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Service Issue 79

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Service magazine addresses key issues related to government leadership and service delivery in South Africa.

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contents S IN THIS ISSUE | SERVICE 79 | MAY – JULY 2022 SERVE AND DELIVER A round-up of news, snippets and trends THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS. RE-ENGINEERED Meet Shani Naidoo, CEO and founder of Nemesis Accounting THE COST OF COVID What happens when children don’t go to school 4 MEGATRENDS FOR CHANGEMAKERS Project professionals are changemakers 6 FUNDING SA’S INFRASTRUCTURE SPENDING GAP Why it is crucial to crowd in the private sector 12 THE LIVEABLE CITY eThekwini, the economic powerhouse of KwaZulu-Natal 16 THE BATTLE OVER A JUST TRANSITION We need to find a middle path 20 STATE CAPTURE REPORT Implications for the accounting profession 22 A TRUSTED CUSTODIAN National Fund for Municipal Workers 28 32 IBC Service L E A D E R S H I P I N G O V E R N M E N T ISSUE 78 MAY/JUNE/JULY 2022 FUNDING SA’S INFRASTRUCTURE SPENDING GAP MEGATRENDS FOR CHANGEMAKERS 6 THE BATTLE OVER A JUST TRANSITION THE EDUCATIONAL COST OF COVID SERVING SKILLS DEVELOPMENT SHANI NAIDOO THE LIVEABLE CITY: eTHEKWINI Service magazine | 1

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