioner and an Learning, unlearning and elearning are the core elements of successful navigation and business continuance. MBIT international certified coach modality, SME Warrior enables an intrinsic shift at a cellular level to take place within a person, bringing about long-lasting transformation at a business and personal level. This is exactly the type of innovative transformation that the business sector needs. We need to accept and embrace a new way of upskilling to maximise our human capital. We need to create new neural pathways that will enable our people to prosper. “Our training company, SME Warrior, for example, teaches as a franchisee. ‘Smart Money’ presents financial learning, money management and financial growth tools. “These subjects are not taught at school and nor do we see any focused sustained drive in the country to intrinsically improve and assist the SME sector, which results in business goals hardly ever being achieved,” says Shani. “This has always been a huge shortcoming in the business sector, with SMEs falling into a bottomless pit when it comes to their need for professional costeffective services. “By aligning neuroscience into our training and development, we are able bring about the internal progression and solution to lifelong blockages that we all have succumbed to. “Our next move is to introduce an entrepreneurial academy and we are currently finalising manuals and modules that will give us accreditation with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). Our courses are based on neuroscience methodologies that activate and enable a new generation of businesspeople to emerge. “We want to partner with government and other companies wanting to achieve dramatic change. “Change the mind first, and the rest becomes simpler to achieve,” says Shani, who applied neuroscience principles to both herself and her business, the results of which elevated the company and Shani into the public space via prestigious publications, NSBC’s Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year 2010, and yet another from Standard Bank’s Top Women as one of South Africa's top Gender Empowerment Companies for 2022. Nemesis Accounting has been positioned as Leader of Empowerment and Transformation in South African Business for 2022. All thanks to neuroscience adaption and integration.

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