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Service Issue 79

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Service magazine addresses key issues related to government leadership and service delivery in South Africa.

S SMME This is a brain

S SMME This is a brain game. You must be willing to play to win big in your life and business. What is this entrepreneurial mindset stuff? “Our philosophy is based on neuroscience. Being a Master NLP Practitioner, it dawned on me that the mind-body connection was not the only connection that mattered. The connection between the brain and emotion was the missing component. Looking at the four components enabled me to get to the root cause of the weakness in the SME sector. The vision was for every business owner or entrepreneur who walked through our door to be awakened. ‘Awaken the warrior within’ became our slogan – because that’s exactly what we do. “This is a brain game. You must be willing to play to win big in your life and business.” SME Warrior is on a serious path of business change dynamics, financial and educational. Being in 4IR, crypto currencies and new-age everything, we need to bring business innovation to the masses to enable a new, sustainable economy to emerge. There is great power in the correct use and application of knowledge and skills. The time is now and we are ready to do just that. SME Warrior wants to partner with government and other companies wanting to achieve dramatic change. AWAKEN THE SPIRIT WITHIN “Awaken the warrior within” became our slogan – because that’s exactly what we do.

SMME S “People like Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins have used neuroscience to change the trajectory of their lives and have become icons we look up to. How do we do this? “Skills development and integrated learning is how we will achieve this. The old stuff first be must identified. We then unlearn what we know, then relearn and apply the new learnings. There is a great mindset shift that must take place. Our educational system needs to integrate neuroscience in the educational modules. Through neuroscience integration, we will equip our youth with the right tools to change their lives,” says Shani. “True power and success lie in the ability of a person to function and continually execute at a level of highest expression. NLP and MBIT integrated training enable this to take place. This is how we will rebuild our economy and business sector. “So, we are ready and willing to impart the secret ingredient to enable what our sector needs, but are you ready to receive it?” S You can find more information about Shani in the following magazines which she has been featured in: • Opportunity Magazine, August 2020 (focused on women in business) • Leadership Magazine, November 2020 (focused on SMEs) • Cover Profile SA Profile, March 2021 (focused on Nemesis Accounting and SME Warrior) • SA Business Integrator, April 2021 (SMEs) • JSE Quarterly, January/March 2022 (SMEs) Contact Shani Naidoo Cell: 083 597 2772 Email: Service magazine | 11

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