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Service - Leadership in Government - Issue 77

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September is a time of renewal. In this edition of Service, we look at what is about to be renewed, in the process of being renewed, and in need of renewal in South Africa.

S economy “It is not

S economy “It is not enough to preach the ‘buy local’ message. We need to practise it. As government, as state-owned enterprises, as individuals and as leaders, we need to set an example. We need to demonstrate that buying local is about investing in quality, in sustaining local businesses, and in keeping jobs at home. We have to step up our efforts not just to get locals to buy local, but to improve the entry of our goods, products and services into export markets. “There is an express undertaking to increase local procurement over the next five years. Apart from its own procurement commitments, government is working to lower the barriers to entry to make it easier to establish and grow a business in South Africa. To support existing manufacturers, we are enforcing measures to stop the illegal importation of goods, which weaken our local market. “Whether public or private, we need to appreciate that choosing to procure locally through and across value chains is a solid investment in our economic recovery. It grows our economy, creates jobs, broadens markets and creates numerous opportunities for business expansion. “We must ask every South African to take a conscious decision to buy local goods. Our message must be that wherever you may be in the country, be Proudly South African. Wear local, travel local, eat local, watch local content, read local authors, support local music, and use local raw materials in your businesses.” President Cyril Ramaphosa, Proudly South African Summit and Expo, 9 March 2021 Buy local efforts typically have to address more than simply an appeal to patriotism. Consumers look at price and product innovation or quality; investors look to the size of a market and whether it justifies the investment and consumers look to local availability on the shelves and the marketing thereof. The integrated approach seeks to address these complementary elements of the buy local campaign. To improve local product competitiveness, we have launched a series of industry masterplans to strengthen the supply-side of industry. To address the need for larger markets, the President launched the start of trading under the African Continental Free Trade Area, to enable scale efficiencies to kick in. To address availability of locally produced products, we now have a number of commitments from the business community and retailers to partner with us on the localisation campaign. One major company, Coca-Cola, will make R240-million available over the next three years to drive the campaign, as part of its competition commitments. This will help us monitor implementation gaps and to identify new opportunities, including products where we can scale up. Minister Ebrahim Patel, Proudly South African Summit and Expo, 9 March 2021 Proudly SA’s work has taken on great significance with the onset of Covid-19. How so? When lockdown first happened, everything including ports of entry closed, and many imports were blocked, even from leaving the country of origin, and so we had to rely more heavily on locally made goods and services. We have shown that we can be self-reliant on so many items that we produce locally, but which we continue to import, unnecessarily so. We are now almost completely self-reliant when it comes to medical PPE, for example. It took the pandemic to show us what we really can do and produce to meet local demand. What are the benefits of becoming a Proudly SA member? In addition to carrying the logo, which is a sign of local content and quality, there is a raft of benefits, media exposure, participation in events (both real and virtual), networking and more that comes with membership. S GOOD NEWS FOR SMES During the announcement in Parliament [18 May 2021] of the government’s “buy local” campaign, Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition, Ebrahim Patel, warned that the country’s heavy dependence on imports is stifling economic prosperity. Announcing the mobilisation of at least R240-million from the private sector and government’s earmarking of R200-billion over a five-year period to support localisation initiatives, Patel said, “South Africa’s import-to-GDP ratio is too high for an economy that desperately needs more jobs. We import [non-petroleum] goods worth 25% of our GDP – our propensity to import is out of line with peer countries and developed economies, and more can sensibly and sustainably be produced locally.” SME service provider Lulalend welcomes government’s move and believes that, while there is work to be done, this poses sustainable growth possibilities. CEO Trevor Gosling says, “Under the right conditions, boosting local manufacturing over the next five years is possible for a number of key sectors including paper, wood, motor vehicles, ceramic products, glass, basic iron and steel, and food and beverages.” 32 | Service magazine

Together we will go further When it comes to connection, time counts. Time nurtures understanding, insight, trust and empathy. These qualities are achieved through a digital transformation journey that is fully implemented using the Digital Maturity Model, which measures digital maturity at various stages from assessments all the way to the last stage of maturity. Vodacom Business and government are building an enduring relationship so that we can go further together for South Africa. By serving each other, we serve each person that has built a nation that boasts the spirit of Ubuntu despite the challenges faced day-to-day, year-on-year. This is because with time, trust ties us together and together, we will all go further. At Vodacom we are proud of our relationship with government and what we have managed to achieve together this far. We are equally excited for what the future holds. When we bring our collective capabilities and desire to do even better for South Africans together, we move our country forward. Our long-standing partnership with government means that over the years, we have acquired knowledge and experience within the public sector. We are proof that when humanity and technology work as one, we all go further together. National Treasury recently awarded Vodacom with a new communication services contract, the RT-15-2021, which supersedes the RT15-16 established four years ago between the two entities. “Through the previous contract, we successfully delivered significant financial benefits in costs savings, expedited and streamlined the procurement of services and ushered the unprecedented digitalisation of government departments, agencies, state-owned entities and municipalities,” says Managing Executive for Public Enterprise at Vodacom Business, Poppy Tshabalala. When we bring our collective capabilities and desire to do even better for South Africans together, we move our country forward. “Throughout the duration of the RT15-16 contract, we have demonstrated the value and effectiveness of smart technologies within several different government departments, SOEs and government agencies. We partnered successfully to address multiple challenges government had previously encountered. These digital solutions contributed to inclusive growth, enhanced education and good governance within South Africa, by not only improving efficiency, but also doing it in the most cost-effective way,” adds Tshabalala. Vodacom Business has a deep understanding of the complexities, challenges and very specific mandates of government departments. Digital services such as the Citizen Engagement Platform have proved to be powerful tools in the public sector’s quest to improve service delivery. The platform is designed to automate and enrich interactions between citizens, government contact centres, field workers and senior officials. The MySAPS app connects communities in a collective effort in the fight against crime. Since the launch of the app in 2019, SAPS has received 6 700 tip-offs from community members. Our solutions keep the public sector operationally agile and range from disaster recovery solutions to robust IT security services. In 2019, Vodacom Business supported the Gauteng Department of Health’s objective of creating the Mpilo app, an interactive mobile communication platform aimed at strengthening the patient-care experience across Gauteng health facilities. In the wake of Covid-19, the app was enhanced to increase public awareness of the pandemic, providing a self-screening feature option for patients. By using Vodacom’s Stock Visibility Solution, the Department of Health can now monitor critical supply chains and stock levels of vaccines across 4 100 clinics in the country. Poppy Tshabalala, Managing Executive for Public Enterprise at Vodacom Business Vodacom Business’s Smart Electricity Metering system was well received with 63 000 meters installed over three years in various parts of the country, improving revenue collection and bill verification from bulk suppliers. The School Management System, Vodacom’s easy-touse web-based solution, fulfils the education department’s need for visibility at all their schools. Our solutions keep the public sector operationally agile and range from disaster recovery solutions to robust IT security services. We provide connectivity to customers in the public sector using an array of access connectivity mediums across geographies and innovative solutions that help you serve your customers efficiently. We have the connection for you Always Connected+ is designed to meet your government department’s specific needs from access and flexibility to responsible spending. Let’s go further together When out technologies and solutions meet your business vision, we can all go further together. S PLEASE VISIT WWW.VODACOMBUSINESS.CO.ZA OR CONTACT YOUR ACCOUNT MANAGER

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