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Service - Leadership in Government - Issue 75

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S contents IN THIS ISSUE

S contents IN THIS ISSUE | SERVICE, ISSUE 75, JAN-FEB 2021 SERVE AND DELIVER A round-up of news, snippets and trends THE GLOBAL GREEN RECOVERY The pandemic is the first crisis of its kind with implications for the energy industry TRANSFORMING THE OIL AND GAS SECTOR Service magazine interviews Dr Phindile Masangane, CEO, Petroleum Agency South Africa 6 POST-COVID RECOVERY FOR AFRICAN CITIES The post-pandemic recovery offers opportunity for governments to advance an urban green agenda that will address spatial inequality and social cohesion 8 BUILDING BACK BETTER ON FOOD AND AGRICULTURE The Food and Agriculture Organisation (UN) outlines their Covid-19 response programme 14 TOGETHER, GROWING SOUTH AFRICA FROM THE LAND UP The collaborative efforts of Amadlelo Agri have been leading transformation in the agricultural sector 16 IT INFRASTRUCTURE: THE PILLAR OF DIGITAL GOVERNMENT A map for municipalities about to embark on the journey to a digital government 18 GLOBAL CITIES: NEW PRIORITIES FOR A NEW WORLD The choices that cities make today will shape their trajectories for decades to come. Service offers practical advice on the action points that leaders should consider in our shared new unreal reality 20 PRIDE OF THE WORKERS Service magazine speaks to Leslie Ndawana, CEO, National Fund for Municipal Workers 22 26 32 2 | Service magazine

LOCAL TALENT, INTERNATIONAL IMPACT Providing our customers with technical and in-depth industry knowledge, products and services they need to ensure streamlined operations, AR Jones Engineering provides solutions and equipment to a diverse range of sectors, including the steel, oil and gas and maritime industries and to municipalities in South Africa. We specialise in the maintenance and repair of heavy-duty industrial equipment across sectors and source and supply premium OEM pumps and valves. We also advise companies on how to optimise processes in order to achieve energy efficiencies. Our workforce includes industrial and engineering specialists, electricians, fitters and welders. The capability, dedication and commitment of our people ensures that we always deliver the highest quality services to our customers. Maintenance and repairs of heavy-duty industrial equipment Our technical knowledge and in-house experience ensure that we are well-equipped to assist industry and municipalities in meeting the maintenance and repair requirements of their critical assets. We are skilled at sourcing and managing maintenance and repair teams and conduct this work on site. We also offer welding services for the oil and gas industry and have industry welding procedures certification (ASME IX). Source and supply premium OEM pumps and valves We have trusted relationships with premium suppliers of quality pumps and valves, and can advise on, source and supply the equipment needed by our customers for their effective operations. We are the appointed agents for the German manufacturer Wangen Pumpen, manufacturers of standard and customised progressing cavity and twin-screw pumps for the biogas, food and beverage, agriculture and wastewater treatment markets. Energy efficiency advisory services We advise companies on how to optimise their energy consumption. Our in-depth understanding of energy technology and solutions and our experience in the power sector ensures that we are well-placed to advise our customers on meeting their energy requirements and on improving the energy efficiency of their operations. We offer energy assessments on behalf of the National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa. | AR Jones is a Level 1 B-BBEE company and is ISO9001 compliant AR Jones Engineering was founded by Antonio Jones in 2016. Jones is a qualified chemical engineer (B.Eng, Stellenbosch) and a certified energy auditor, trained as a consultant for the National Cleaner Production Centre. He previously worked for Eskom and ArcelorMittal South Africa. Having worked his way up from the factory floor to management after successfully completing his engineering degree, Jones now has longstanding trusted relationships in the industry. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and is a business mentor, assisting small businesses in his community to succeed. ENGINEERING PROFILE

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